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In Stock! 1771-2LE PLC-2 Control Process Module AB 1772LE | Image

In Stock! 1771-2LE PLC-2 Control Process Module AB 1772LE | Image Allen Bradley - PLC-5 - 1772-LE - Wiring

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The 1772-LE is an Allen Bradley direct communication module that helps communication between different PC processors. The 1772-LE, which belongs to the 1772 Series A, is an authentic chassis-mounted and single-slot input module that makes it easy for supervisory processors & local processors to communicate directly. Local processors are either be chassis-mounted or even configured to act as a remote system. The 1772-LE relays data table values like command bits and data blocks in addition to status bits positioned between the supervisory system and the local processors. Typically, the supervisory processor writes commands as well as data table standards to the local processor. It then reads resulting data values, status conditions, plus diagnostic data from the local processor (and vice versa). The 1772-LE can be used in various applications where there’s need for the transmission of data table values.

This Allen-Bradley’s programmable controller utilizes block transfer as well as 1772 I/O structure. The module comes with parity error detection capabilities, which allows for the automatic detection of single bit errors and multiple bit errors. Each memory module provides efficient storage for the input/output image table, the user program, the message area, and the data table. In the Processor Chassis, one slot should be reserved for each memory module. The 1772-LE isn’t compatible with the 1772-LG processor control module, so they should not be used together when carrying out write block transfers, as this may result in memory invalidation. When operating the 1772-LE, the module should be inserted into a local (or a remote) input/output chassis and configure it as an I/O framework that’s exclusive to the supervisory processor. Depending on the application, the module can be connected in a dropline or daisy chain hookup with other isolated I/O chassis. Ensure that all the connections to the module are made at the bottom side of the module.

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