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Allen Bradley | SLC-500

Allen Bradley PLC SLC-500 AB offers Up to 64K words of configurable data and program memory. It will control up to 4096 input and 4096 output signals across three local chassis, with up to 30 local I/O or communication modules attached.

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Allen Bradley PLC SLC-500 AB

1203-SM1SLC to SCANport Communication, 3 channelBuy Now
1746-A10Allen Bradley I/O Rack for 1746, 10 slots Chassis for IO Modules AB 1746-A 1746-A1Buy Now
1746-A13Allen Bradley I/O chassis for Input Output modules, 13 slots AB Rockwell Automation 1746 -A -A1Buy Now
1746-A2SLC-500 Rack Chassis Two Slot Expansion Rack Holds Modules Allen Bradley I/O Rack for 1746Buy Now
1746-A4Allen Bradley I/O Rack for 1746, 4 slots I/O Chassis for SLC-500 IO Modules AB 1746-A4Buy Now
1746-A7Allen Bradley I/O Rack for 1746 SLC-500 I/O Modules, 7 slots AB Rack Chassis 1746-ABuy Now
1746-BASAllen Bradley Basic Module AB 1746-B Catalog Number 1746-BAS for nonvolatile storageBuy Now
1746-BAS-TAllen Bradley BASIC-T Module AB 11746-B 1746-BA 1746-BAS 746-BAS-T Communication ModulesBuy Now
1746-BLMAllen Bradley Blow Molding Mod. AB 1746-B Catalog Number 1746-BLM SLC-500Buy Now
1746-BTMRockwell Allen Bradley Barrel Temperature Module For Programmable Controller SLC-500Buy Now
1746-C16AB Chassis Interconnect Cable for SLC-500, 4Ft (1.22M) Catalog Number 1746-C16Buy Now
1746-C7Rockwell 6-Inch Allen Bradley Rack Interconnect Cable, Catalog Number 1746-C7Buy Now
1746-C936-Inch Rack Interconnect Cable, 3 Feet, Allen Bradley Chassis Cable RockwellBuy Now
1746-FIO4IAllen Bradley Analog Combo Current Out SLC-500, AB 1746-F 1746-FI 1746-FIO 1746-FIO4Buy Now
1746-FIO4VAllen Bradley SLC-500 Analog Combo Voltage Out, AB 1746-F 1746-FI 1746-FIO 1746-FIO4Buy Now
1746-HSAllen Bradley MOTION CONTROL MODULE for IMC110 Control System SLC500 AB RockwellBuy Now
1746-HSCEAllen Bradley High Speed Counter Mod. 1 count input AB SLC-500 1746-H 1746-HS 1746-HSCBuy Now
1746-HSCE2Allen Bradley Hi-Spd. Cntr., 4 single-ended inputs AB 1746-H 1746-HS 1746-HSC 1746-HSCEBuy Now
1746-HSRVRockwell Allen Bradley SLC-500 Servo Control Module for AB 1746-H 1746-HS 1746-HSRBuy Now
1746-HSTP1Allen Bradley Step. Controller Module for SLC-500 AB 1746-H 1746-HS 1746-HST 1746-HSTPBuy Now
1746-IA16Rockwell Allen Bradley Input Module 85-132 VAC, 16 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IA 1746-IA1Buy Now
1746-IA4Allen Bradley SLC-500 Input Module 85-132 VAC, 4 Point AB 1746-I Cat. No. 1746-IA4Buy Now
1746-IA8Allen Bradley Input Module for SLC-500 Chassis 85-132 VAC, 8 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IABuy Now
1746-IA8IAllen Bradley SLC-500Buy Now
1746-IB16Allen Bradley Input Mod. 10-30 Volts DC Sink, 16 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IB Cat. No. 1746-IB16Buy Now
1746-IB32Allen Bradley Input Module with 15-30 VDC Sink, 32 Point SLC-500 AB 1746-I 1746-IB 1746-IB3Buy Now
1746-IB8Rockwell Allen Bradley Input Mod. 10-30 VDC Sink, 8 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IB InputBuy Now
1746-IC16SLC-500 Allen Bradley Direct Current Input Mod. 30-55 VDC Sink, 16 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-ICBuy Now
