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ABB Taylor Mod 300 | 623 624 Series

ABB Mod 300 TRIOTM (Taylor Remote I/O) is a distributed I/O approach that accumulates a large number of I/O points located remotely on the plant floor or in the field.

ABB Mod 300 TRIO 6231BP 6230BP 6232BP 6233BP 6234BP 6235BP 6236BP 6240BP 6246BP 6247BP 6248BP ABB Mod 300 I/O Blocks DCS use Taylor and Combustion Engineering name. Advant genius are the same.

6200DP10800ABB TRIO Hand-Held Monitor includes Cable and Battery ChargerBuy Now
6200FP10001ABB Hand-Held Monitor CableBuy Now
6200FP10004Hand-Held Monitor Battery Pack FOR MONITORBuy Now
6200FP10005Hand-Held Monitor Battery Charger for monitorBuy Now
6202FP00075Bus Terminator 150 Ohm for LANBuy Now
6202FP00150Bus Terminator 75 Ohm for LANBuy Now
6203FP10800Bus Switching Module 24/48Vdc for redundancyBuy Now
6203FP10900Bus Switching Module 115Vac/125Vdc for redunadancyBuy Now
6230BP10710Block 115Vac Analog 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 6 pointsBuy Now
6230BP10720Electronic Assembly for 6230BP10710Buy Now
6230BP10730Terminal Assembly for 6230BP10710Buy Now
6230BP10810Block 24/48Vdc Analog 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 6 pointsBuy Now
6230BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6230BP10810Buy Now
6230BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6230BP10810Buy Now
6231BP10810Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 6 pointsBuy Now
6231BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6231BP10810Buy Now
6231BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6231BP10810Buy Now
6231BP10910Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs 6 pointsBuy Now
6231BP10920Electronic Assembly for 6231BP10910Buy Now
6231BP10930Terminal Assembly for 6231BP10910Buy Now
6232BP10710Block 115Vac/125Vdc Thermocouple Input 6 Channels JKSTBERBuy Now
6232BP10720Electronic Assembly for 6232BP10710Buy Now
6232BP10730Terminal Assembly for 6232BP10710Buy Now
6232BP10810Block 24/48VdcThermocouple Input 6 Channels JKSTBERBuy Now
6232BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6232BP10810Buy Now
6232BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6232BP10810Buy Now
6233BP10810Block 24/48Vdc RTD Input 6 Channels OHM Copper etcBuy Now
6233BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6233BP10810Buy Now
6233BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6233BP10810Buy Now
6233BP10910Block 115Vac/125Vdc RTD Input 6 Channels OHM Copper etcBuy Now
6233BP10920Electronic Assembly for 6233BP10910Buy Now
6233BP10930Terminal Assembly for 6233BP10910Buy Now
6234BP10910Block High Speed Counter 4 points quadBuy Now
6234BP10920Electronic Assembly for 6234BP10910Buy Now
6234BP10930Terminal Assembly for 6234BP10910Buy Now
6235BP10810Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs 4-20maBuy Now
6235BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6235BP10810Buy Now
6235BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6235BP10810Buy Now
6235BP10910Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs 4-20maBuy Now
6235BP10920Electronic Assembly for 6235BP10910Buy Now
6235BP10930Terminal Assembly for 6235BP10910Buy Now
6236BP10810Block 24/48Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Outputs 4-20maBuy Now
6236BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6236BP10810Buy Now
6236BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6236BP10810Buy Now
6236BP10910Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Outputs 4-20maBuy Now
6236BP10920Electronic Assembly for 6236BP10910Buy Now
6236BP10930Terminal Assembly for 6236BP10910Buy Now
6240BP10411ABB Block 24Vdc Source I/O 16 Circuits, 2/3 Wire Sensor CompatibleBuy Now
6240BP10412ABB Block 24Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits, 2/3 Wire Sensor CompatibleBuy Now
6240BP10421Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10411Buy Now
6240BP10422Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10412Buy Now
6240BP10431Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10411Buy Now
6240BP10432Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10412Buy Now
6240BP10811ABB Block 24/48Vdc Source I/O 16 Circuits, 3 Wire Sensor CompatibleBuy Now
6240BP10812ABB Block 24/48Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits, 3 Wire Sensor CompatibleBuy Now
6240BP10821Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10811Buy Now
6240BP10822Electronic Assembly for 6240BP10812Buy Now
6240BP10831Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10811Buy Now
6240BP10832Terminal Assembly for 6240BP10812Buy Now
6241BP10411Block 12/24Vdc Source I/O 32 CircuitsBuy Now
6241BP10421Electronic Assembly for 6241BP10411Buy Now
6241BP10431Terminal Assembly for 6241BP10411Buy Now
6241BP10812ABB Block 5/12/24Vdc Sink I/O Block 32 CircuitsBuy Now
6241BP10822Electronic Assembly for 6241BP10812Buy Now
6241BP10832Terminal Assembly for 6241BP10812Buy Now
6245BP10710ABB Block 115Vac I/O Low Leakage 8 CircuitsBuy Now
6245BP10720Electronic Assembly for 6245BP10710Buy Now
6245BP10730Terminal Assembly for 6245BP10710Buy Now
6246BP10810ABB Block 115Vac/125Vdc Low Leak Isol I/O, w/Failed Sw Diag, 8 CktBuy Now
6246BP10811ABB Block 115Vac/125Vdc Low Leak Isol I/O, w/o Failed Sw Diag, 8 CktBuy Now
6246BP10820Electronic Assembly for 6246BP10810Buy Now
6246BP10821Electronic Assembly for 6246BP10811Buy Now
6246BP10830Terminal Assembly for 6246BP10810Buy Now
6247BP10710ABB Block 115Vac Input 16 CircuitsBuy Now
6247BP10720Electronic Assembly for 6247BP10710Buy Now
6247BP10730Terminal Assembly for 6247BP10710Buy Now
6248BP10811ABB Block Relay Output Normally Open 16 CircuitsBuy Now
6248BP10812ABB Block Relay Output Normally Closed 16 CircuitsBuy Now
6248BP10821Electronic Assembly for 6248BP10811Buy Now
6248BP10822Electronic Assembly for 6248BP10812Buy Now
6248BP10831Terminal Assembly for 6248BP10811Buy Now
6248BP10832Terminal Assembly for 6248BP10812Buy Now

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