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GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc RX3i PacSystem

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300Mhz CPU with 10Meg of memory 2 SERIAL PORTS (occupies two slots on system base) IC695C IC695CP IC695CPU

Troubleshooting and Product Information for IC695CPU310

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GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc
RX3i PacSystem IC695CPU310
Weight: 2 Lbs
Dimensions: 6"x6"x3"In
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Weight: 2 Lbs
Dimensions: 6"x6"x3"In
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Available Revisions:

1C695CPU310 , GEFIC695CPU310 , CIMIC695CPU310


  • What is an IC695CPU310?
    • The IC695CPU310 is a Central Processing Unit from the GE Fanuc RX3i Series. 
  • What does IC695CPU310 do?
    • This CPU can be used to perform real time control of machines, processes, and material handling systems. 
  • How does IC695CPU310 communicate with the programmer and HMI devices?
    • IC695CPU310 communicates via a serial port using SNP Slave protocol. 
  • How does IC695CPU310 communicate with I/O and Intelligent Option modules?
    • IC695CPU310 communicates over a dual backplane bus. 
  • What does that bus provide?
    • High-speed, PCI backplane for fast throughput of new advanced I/O.
    • Serial backplane for easy migration of existing Series 90-30 I/O.
  • What are some of the features of IC695CPU310?
    • Contains 10 Mbytes of battery-backed user memory and 10 Mbytes of non-volatile flash user memory. 
    • Configurable data and program memory.
    • Programming in Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, and C.
    • Supports auto-located Symbolic Variables that can use any amount of user memory.
    • Reference table sizes include 32Kbits for discrete %I and %Q and up to 32K words for each analog %AI and %AQ
    • Supports most Series 90-30 modules and expansion racks. 
    • Supports up to 512 program blocks. Maximum size for a block is 128KB.
    • In-system upgradeable firmware. 
    • 2 serial ports- RS-485 serial port and RS-232
    • Ethernet communications via the rack-based Ethernet Interface module (IC695ETM001). 
    • Time synchronization to SNTP Time Server on Ethernet network when used with an Ethernet module with firmware release 5.0 or later.
  • What should I do if my IC695CPU310 is not working properly?
    • Your IC695CPU310 may need to be repaired.

For more information on the IC695CPU310 Central Processing Unit of the GE Fanuc RX3i Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.

The IC695CPU310 Central Processing Unit

The IC695CPU310 is a Central Processing Unit from the GE Fanuc RX3i Series.

Troubleshooting IC695CPU310

Troubleshooting information is available on IC695CPU310's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

Price and Availability for IC695CPU310

Price for IC695CPU310 is available by calling 1-800-360-6802 or by filling out our "fast quote". PDF Supply has over 30 years of experience with PLCs and has experience with the GE Fanuc RX3i Series dating back to 2000. IC695CPU310 comes with a minimum 1 year PDF Supply warranty. Returns are accepted for most unopened items. It does require pre-approval and RMA.

Repair your IC695CPU310

PDF Supply can repair your IC695CPU310 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 2 year customer satisfaction warranty.

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