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Common misspellings:
  • l762-L40BXB
  • 1762-140BXB
  • 1762-LA0BXB
  • 1762-L4oBXB
  • 1762-L408XB
  • 1762-L40BX8
  • 1762L40BXB

Technical Specifications for 1762-L40BXB

Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Type: MicroLogix 1200 Controller
Part Number: 1762-L40BXB
Number of I/O: 40
Number of Inputs:Twenty (20) 24VDC standard, Four (4) Fast 24VDC inputs
Input Operating Range: 14É26.4V DC max @ 55 ¡C (131 ¡F) 14É30.0V DC max @ 30 ¡C (86 ¡F
Number of outputs: Eight (8) Relay outputs, Seven (7) 24VDC FET and One (1) High-speed 24VDC FET
Relay Output operating range: 5 - 125V DC / 5 - 264V AC
MOSFET output operating Range:20.4 - 26.4V DC
High-Speed output operating Range:20.4 - 26.4V DC
Power supply: 20.4 - 26.4V DC
Nominal Input Voltage: 24VDC
Inrush current:15A for 30 ms
Communication ports: One (1) RS232 / RS485 combo port; One (1) Programmer port
Communication protocol:DH485, DF1 Full-Duplex, DF1 Half Duplex, DF1 Radio Modem, MODBUS Master / Slave and ASCII protocols.
Accessory components:1762-MM1; 1762-RTC; 1762-MM1RTC
Programming Software:RSLogix 500
The MicroLogix 1200 controller with part number 1762-L40BXB is a programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is used to implement automation of micro and small automation applications in a wide variety of processes. This controller is ideally used in material handling systems, packaging, printing, water and waste water, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and many other applications. The 1762-L24BXB is a product of Allen-Bradley. It is classified as a compact controller as the primary components are installed within the same housing and operates as a single unit. The primary components are Power supply, communication module, Embedded I/O channels, Memory and processors. The power supply requirement of this controller is 24V dc, -15%, +10% Class 2 SELV. This power supply provides MicroLogix bus power where expansion modules connect and receive power. It has a heat dissipation of 27.9 Watts and able to withstand an inrush current of 15A for 30 ms. The integrated I/O, is composed of Twenty (20) 24VDC standard, Four (4) Fast 24VDC inputs, Eight (8) Relay outputs, Seven (7) 24VDC FET and One (1) High-speed output channels. These I/O channels have configurable parameters, accessed via the RSLogix 500 programming software. The 1762-L40BXB is included with high-speed inputs and outputs which can be used for integration with counting devices, metering applications and other applications. The integrated memory amounts to 6Kbytes, with an allocation of 4KB for user program and 2KB data. A non-volatile memory, with catalog number 1762-MM1 and 1762-MM1RTC may be added to this controller to allow loading of user program after each power cycle of the controller and allow transfer of program from one MicroLogix 1200 controller to another without using the programming software. These memory modules can store One (1) user program at a time. If a time and date based automation is required, a 1762-MM1RTC or 1762-RTC may be added. This accessory module allows scheduling of user program execution which is typically used to schedule actuation of external devices to balance runtime of devices and equipment. The processor of this controller scans user program stored in the controllerÕs memory via phases. Specifically, Input Scan where state of the inputs are updated; Logic execution where logic is processed based on the status of the inputs; Output status update wherein outputs are updated or activated depending on the result of the logic execution and finally, internal housekeeping where the controllerÕs internal bits and examined for errors to be corrected internally. This controller is also provided with an 8-Pin mini DIN RS232 / RS485 combo port that supports DH485, DF1 Full-Duplex, DF1 Half Duplex, DF1 Radio Modem, MODBUS Master / Slave and ASCII protocols. RS232 mode supports for peer-to-peer communication, typically used to carry out programming functions such as upload and download of user program. The same communication port is also used to communication with HMI, SCADA and DCS systems to implement computer-based controls. ASCII protocol is also supported which allows direct integration of barcode scanners installed in the plant floor of manufacturing industries. RS485 communication is ideally used for MODBUS RTU communication, for networking up to 32 MODBUS devices such as power meters, UPS, HVAC equipment and other devices. This controller is configured, programmed and parameterized with the use of RSLogix 500 programming software which is the common programming software used with MicroLogix and SLC 500 Programmable Logic Controllers.
The Allen-Bradley 1762-L40BXB is a MicroLogix 1200 Controller. This controller is designed for Power Supply input voltage of 24VDC with embedded Twenty (20) 24VDC standard, Four (4) Fast 24VDC inputs, Eight (8) Relay outputs, Seven (7) 24VDC FET and One (1) High-speed output channels. This controller has One (1) RS232 8-Pin mini DIN communication port that supports DF1, MODBUS slave protocol.

F.A.Q for 1762-L40BXB

Q: 1. What is difference of the 1762-L40BXB with 1762-L24BXB?A: The 1762-L40BXB has a total of embedded I/O of 40 channels while the 1762-L24BXB only has a total of 24 embedded I/O. Other operational parameters are technically same.
Q: 2. Can I use 3rd party or encompass modules such as 1762SC-IF4OF4 module?A: Yes, MicroLogix 1200 supports installation of encompass partner module.
Q: 3. Can I use this controller for Ethernet communication?A: The embedded communication port of this controller supports RS232 and RS485 communication. By default, it cannot be used for Ethernet communication however, external interface converter such as 1761-NET-ENI or 1761-NET-ENIW may be used with this

PDFsupply Tech

The 1762-L40BXB is a MicroLogix 1200 controller that features an increased number of embedded I/O channels. This controller is technically a functional upgrade of the 1762-L24BXB. This controller has 15A for 30 ms while the 1762-L24BXB only has Ten (10) 24VDC standard, Four (4) Fast 24VDC inputs, Five (5) Relay outputs, Four (4) 24VDC FET and One (1) High-speed output channels. The embedded features of the 1762-L40BXB may be sufficient enough for micro applications. Additionally, 40 point controllers such as the 1762-L40BXB supports more installation instance of encompass partner modules.

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