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Other Available Revisions for the 1764-LSP 1764-LSP/A1764-LSP/B1764-LSP/C

Common misspellings:
  • l764-LSP
  • 176A-LSP
  • 1764-1SP
  • 1764LSP

Technical Specifications for 1764-LSP

Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: MicroLogix 1500
Product Type: MicroLogix Processor
Part Number: 1764-LSP
Compatible Base Units: 1764-24AWA; 1764-24BWA; 1764-28BXB
Power supply: MicroLogix Bus
Heat Dissipation:1.9 Watts
Bus Current Draw:300 mA
User Memory:Series B; 7.6KB (3.6 KB User Program and 4 KB User Data)
Supported communication protocols:DF1, MODBUS, DH485, ASCII
Recipe and Data logging:Not Supported
Processing Speed:1 milisecond per 1K of user program
Programming Software:RSLogix 500
The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 controller with catalog number 1764-LSP is a processor module installed in MicroLogix base units. This processor has integrated memory amounting to 7KB Words User Memory with allocation of 3.6 KB User Program and 4 KB User Data. This internal memory is battery backed-up with the use of 1747-BA Lithium battery. MicroLogix 1500 controllers are discontinued product categories. It has been declared discontinued on 06/30/2017. Appropriate migration platform is MicroLogix 1400 or Micro800 Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). This controller has processing speed of 1 milisecond per 1K of user program and capable of implementing time based controls, automatic control systems while handling communication tasks for interface with computer-based control systems such as Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), databases, enterprise software and tool, OPC servers, protocol converters and gateways. If the battery indicator is energized, this means that the battery charge will be completely drained in 7 days from the first time the indicator is illuminated. In case that the battery has been discharged, do not remove power to the base units which energizes the processor. Removal of power with a discharged battery will erase the contents of the internal memory. Additionally, only replace the battery when the module is powered up. Alternatively, the 1764-LSP is compatible with several memory module designed for use with the MicroLogix 1500 controller such as 1764-MM1, 1764-MM1RTC, 1761-MM2RTC and 1764-MM3RTC. These memory modules are Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) modules which do not require a battery to retain memory contents. It may also be configured to automatically load the user program during each power cycle of the controller. For implementing logic scheduling, a Real-Time Clock module may be installed with this processor. Scheduling is typically used with equipment, pumps and motors in duplex or triplex sets to distribute runtime, maintenance and efficiently run electrical loads according to the process profile. Communication to the processor is made via the communication channel installed in the base unit. This processor supports a variety of communication protocols such as DF1, DH485, MODBUS Master and Slave and ASCII protocol. Communication cables used to establish communication to the processor are 1761-CBL-PM02 Series C or later, 2707-NC8 Series B or later, 1761-CBL-HM02 Series C or later 2707-NC9 Series B or later,1761-CBL-AM00 Series C or later, 2707-NC10 Series B or later, 1761-CBL-AP00 Series C or later, 2707-NC11 Series B or later, 1761-CBL-PH02 Series A or later, 1761-CBL-AH02 Series A or later. Compatible expansion modules used for this processor are Compact I/O modules. It supports expansion up to One (1) expansion bank and maximum allowable Discrete I/O are 512 KB. Expansion I/O banks support horizontal and vertical installation. This processor may be installed with a Data Access Tool with catalog number 1764-DAT. Data Access Tool allows Direct access to 48 bit and integer elements, and display controller faults. This tool may be inserted and removed under power. Available processor series are Series A, B, and C. Series A supports RSLogix 500 version 3.01.00, Series B supports RSLogix 4.00.00 and Series C supports RSLogix 5.10.00.
The Allen-Bradley 1764-LSP is a MicroLogix 1500 processor. This processor has 7KB Words User Memory with allocation of 3.6 KB User Program and 4 KB User Data. This processor is installed in the MicroLogix 1500 base unit.

F.A.Q for 1764-LSP

Q: 1. Does the 1764-LSP uses a battery to retain memory contents?A: Yes, memory contents are retained by the Lithium battery with part number 1747-BA.
Q: 2. Can I transfer this processor to another base unit and still retain the contents of the memory?A: Yes, it may be transferred to another base unit while retaining the memory however, if the replacement base unit is different from the previous, hardware reconfiguration may be needed.
Q: 3. Can I increase the size of the moduleÕs memory?A: No, the memory size is fixed and cannot be modified.

PDFsupply Tech

The 1764-LSP is a MicroLogix 1500 processor with the least specification in terms of memory. This processor only has 7.6KB allocated for 3.6 KB User Program and 4 KB User Data compared to the 1764-LRP which as a total of 14KB. This processor may be more economical due to its lower memory size.

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