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Other Available Revisions for the 1762-RTC 1762-RTC/A

Common misspellings:
  • l762-RTC
  • 1762RTC

Technical Specifications for 1762-RTC

Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: MicroLogix 1200
Product Type:Real-Time Clock Module
Part Number: 1762-RTC
Supported controllers: 1762-L24AWA, 1762-L24AWAR, 1762-L24BWA, 1762- L24BWAR, 1762 -L24BXB, 1762-L24BXBR, 1762 -L40AWA, 1762 -L40AWAR, 1762- -L40BWA, 1762- -L40BWAR, 1762- - L40BXB, and 1762- -L40BXBR
Allowable Functions: Write data to Real-Time Clock, RTC Battery operation
Real Time Clock Accuracy:0 ¡C or +32 ¡F, accuracy is +34 to -70 seconds/month. For +25 ¡C or +77 ¡F, accuracy is +36 to -68 seconds/month, for +40 ¡C or +104 ¡F, rated accuracy is +29 to -75 seconds/month and at +55 ¡C or +131 ¡F, accuracy is -133 to -237 second
Battery Operation:RTC:0/BL
User Memory: 6 Kbytes
Operating Temperature:0-55 deg.C
Support for removal under power: Yes
Function File: RTC
User Program Access: Read-Only
system Overhead:100 µs
Configuration SoftwareRSLogix 500;
The 1762-RTC is an Allen-Bradley PLC component. This is a Real-Time clock module used with MicroLogix 1200 controllers that provides clock parameters such as Year, Month, Day, Day of Month, Day of Week, Hour, Minute, and Seconds. Any controller installed with the Real-Time Clock Module enables implement a more accurate time-dependent control. Nit only time-dependent logic may be implemented, a user program may be scheduled according to the required specific date. This allows implementation of machine and equipment scheduling in HVAC systems, Line scheduling for manufacturing systems, Pump runtime distribution for Water and Waste Water application and many other similar requirements. The Real-Time clock supports Writing data to Real-Time Clock and RTC Battery operation. This optional module has an accuracy of 0 ¡C or +32 ¡F, accuracy is +34 to -70 seconds/month. For +25 ¡C or +77 ¡F, accuracy is +36 to -68 seconds/month, for +40 ¡C or +104 ¡F, rated accuracy is +29 to -75 seconds/month and at +55 ¡C or +131 ¡F, accuracy is -133 to -237 seconds/month, with the integrated battery capable of lasting up to 5 years within an operating temperature of 0É40 ¡C or 32 É 104 ¡F. The 1762-RTC is compatible with MicroLogix controllers 1762-L24AWA, 1762-L24AWAR, 1762-L24BWA, 1762-L24BWAR, 1762 -L24BXB, 1762-L24BXBR, 1762 -L40AWA, 1762 -L40AWAR, 1762-L40BWA, 1762-L40BWAR, 1762-L40BXB, and 1762-L40BXBR. It installs directly to the memory module slot of any of these controllers. The Real-Time clock module create an RTC file which stores a variety of read-only stored in different addresses such as RTC:0.YR, RTC:0.MON, RTC:0.DAY, RTC:0.HR, RTC:0.MIN, RTC:0.SEC, RTC:0.DOW, RTC:0/DS, and RTC:0/BL. All addresses are in the WORD format except RTC:0/DS, and RTC:0/BL which are binary data. These addresses allow direct addressing for inclusion in the user program. To write data to real-time clock, the RTC is accessed using the RSLogix 500 programming software. Using the software, look for the function file and RTC tab. Under this tab, Data and time can be set and clock may be disabled as well. Also, Real-Time clock values may be easily changed, according to requirement. If valid data are entered, the real-time clock updates immediately while an invalid value will not be allowed by the system. Use set date and time to synchronize the RTC module to the time of the programming workstation. The Real-Time Clock is provided with an internal battery which may be monitored using the status file with RTC:0/BL. When this status file is active, this means the RTC internal battery will fail after 14-days from the first occurrence of the low battery. The lifespan of of the battery is 5 years at an operating temperature of 0 to 40 ¡C or 32-104 ¡F. If planning to store this module, temperature of storage facility must be at -40 - 60 ¡C or -40 -140 ¡F. Recommended installation of this module must not exceed Six (6) months. If the RTC battery is within low level, RTC data may be lost. However, if the controller where the module is installed is supplied with power, the RTC will operate normally.
The Allen-Bradley 1762-RTC is an Allen-Bradley Real-Time clock Module compatible for use with MicroLogix 1200 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). This module provides Year, Month, Day, Day of Month, Day of Week, Hour, Minute, and Seconds values.

F.A.Q for 1762-RTC

Q: 1. Does the 1762-RTC has an integrated memory?A: No, this module does not include a memory module. Use 1762-MM1RTC to have a memory module and real-time clock at the same time.
Q: 2. Can I use the 1762-RTC to any MicroLogix 1200 controllers?A: Specific compatible controllers are 1762-L24AWA, 1762-L24AWAR, 1762-L24BWA, 1762-L24BWAR, 1762 -L24BXB, 1762-L24BXBR, 1762 -L40AWA, 1762 -40AWAR, 1762- L40BWA, 1762- L40BWAR, 1762-L40BXB, and 1762-L40BXBR
Q: 3. What is the lifespan of the battery used with this Real-Time clock module?A: The lifespan of the battery used is 5 years

PDFsupply Tech

The 1762-RTC is a Real-Time clock module that provides an accurate time and date reference to a controller when installed to a MicroLogix 1200 controller. This module enables scheduling functions which is typically used to equally distribute runtime hours among sets of similar equipment or automatically trigger a user program to execute a certain logic if a certain period of time has expired. This module does not include a memory module however, an alternative module which is the 1762-MM1RTC is available for adding and non-volatile memory and clock and time to the controller. If not required to add a memory module, the 1762-RTC is the economical component.

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