1746-IG16Rockwell Allen Bradley Input Mod. 4.5-5.5 VDC Source, 16 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IG Cat No. 1746-IG16Buy Now
1746-IH16Allen Bradley DC Input Module 90-146 VDC Sink, 16 Point AB Rockwell 1746-I 1746-IH 1746-IH1Buy Now
1746-IM16Allen Bradley Input Module 170-265 VAC, 16 Pt. Input AB 1746-I 1746-IM 1746-IM1Buy Now
1746-IM4Allen Bradley Input Mod. 170-265 VAC, 4 Point Module AB 1746-IM Catalog Number 1746-IM4Buy Now
1746-IM8Allen Bradley Rockwell Input Module for SLC-500 170-265 VAC, 8 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IMBuy Now
1746-IN16Allen Bradley Input Module 24 Volts AC/DC, 16 Pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IN 1746-IN1 1746-IN16Buy Now
1746-INT4Allen Bradley Thermocouple Input, Isolated, 4 channel AB 1746-I 1746-IN 1746-INTBuy Now
1746-IO12Allen Bradley I/O Mod. 85-132 VAC, 6 Input/6 Output pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IO 1746-IO1Buy Now
1746-IO12DCAllen Bradley I/O Module 10-30 Volts DC, 6I/6O pt. AB Rockwell 1746-I 1746-IO 1746-IO1 1746-IO12 1746-IO12DBuy Now
1746-IO4SLC-500 Allen Bradley I/O Module 85-132 VAC, 2 Input/2 Output pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IOBuy Now
1746-IO8Allen Bradley I/O Module 85-132 VAC, 4I/4O point AB Input Output 1746-I 1746-IOBuy Now
1746-ITB16Rockwell Allen Bradley SLC 500 Input Module 16 point AB 1746-I 1746-IT 1746-ITB 1746-ITB1Buy Now
1746-ITV16Allen Bradley SLC 500 Input Module Rockwell 24 VDC AB 1746-I 1746-IT 1746-ITV 1746-ITV1Buy Now
1746-IV16Rockwell Allen Bradley Input Mod. 10-30 VDC Source, 16 pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IV 1746-IV1Buy Now
1746-IV32Allen Bradley Input Module with 15-30 VDC Sink, 32 point AB 1746-I 1746-IV 1746-IV3Buy Now
1746-IV8Allen Bradley Input Module needs 10-30 VDC Source, SLC-500 8 pt. AB 1746-I 1746-IVBuy Now
1746-MPMRockwell Allen Bradley Mold Pressure Module SLC-500 AB 1746-M 1746-MP Cat. No. 1746-MPMBuy Now
1746-N2AB Modular Card Slot Filler For Programmable Controller for Allen Bradley 1746-N2Buy Now
1746-NGA1746-NGA AB Integrated Circuit,Programmable Logic Controller Allen BradleyBuy Now
1746-NGA2Rockwell Integrated Circuit, Programmable Logic Controller 1746-NG 1746-NGABuy Now
1746-NI16IAllen Bradley Analog Input, Current, 16 chan. AB 1746N-I 1746N-I1 1746N-I16Buy Now
1746-NI16VRockwell Allen Bradley Analog Input, Voltage, 16 channel AB 1746N-I 1746N-I1 1746N-I16Buy Now
1746-NI4Allen Bradley Analog Input, Voltage/Currrent, 4 channel AB 1746-N 1746-NIBuy Now
1746-NI8Allen Bradley Analog Input, Voltage/Currrent, 8 channel AB 1746-N 1746-NI SLC-500Buy Now
1746-NIO4IAllen Bradley Analog Combo Module Current Out, AB 1746-N 1746-NI 1746-NIO Cat. No. 1746Buy Now
1746-NIO4VAllen Bradley Analog Combo Module Voltage Out AB 1746-N 1746-NI 1746-NIO 1746-NIO4Buy Now
1746-NO4IAllen Bradley SLC-500 Analog Output, Current, 4 channel AB 1746-N 1746-NO 1746-NO4Buy Now
1746-NO4VAllen Bradley Analog Output, Voltage, 4 chan. AB 1746-N 1746-NO 1746-NO4 CN 1746-NO4VBuy Now
1746-NO8IAllen Bradley SLC-500 Analog Output, Current, 8 channel AB 1746-N 1746-NO 1746-NO8Buy Now
1746-NO8VAllen Bradley Analog Output, Voltage, 8 chan. Rockwell AB 1746-N 1746-NO 1746-NO8Buy Now
1746-NPKAllen Bradley SLC-500 Replacement Part 1746-N 1746-NP 1746-NPKBuy Now
1746-NR4Allen Bradley RTD/Resistance Input, 4 chan. AB Rockwell SLC-500 1746-N 1746-NRBuy Now
