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Allen Bradley | SLC-500 | 1746-OA16 | Image

Allen Bradley | SLC-500 | 1746-OA16 | Image

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The Allen-Bradley 1746-OA16 is an Output Module of the SLC 500 family. This module features 16 outputs. The 1748-OA16 operates with an AC power of either 120V or 240V and provides 120V or 240V AC output. It has 8 points per common and an operating voltage between 8-265V at 47-63Hz. The 1746-OA16 operates with a backplane current of 370mA at 5V and 0mA at 24V.

The 1746-OA16 has a minimum load current of 10mA. In addition, it has an off-state leakage current output of 2mA and a maximum surge current per point of 10.0A for 25ms. The output module also has a maximum signal ON delay of 1ms and a maximum OFF delay of 11ms. The 1746-OA16 has a continuous current of 0.50A at 30° C (86°F) and 0.25A at 60° C (140°F). The continuous current per module for the 1746-OA16 is 8.0A at 30°C (86° F) and 4.0A at 60°C (140°F).

Module-ready cables can be used on all 1746 output modules including the 1746-OA16. These cables have a pre-wired RTB on one end to plug onto the front of the Bulletin. The 1746 I/O module has 20 or 40 separately color coded #18 AWG conductors on the other end. The I/O module-ready cables provide the convenience of pre-wired connections to the I/O module, making it flexible to field wire to a standard terminal block.

The 1746-OA16 operates at 0.462 watts per point with a minimum of 1.850 watts and a total of 9.30 watts. The outputs for the 1746-OA16 are TRIAC. TRIAC outputs turn ON at an any point on the AC line and turn OFF on the zero cross on the AC line.

Technical Specifications for 1746-OA16

ManufacturerAllen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
SeriesSLC 500
Part Number1746-OA16
Product TypeOutput Module
Output Channels16
Voltage Category120/240 Volts AC
Voltage Range85 to 265 Volts AC
Current Consumption0.37 Amps at 5 Volts DC
Maximum Off-State Leakage2 milliamps
Continuous Current per Output Point0.5 Amps at 30 degrees Celsius
Maximum Continuous Current per Point8 Amps at 30 degrees Celsius

About 1746-OA16

The Allen-Bradley 1746-OA16 module is an SLC 500 I/O module. Specifically, it is an AC output module with 16 output channels. The voltage category of the output channels is 120/240 Volts AC. The operating voltage range is 85 to 265 Volts AC at 47 to 63 Hertz. The rated backplane current consumption of the 1746-OA16 module is 0.370 Amps at 5 Volts DC. The signal delay with the maximum resistive load is 1 millisecond for the on-state and 11 milliseconds for the off-state. The maximum off-state leakage current is 2 milliamps. The rated continuous current per output point is 0.5 Amps at 30 degrees Celsius and 0.25 Amps at 60 degrees Celsius. The maximum continuous current per output point is 8.0 Amps at 30 degrees Celsius and 4.0 Amps at 60 degrees Celsius.

The rated on-state maximum voltage drop for the 1746-OA16 output module is 1.5 Volts at 0.50 Amps. The surge current per point is 10.0 Amps for 25 milliseconds. The 1746-OA16 module is sensitive to ESD, which can cause damage to the module’s components. Therefore, the following precautions should be followed when handling the module: a grounded object should be touched to discharge static, a grounded wriststrap should be worn, the components inside the module and the connectors on components should not be touched, static-safe workstations should be used, and the 1746-OA16 output module should be stored inside static safe containers when it is not is use. The 1746-OA16 module should not be installed, removed, or wired when the system chassis is powered on.
The 1746-OA16 module is an Allen-Bradley I/O module. It belongs to SLC 500 series and it has 16 output points.

F.A.Q for 1746-OA16

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