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PLC-5-12 | Image

PLC-5-12 | Image

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Common misspellings:
  • P1C-5-12
  • PLC-5-l2
  • PLC512

The PLC-5-12 is a PLC 5 processor module manufactured by Allen-Bradley. It features a remote I/O transmission rate of 57.6 kbps, a backplane current of 2.5 Amps at 5 Volts DC, and a control coprocessor expansion port. It consists of a remote I/O channel and a DH+ channel which enables remote programming and access of information. The Allen-Bradley PLC-5-12 processor is designed to operate in a hazardous industrial environment. The Allen-Bradley PLC-5-12 is also applicable in a device meant for distribution control (a system where control and management functions distribute throughout the plant) or centralized-control (a hierarchical system where monitoring a whole process is concentrated in one processor). In configuring the PLC-5-12 processor; one system monitors the running of remote I/O and DH+ communications, this system is known as the primary system. The second system which is known as secondary system is always ready to take control of the remote I/O and DH+ communications in case an error occurs in the primary system. The PLC-5-12 processor inputs messages into packets for transferring on the DH+ link. The sending station and command type limit the number of data encoded in a single package, due to protocol restrict a station from transmitting more than 271 bytes per token pass. However, a sending station may need one extra token pass to complete the message that exceeds the required size. A programming terminal to a PLC-5-12 processor connects to a serial port COM1 with 1785-KE Series A Communication Interface Module; SFCs are recommended as a sequential language control to control and display the state of a control process.

The PLC-5-12 processor communicates with the Panel View and Control View which are operator interface packages. The interface packages functions include the operating window to execute commands that adjust processes such as starts or stops and loop changes that are for the Panel View interface. The Control View interface acts as an information link, and it can pass information to various PLC processors. The PLC-5-12 processor usually uses the completed state, ready state, executing state, and the faulted state as one of their user program for execution purpose. The PLC-5-12 processor should be installed in an environment which features 5% to 95% relative non-condensing humidity, a -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit storage temperature, and a 0 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit operating temperature. A steel enclosure is the recommended type of housing to give protection against atmospheric contaminants like oil, corrosive vapors, dust, and moisture. Mount the steel enclosure in a location where it will be easy to open the door fully for troubleshooting. When it detects a fault in the second fault state, it goes directly to a fault mode even before finishing the fault routine.

Processor PLC-5/12 Module AB PLC512 Programmable Controller

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