1746-NR8SLC-500 Allen Bradley RTD/Resistance Input, 8 chan. AB 1746-N 1746-NRBuy Now
1746-NT4Allen Bradley Thermocouple B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T; 4 chan. AB 1746-N 1746-NT SLC-500Buy Now
1746-NT8Rockwell Allen Bradley Thermocouple B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T; 8 chan. AB 1746-N 1746-NTBuy Now
1746-OA16Allen Bradley Output Module 85-265 VAC, 16 point module AB 1746-O 1746-OA 1746-OA1Buy Now
1746-OA8Allen Bradley Rockwell AC Output Mod. 85-265 VAC, 8 pt. SLC-500 AB 1746-O 1746-OABuy Now
1746-OAP12Allen Bradley Output Mod. 85-265 VAC, 16 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OA 1746-OAP 1746-OAP1Buy Now
1746-OB16Rockwell Allen Bradley Output Mod. 10-50 VDC 16 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OB1Buy Now
1746-OB16EAllen Bradley Output Module 10-50 VDC Electric Fuse, 8 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OB1 1746-OB16Buy Now
1746-OB32Allen Bradley Output Module 5-50 Volts DC 32 point AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OB3Buy Now
1746-OB32EAllen Bradley Output Module 10-32 VDC Electric Fuse, 32 point AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OB3 1746-OB32Buy Now
1746-OB6EIAllen Bradley Output Module 10-30 Volts DC Isolated, 6 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OB6 1746-OB6EBuy Now
1746-OB8Allen Bradley Output Module 10-50 VDC 8 point AB 1746-O 1746-OB for SLC-500Buy Now
1746-OBP16Allen Bradley Output Mod. 24 VDC Source High-Current, 16 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OBPBuy Now
1746-OBP8Allen Bradley Output Mod. 24 VDC Source High-Current, 8 point AB 1746-O 1746-OB 1746-OBPBuy Now
1746-OG16Allen Bradley Output Module 5 VDC Sink, 16 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OG for AB SLC-500Buy Now
1746-OV16Allen Bradley Output Module 10-50 VDC Sink, 16 point SLC-500 AB 1746-O 1746-OVBuy Now
1746-OV32Allen Bradley Output Mod. 5-50 Volts DC Sink, 32 point Rockwell AB 1746-O 1746-OV 1746-OV3Buy Now
1746-OV8Allen Bradley Output Module 10-50 VDC Sink, 8 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OV Cat. No. 1746-OV8Buy Now
1746-OVP16Allen Bradley Output Module 24 VDC Sink, 16 point AB 1746-O 1746-OV 1746-OVP 1746-OVP1Buy Now
1746-OW16Allen Bradley Output Module Relay, 16 point SLC-500 AB 1746-O 1746-OW 1746-OW1Buy Now
1746-OW4Rockwell Allen Bradley Output Module Relay, 4 point AB 1746-O 1746-OWBuy Now
1746-OW8Allen Bradley Output Module for SLC-500 Relay, 8 pt. AB 1746-O 1746-OWBuy Now
1746-OX8Allen Bradley Output Module Relay, Isolated, 8 pt. Rockwell AB 1746-O 1746-OXBuy Now
1746-P1Allen Bradley Power Supply for Chassis, 120/220 VAC, 42 Watts AB 1746-PBuy Now
1746-P2Allen Bradley Power Supply for Rockwell SLC-500, 120/220 VAC, 70 W AB 1746-PBuy Now
1746-P3Allen Bradley Pwr. Sply., 24 VDC, 61 W AB 1746-P for Allen Bradley SLC 500Buy Now
1746-P4Allen Bradley Power Supply, 120/220 VAC, 92 W Rockwell SLC-500 AB 1746-PBuy Now
1746-P5Allen Bradley Power Supply for Chassis, 125 VDC, 85 W AB Rockwell 1746-PBuy Now
1746-P6Allen Bradley Power Supply, 48 Voltage DC, 100 Watts AB 1746-PBuy Now
1746-P7Allen Bradley Power Supply, 12/24 VDC, 50/75 W AB Catalog Number 1746-P7Buy Now
1746-QSRockwell Allen Bradley Sync. Axis Controller Module for SLC-500, AB 1746-QBuy Now
