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Common misspellings:
  • l756-L62
  • 1756-162
  • 1756L62

Technical Specifications for 1756-L62

ManufacturerAllen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Part Number1756-L62
Product TypeController Module
Memory for Data and Logic2 MB
I/O Memory478 KB
Clock SupportBattery
Communication PortsSerial
Supported Connections250
Memory, Non-VolatileCompactFlash Card

The 1756-L62 processor module from the ControLogix family of products by Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation is a compact and cost-effective device that is mainly used for system control with communication devices and powerful I/O. The users will save a significant amount of money and they can take advantage of the drive’s modularity to build and modify it according to their needs. The 1756-L62 processor module has 4 MB of fixed memory and 4 MB of user memory. Also, this module has 478 KB of I/O memory and an optional nonvolatile memory backup storage for backup through a Compact Flash card. The Compact Flash card with the product code 1784-CD128 is used with this controller and it must be purchased separately. The processor module and controller has Series A and Series B types and it is intended to be used with the 1756 chassis with the product code 1756-A4 / A7 / A10 / A13, or –A17. The controller also features a 1.2 Amps backplane current for 5 Volts DC and 14 mA backplane current for 24 Volts DC.

The 1756-L62 processor module has many features and communication options such as the ControlNet, Remote I/O, EtherNet/IP, and SynchLink networks. The primary communications are achieved through serial ports including the DH-485, DF1 radio modem / DF1 full/half duplex, or the Modbus through Logic and ASCII. The operation of the 1756-L62 offers 3 primary controller tasks for operation and up to 250 controller connections. In addition to that, the controller supports controller redundancy and it offers 100 programs for every task and special event tasks. The 1756-L62 controller operates at a temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and it has a 10 to 500 Hertz vibration resistance, as well as a tolerance of 5 to 95% of non-condensing humidity. This controller comes in a small package and it weighs only 0.32 kilograms or 0.71 pounds. The supporting batteries for this device are the 1756-BA1 and 1756-BATM.

The 1756-L62 controller is a ControlLogix controller that has been designed by Allen-Bradley. This controller has been included in the ControlLogix series and specifically designated under the 1756 product line. This controller needs to be installed after the installation and set-up of a chassis and power supply for it have been completed first. The controller comes with a capacitor-based energy storage module, a secure digital card with a capacity of 1 GB, and a controller key. It is recommended to use the SD card that comes installed with the controller rather than a different SD card. When installing the Allen-Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix controller, it can be installed in any slot in the chassis and multiple controllers can also be used and installed in the same chassis. The controller can be installed or removed without removing the power from the chassis.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix controller can perform up to 32 tasks with 100 programs per task and it can develop event tasks where all the events can be triggered. This controller comes with one communication port that is an RS-232 serial port. The Allen-Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix controller provides full support for most applications except for motion applications. For this kind of application, special equipment must be used. This controller can use different programming languages such as the relay ladder, structured text, and function blocks programming languages. This controller can be used with different serial port communication protocols such as the ASCII, DF1, DH45, and MODBUS protocols (used via logic). The controller comes with 4 MB of memory that can be used for data and logic and it comes with an I/O memory capacity of 478 KB.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix controller has been designed to perform up to 32 tasks and to have up to 100 programs open per task. It supports multiple programming language options and it can be used with more than 1 communication module.

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