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Image of 1764-MM1

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Other Available Revisions for the 1764-MM1 1764-MM1/A

Common misspellings:
  • l764-MM1
  • 176A-MM1
  • 1764-MMl
  • 1764MM1

Technical Specifications for 1764-MM1

Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Product Family: MicroLogix 1200
Product Type:Memory Module
Part Number: 1764-MM1
Supported controllers: 1764-L24AWA; 1764-L24BWA; 1764-L28BXB
Supported controllers: 1764-LRP; 1764-LSP
Allowable Functions: User Program and Data Back-up, User Program Compare, Data File Download Protection, Memory Module Write Protection and Removal/Insertion Under Power
Mounting:Memory Module slot
User Memory: 8 Kbytes
Operating Temperature:0-55 deg.C
Support automatic loading:Yes
Support for removal under power: Yes
System Status File:S:2/9 Memory Module Program Compare
Control Bits:Load Memory Module on Memory Error S:1/10 Load Memory Module Always S:1/11 On Powerup, Go to run S:1/12
system Overhead:80 µs
Configuration SoftwareRSLogix 500;
The Allen-Bradley 1764-MM1 is a memory module compatible with MicroLogix 1500 controller family. This memory module features a non-volatile memory made of an Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM). With this type of memory, the memory contents are retained without the need of a battery. The memory size of this module amounts to 8KB. It has allowable functions of User Program and Data Back-Up, Program Compare, Data File Download Protection, Memory Module Write Protection, and Removal/Insertion Under Power. Program data and backup is accomplished by saving the existing program to the memory. As the memory module is a non-volatile type, it may be removed and transported to another controller for restoration. This operation does not require usage of the programming software. Only one user program may be stored at a time. When active transfer is happening, the controllerÕs RUN led will be seen continuously flashing. Program compare allows comparison of program stored in the memory module against the program existing in the controller. This way, unauthorized revisions may be tracked and program restoration may be immediately carried out. To enable this function, the control bit S:2/9 must be set. Data file download protection allows selection of specific files to be downloaded. This prevent the user data from being overwritten. Data file download protection may only be implemented if processor fault is not-existing and protected files in the memory module match the protected data file. This memory module also supports memory module protection where a once-write with multiple reads may be implemented. This write protection is enabled using the RSLogix 500 programming software. Once Memory Module Protection is implemented, it cannot be removed. Revisions cannot be made to the program or data stored in the memory. Use another memory module to implement changes. Removal under Power and Insertion under power is also supported by the 1764-MM1 memory module. With this feature, user will not have to wait for machine or process shutdown to remove the memory card. Insertion to controller under power is also supported however, the memory module will not be recognized unless a power cycle is initiated. With this behavior, transfer of program to another controller must be planned accordingly. All MicroLogix 1500 CPU is designed to use the 1764-MM1. It is ideal to have a minimum of One (1) memory module, containing the updated and commissioned program. Before using the module to perform the allowable functions, the program and data files must be stored to the memory module. This is done by establishing connection to the controller and initiating Load to EEPROM command from the COMMS menu > EEPROM > Store to EEPROM. These commands are initiated using RSlogix 500 programming software. Information about the memory card is stored in the Memory Module Information File (MMI). This file contains all the memory module information gathered during power up or when a memory module is detected. This includes the catalog number, series, revision, and type of the module inserted. The MMI file contains Zero (0) if no module is detected.
The Allen-Bradley 1764-MM1 is an Allen-Bradley Memory Module compatible for use with MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). The memory of this module amounts to 8KB. This memory module may be used and with MicroLogix 1500 controller allowing a convenient means of transporting user program, program compare, data file download protection among other functions.

F.A.Q for 1764-MM1

Q: 1. What is the memory size of the 1764-MM1? A: The memory size of the 1764-MM1 is 8KB.
Q: 2. Can I use this memory module in place of my faulty 1762-MM1?A: No, the 1762-MM1 is only compatible with 1762 Product family. Similarly, 1764-MM1 is only compatible with MicroLogix 1500 controllers.
Q: 3. Are there any other memory module with higher memory?A: Yes, 1764-MM2 and 1764-MM3 has 16KB memory.

PDFsupply Tech

The 1764-MM1 is a memory module with 8KB non-volatile memory. This optional memory module contributes in increasing machine or process uptime as it prevents program corruption due to battery discharge. This module is strictly a memory module compared to the 1764-MM1RTC that comes with a Real-Time clock. Use this module in application that simply require a non-volatile backup without the need for a Real-Time Clock.

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