1746-QVAllen Bradley Open-Loop Velocity Controller Module AB 1746-Q for AB SLC-500Buy Now
1746-RT25BAllen Bradley Replacement Trmnl. Block (Blue) Used w/DC I/O Module SLC-500Buy Now
1746-RT25CRockwell Allen Bradley Replacement Terminal Block (Orange) for SLC-500 1746-RT25CBuy Now
1746-RT25GAllen Bradley SLC-500 Replacement Terminal Block (Green) Rockwell 1746-RT25Buy Now
1746-RT25RReplacement Terminal Block (Red) Rockwell Allen Bradley SLC-500 1746-RT25Buy Now
1746-RT26Rockwell Automation SLC-500 Replacement Terminal Block - Analog OutputBuy Now
1746-RT27Allen Bradley Automation Replacement Terminal Block - Analog Output 1746-RT27Buy Now
1746-RT28SLC-500 Replacement Terminal Block - Analog Input / Combo Automation Allen BradleyBuy Now
1746-RT321746-RT3 Allen Bradley SLC-500 Replacement Terminal Block Rockwell 1746Buy Now
1746-SIMAllen Bradley Input Sim. Module 1746-SIM AB Rockwell Automation 1746-SIM 1746-SIBuy Now
1747-ACN15Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation 1746 ControlNet Adapter for SLC-500 1746-ACNBuy Now
1747-ACNR15Allen Bradley Automation ControlNet Adapter, Redundant SLC-500 RockwellBuy Now
1747-AENTRAllen Bradley SLC 500 Communication Ethernet / IP Module 1747-A 1747-AE 1747-AEN 1747-AENTBuy Now
1747-AICSLC-500 Isolated 1747-AIC Link Coupler PLC Allen Bradley Module 1747-A 1747-AIBuy Now
1747-ASBRockwell Allen Bradley Remote I/O Adapter Module Automation AB 1747-A 1747-ASBuy Now
1747-BAAllen Bradley Lithium Battery (For RAM Memory Retention) for modules in SLC-500Buy Now
1747-BSNAllen Bradley Backup Scanner Module AB Rockwell 1747-B 1747-BS for SLC-500Buy Now
1747-CP3SLC 5/03 RS-232 Programmer Cable, 10 Foot, (3M) SLC-500 Automation ABBuy Now
1747-DCMAllen Bradley Direct Communication Module DCM AB 1747-D 1747-DC Cat. No. 1747-DCMBuy Now
1747-DPS1Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation RS-232 DF1 Port Splitter for SLC-500 1747-DPSBuy Now
1747-DPS2Rockwell Automation Configurable Port Splitter 1747-DPSBuy Now
1747-DSNAllen Bradley Scanner Module DeviceNet AB SLC-500 Rockwell AutomationBuy Now
1747-KEAllen Bradley Intrfc. Module DH-485/DF1, Rockwell AB 1747-K 1747-KE AutomationBuy Now
1747-KFC15SLC-500 Allen Bradley Intrfc. Module ControlNet, AB 1747-K 1747-KF 1747-KFC 1747-KFC1Buy Now
1747-L20Allen Bradley Rockwell 12 pt. 100-240 Volts AC DC sink in HSC 8 relay outputBuy Now
1747-L30Allen BradleyFixed Hardware Controller 5/60 Hz SLC500 AB PLC Rockwell ProgrammableBuy Now
1747-L40Rockwell AB Processor 120/240 VAC 1K memory 24 input 16 output Automation SLC-500Buy Now
1747-L511Allen Bradley SLC 5/01 Programmable Processor, 1K Memory, AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L51Buy Now
1747-L514Allen Bradley SLC 5/01 Programmable Processor, PLC, 4K Mem., AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L51Buy Now
1747-L524Allen Bradley SLC 5/02 Proc., 4K Memory, Programmable, AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L52Buy Now
1747-L531Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 Processor, 8K Memory, Programmable PLC, AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L53Buy Now
1747-L532Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 Processor, 16K Memory, Controller PLC AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L53Buy Now
