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Common misspellings:
  • l764-DAT
  • 176A-DAT
  • 1764DAT

Technical Specifications for 1764-DAT

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: MicroLogix
Product Type: Data Access Tool (DAT)
Part Number: 1764-DAT
Supported controllers: 1764-LSP; 1764-LRP
Compatible Base units: 1764-24AWA, 1764-24BWA and 1764-28BXB
Power supply: MicroLogix Bus
Bus Current Draw:350mA
Keypad:F1 and F2 function keys; BIT INT buttons; Escape and Enter keys; UP and DOWN buttons
Bit Elements:48
Integer Elements: 48
erating Temperature: 0-55 deg.C
Operating Shock:Operating: 20G panel mounted (15g DIN Rail mounted) Relay Operation: 7.5G panel mounted (5G DIN Rail mounted)
Non-Operating Shock: 30G panel mounted (20G DIN Rail mounted)
Support for removal under power:Yes
Dimensions:27 x 17 x 7 millimeters
The MicroLogix 1500 component with part number 1764-DAT is a Data Access Tool (DAT). This add-on tool is a lightweight component that is mounted on the processor to provide data monitoring such as viewing of variables and state of I/Os, and manipulation of data via the provided keypad assembly. The Data Access Tool is powered by the MicroLogix bus, via the backplane with a rated current draw of 350mA at 5VDC. To install this tool, the processor cover must be removed, revealing the internal circuitry and components housed by the base unit. Hold and align the DAT to the open area of the base unit and place the DAT onto the processor. Apply firm and gentle pressure to seat and secure the DAT into its place. For removal of the tool, simply pull upwards while grasping the finger areas. The DAT allows Direct access to 48-bit elements and 48 integer elements. It also allows viewing of controller faults. It has a monochrome display, embedded keypad assembly composed of Function keys F1 and F2 function keys; BIT INT buttons; Escape and Enter keys; UP and DOWN buttons. It also has a LED indicator for displaying the status of the security applied to the controller. This Data Access Tool supports removal and insertion under power. Doing so shall not affect the operation of the controller, however, apply caution when removing the module as the force applied may cause some disconnection within due to the vibration and shock induced. Similarly, the same caution must be applied when inserting the module. The 1764-DAT may be used with any other MicroLogix 1500 base and processors. The Data Access Tool does not store user program and program data. The 1764-DAT is compatible for use with MicroLogix processors such as 1764-LSP or 1764-LRP. It is also compatible with any base units such as 1764-24AWA, 1764-24BWA and 1764-28BXB. The Data Access Tool conforms with EMC and ROHS Directive. It is also approved by the RINA type approval system as Marine and Offshore automation products with reference approval standards of Rules for the Classification of Ships. Part C Machinery, Systems and Fire protection. Ch. 3, Section 6, Table 1. IACS UR E10 Test Specification for Type Approval. The Data Access Tool has physical dimension of 27 x 17 x 7 millimeters and can be operated at a Temperature range of 0-55 deg. When installed to a base unit, the operating is 20G if panel mounted and 15G if DIN Rail mounted. If base unit operation includes relay operation, The operating shock of the base unit becomes 7.5G if panel mounted and 5G if DIN Rail mounted. Non-operating shock rating is 30G if panel mounted and 20G if DIN Rail mounted. Without the Data Access Tool installed, the operating shock ratings of the base unit are 30G panel if mounted and 15G if DIN Rail mounted, With Relay Operation 7.5G if panel mounted and 5G if DIN Rail mounted while Non-Operating becomes 40G if panel mounted and 30G if DIN Rail mounted.
The Allen-Bradley 1764-DAT is a MicroLogix 1500 add-on component. This component is a Data Access Tool (DAT) that is mounted to the MicroLogix Base unit for viewing the controller settings, status and other parameters of the installed MicroLogix processor.

F.A.Q for 1764-DAT

Q: 1. Can I use the Data Access Tool with MicroLogix controllers?A: No, the DAT is only used with MicroLogix 1500 controller.
Q: 2. Is the Data Access Tool capable of saving user programs?A: No. It cannot save user programs as it has no memory.
Q: 3. What is the power supply used with the Data Access Tool?A: This component is powered via the MicroLogix bus. It has a current draw of 350mA.

PDFsupply Tech

The 1764-DAT is a Data Access Tool used with MicroLogix 1500 controller. This is an optional component that permits manipulation of data and monitoring of the controller status. The DAT may be used with any MicroLogix 1500 controllers and supports installation and removal under power.

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