Man Follows Through On His Promise To Build His Son a Balancing Robot

The Lil’Bot Arduino robot, powered by the Arduino platform and designed by Chris Hakim, utilizes a self balancing mechanism that allows it to get from place to place on merely two wheels.

The robot’s Arduino Uno compatible control board is programmable through the USB connection and features front, right and left obstacle detection using IR LEDs.

Not to mention, the Lil’Bot is compatible with Linux, OS X, and Windows computers.

Here is an excerpt from Chris Hakim on the Kickstarter page:

“Last winter, I promised my eight-year-old son to build a little balancing robot that he could program. One thing led to another, and this robot turned out to be a much more elaborate project than originally envisioned. “It’s not urgent,” he says. If all the bosses of the world were so patient!

Lil’Bot is programmed just like an Arduino Uno, and takes standard Arduino shields. About half of the Arduino memory and three quarters of the processing power are available after the balancing code and all the rest have taken their share.”

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