1747-L533Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 Processor, 32K Memory, Programmable Controller, AB 1747-L 1747-L5Buy Now
1747-L541Rockwell Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 Processor, 16K Memory, AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L54Buy Now
1747-L542Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 Processor, 32K Memory, Programmable Automation, AB 1747-L 1747-L5Buy Now
1747-L542PRockwell Automation Pro-Set 200 - 5/04 - 32K Memory Allen Bradley SLC-500Buy Now
1747-L543Programmable Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 Processor, 64K Memory, AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L54Buy Now
1747-L551Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 Proc., 16K Mem., Programmable PLC, AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L55Buy Now
1747-L552Rockwell Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 Processor, 32K Memory, PLC AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L55Buy Now
1747-L553Programmable PLC Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 Proc., 64K Mem., AB 1747-L 1747-L5 1747-L55Buy Now
1747-L553PAutomation Rockwell Pro-Set 200 - 5/05 - 64K Memory, Allen BradleyBuy Now
1747-M1Rockwell EEPROM Memory Module, 1K For Programmable Controller Allen BradleyBuy Now
1747-M11AB Automation Memory Module 32K Eprom Rockwell 1747-M1 1747-M 1747M11 1747 M11Buy Now
1747-M13EEPROM Memory Module, 64K memory For Programmable Controller, for SLC-500 ABBuy Now
1747-M15Allen Bradley Automation EEPROM Memory Module Adapter For 1747-M11, -M12 SLC-500Buy Now
1747-M2Allen Bradley Automation EEPROM Memory, 4K For Programmable ControllerBuy Now
1747-M5Automation Rockwell Adapter Socket - Five Sockets Per Package. Allen BradleyBuy Now
1747-NP1Allen Bradley Wall Mounted Power Supply (120V AC Input) for SLC-500 Allen BradleyBuy Now
1747-PBASERockwell Automation SLC 500 Basic Module Development Software for 1746 and 1747Buy Now
1747-PCILAllen Bradley Rack Intfc. Module for SLC-500 1746 AB 1747-P 1747-PC 1747-PCI PLCBuy Now
1747-PICRockwell Automation Converter RS 232/DH 485 Allen Bradley SLC-500Buy Now
1747-PSDRockwell Automation Program Storage Device-SLC 5/03 Thru 5/05 Allen Bradley 1747-PSDBuy Now
1747-PT1Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation SLC-500 Hand Held Terminal 1747-PT1Buy Now
1747-SCNRAllen Bradley ControlNet Scanner Module Programmable Automation AB 1747-S 1747-SCBuy Now
1747-SDNAllen Bradley DeviceNet Scanner Module Automation AB 1747-S 1747-SDBuy Now
1747-SNAllen Bradley Automation Remote Input Output Scanner Mod. AB 1747-S 1747-SNBuy Now
1747-UICRockwell Automation USB to DH-485 Interface Converter, Allen Bradley PLC 1747Buy Now
1747-WINBASAllen Bradley Automation SLC 500 Basic Module Interface Software 1747-WINBAS 1747Buy Now
SLC 501AB SLC 5/01 Processors include L511 or L514, SLC-500 Programmable ControllersBuy Now
SLC 502PLC Allen Bradley AB SLC 5/02 Processors includes L524 ControllerBuy Now
SLC 503AB SLC 5/03 Processors include L531, L532, or L533, Programmable Processors 1747-L53xBuy Now
SLC 504SLC-500 Controllers AB SLC 5/04 Processors include L541, L542, or L543Buy Now
SLC 505AB SLC 5/05 Processors include L551, L552, or L553, Controller SLC-500 Allen BradleyBuy Now

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