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Common misspellings:
  • l762-L40AWAR
  • 1762-140AWAR
  • 1762-LA0AWAR
  • 1762-L4oAWAR
  • 1762L40AWAR

Technical Specifications for 1762-L40AWAR

Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Type: MicroLogix 1200 Controller
Part Number: 1762-L40AWAR
Number of I/O: 40
Number of Inputs:24
Input Operating Range: 79-132VAC
Number of outputs:14 (Relay)
Relay Output operating range: 5 - 125V DC / 5 - 264V AC
Output Signal Delay:10 ms
Power supply:100-240VAC
Operating Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Communication port:One (1) RS232 / RS485 combo port; One (1) Programmer port
Communication protocol:DH485, DF1 Full-Duplex, DF1 Half Duplex, DF1 Radio Modem, MODBUS Master / Slave and ASCII protocols.
Accessory components:1762-MM1; 1762-RTC; 1762-MM1RTC
Programming Software:RSLogix 500
The 1762-L40AWAR is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is manufactured by Allen-Bradley. This controller belongs to the MicroLogix 1200 Product family typically used for implementing automation of micro and small process or machines. This controller carries certification from UL 508, C-UL under CSA C22.2 no. 142, Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D (UL 1604, C-UL under CSA C22.2 no. 213), CE compliant for all applicable directives and C-Tick compliant for all applicable acts. This controller features Twenty-Four (24) 120VAC discrete inputs, with an operating voltage range of 79-132VAC and OFF state voltage range of 0-20VAC at an operating frequency of 47-63Hz. The moduleÕs minimum ON-state current is 5.0 mA at 79V ac, maximum ON-state current of 16.0 mA at 132V ac and nominal ON state current of 12 mA at 120V ac. It also has and Sixteen (16) Relay output channels with an operating range of 5-125VDC and 5-265VAC. The continuous current of each channel is rated 2.0A for 24VDC operation, 1.0A at 125VDC, 2.5A at 120VAC / 240VAC operation. The relayÕs mechanical life is 20,000,000 cycles and Turn-Off and Turn ON time of 10 msec. This controller is intended to be installed inside an industrial enclosure, preferably a NEMA rated enclosure. The enclosure temperature must be maintained within 0-55 ¡C or 32-131 ¡F ambient. To maintain this operating temperature range, climate control devices may be installed such as Fan or Heaters. The controller itself requires 2-inches clearance on all sides, which means all sides must be 20inches away from enclosure walls, electrical components, wireways and other devices. By following this recommended clearance, the controllerÕs internal temperature is maintained within limits. The 1762-L40AWAR is a practical automation solution for industrial processes such as material handling processes, water and waste water, packing, printing, control of Heating Ventillation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment or units, machine automation in the manufacturing, food and beverage industry, and many other applications. The embedded features are capable of implementing discrete control in manual and automatic mode, while the addition of MicroLogix expansion modules particularly analog input and analog output modules enables the controller to implement modulating control in manual and automatic mode, implementing Proportional + Integral + Derivative algorithm. The 1762-L40AWAR requires an input voltage supply of 100-240VAC, with a heat dissipation of 15.7 Watts. This controller is capable of being integrated to Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Connection to these control systems is made via the controllerÕs primary Channel 0 port which is an RS232/485 combo port. For uploading and downloading programs to the controller, the 1762-L40AWAR is provided with a secondary communication port called Programmer port which support program download and upload and compatible for DF1 Full Duplex protocol only. User programs downloaded to this controller is developed using RSlogix 500 programmer software, a Microsoft Windows applications with versions released for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. This programming software supports all MicroLogix controllers including SLC 500 controllers.
The Allen-Bradley 1762-L40AWAR is a MicroLogix 1200 Controller. This controller is designed for Power Supply input voltage of 120VAC / 240VAC with embedded Twenty-Four (24) 120VAC discrete inputs and Sixteen (16) Relay output channels. This controller has One (1) RS232 / RS485 combo port that supports serial and networked topologies and an additional programmer port that supports DF1 Full Duplex protocol only.

F.A.Q for 1762-L40AWAR

Q: 1. What does the ÒRÓ in the catalog number stand for? A: The ÒRÓ in the catalog number refers to the additiona communication port called the programmer port. MicroLogix controller without this suffix comes with a single RS232/RS485 combo port. MicroLogix controllers with this suffix is provided with the
Q: 2. How may inputs and outputs are provided with this controller?A: This controller has embedded 24 120VAC/240VAC inputs and 16 Relay outputs.
Q: 3. What are the available communication port installed to this controller?A: The controller has Two (2) communication ports, One (1) RS232 / RS485 combo port and One (1) Programmer port.

PDFsupply Tech

The 1762-L40AWAR is a MicroLogix 1200 controller with similar functionality and capability when compared to the 1762-L40AWA. The main enhancement of this controller is due to the addition of the programmer port, which is used to carry out programming commands and actions. This port supports DF1 Protocol in Full-Duplex Mode. With the addition of this communication, the existing RS232 or RS405 cable connected to the primary channel may not be removed to perform programming operations as this can be implemented through the programmer port. This may possibly prevent unwanted process or machine downtime.

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