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Common misspellings:
  • l756-IR6I
  • 1756-1R6I
  • 1756-lR6I
  • 1756-IR61
  • 1756-IR6l
  • 1756IR6I

Technical Specifications for 1756-IR6I

ManufacturerAllen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Part number1756-IR6I
Product typeI/O module
Module typeTemperature sensing analog input module
Current input at 5 Volts DC250 milliamps
Current input at 24 Volts DC125 milliamps
Peak power dissipation4.3 Watts
Total backplane power4.25 Watts
Thermal dissipation14.66 BTU per hour
Overvoltage protection24 Volts AC/DC

The Allen-Bradley 1756-IR6I is as an analog module for measuring temperature. It is an analog RTD and a thermocouple module which is compatible with the ControlLogix system. The 1756-IR6I module enables users to choose from the 2 data formats (the integer mode or the floating point mode). When the integer mode is enabled, the 1756-IR6I module has these features for operators to use: a notch filter, multiple input ranges, and real-time sampling. When the floating mode is enabled, it also has all the aforementioned features, in addition to the process alarms, temperature linearization, digital filtering, and rate alarms. The operators of the Allen-Bradley 1756-IR6I can choose which temperature scale to use, Fahrenheit or Celsius. It comes in 4 different input ranges; 1 to 487 Ohms, 2 to 1000 Ohms, 4 to 2000 Ohms, and 8 to 4000 Ohms. The ranges stand for the minimum and maximum signals detected by the 1756-IR6I module. The 1756-IR6I comes with 6 separately isolated RTD inputs as well as 16 bits resolution and different ranges per bit: from 1 to 487 Ohms, it is 7.7 milliohms/bit, from 2 to 1000 Ohms, it is 15 milliohms/bit, from 4 to 2000 Ohms, it is 30 milliohms/bit, and then from 8 to 4020 Ohlms, it is 60 milliohms/bit.

The 1756-IR6I’s notch filter allows the user to get rid of line noise in the applications for every channel through the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It is essential to choose a filter that best matches the expected noise frequency of the application. The digital filter fine-tunes the data noise transients on every input channel. The real-time sampling feature of the Allen-Bradley 1756-IR6I allows the module to multicast the data gathered after scanning all of its input channels. There is also an under-range/over-range detection feature that detects and informs when the temperature measuring input module starts to operate past the temperature limits set by the input range. The role of the process alarms is similar but it also signals when the module exceeds the set high/low limits in every channel. The wire-off detection feature goes off whenever a wire is disconnected from the module.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-IR6I module is a ControlLogix temperature-sensing analog input module. There are 6 individually isolated RTD inputs on the module. Four input ranges that are configurable are supported by the module and they are 1 to 487 Ohms, 2 to 1000 Ohms, 4 to 2000 Ohms, and 8 to 4000 Ohms. The resolution for each of the above-mentioned input ranges are 7.7 milliohms per bit, 15 milliohms per bit, 30 milliohms per bit, and 60 milliohms per bit. The 1756-IR6I module supports multiple sensors including 100, 200, 500, 1000-Ohms platinum sensors (alpha = 385), 100, 200, 500, and 1000-Ohms platinum sensors (alpha = 3916), 120-Ohms nickel (alpha = 672) sensors, and 10-Ohms copper sensors. The power requirement of the module is 250 milliamps at 5 Volts DC and 125 milliamps at 24 Volts DC.

The rated peak power dissipation of the 1756-IR6I module is 4.3 Watts and the total backplane power is 4.25 Watts. The rated thermal dissipation for the 1756-IR6I module is 14.66 BTU per hour. The maximum overvoltage protection rating is 24 Volts AC/DC. The channel bandwidth is 15 Hertz and the settling time is less than 80 milliseconds at 5% of the full scale. The recommended calibration interval for the 1756-IR6I module is 6 months and the calibration accuracy at 25 degrees Celsius is better than 0.1% of the range. The slot width of the 1756-IR6I module is 1. Category 2 wire should be used for field wiring on the module. The module enclosure is open. The operating temperature range is 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The operating shock rating is 30 g.
The 1756-IR6I module is an Allen-Bradley I/O module. Specifically, the 1756-IR6I module is a resistance temperature detector (RTD) module.

F.A.Q for 1756-IR6I

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