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Allen Bradley | SLC-500 | 1747-L541 | Image

Allen Bradley | SLC-500 | 1747-L541 | Image

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The Allen-Bradley 1747-L541 is a SLC 500 5/04 Central Processor Unit (CPU) with 12K user memory.  This CPU features fast communication capabilities and a user-selectable key switch on the front panel to select Run, Remote, or Program modes. The 1747-L541 is compatible with the 1747-M13 memory module Series C OS401 or later, which supports up to 64K of user-memory backup. The CPU is equipped with high-speed performance, typically running at 0.90 ms/K. On-board communications for the CPU include DH+ and RS-232.  The features of the built-in DH+ channel include high-speed communication and messaging with SLC 500, PLC-2, PLC-5, and ControlLogix processors. The RS-232 channel supports DF1 communication, DH-485, Modbus RTU Master communication with Modbus RTU slave devices, and ASCII I/O for connection to other ASCII devices such as serial printers, weigh scales, and bar code readers. The 1747-L541 is capable of channel-to-channel passthru (DH+ to DF1 full-duplex, DF1 radio modem, DF1 half-duplex Master, or DH-485). The 1747-L541 also has Remote I/O passthru and DeviceNet passthru.

The 1747-L541 is capable of controlling a maximum of 4096 inputs and 4096 outputs. The backplane current at 5V is 1000mA and at 24V is 200 mA. In case of brief power loss, the 1747-L541 provides a program scan hold-up time of 20 ms - 3 seconds to prevent corruption of the system. Exact times depend on the power supply load. There are 30 chassis module slots in the CPU. Bit execution for the 1747-L541 is 0.37 microseconds. The minimum thermal dissipation is 4 Watts for the unit. The CPU is designed with a built-in real-time clock/calendar. It has a 1 ms Selectable Time Interrupt (STI) and a 0.5 ms Discrete Input Interrupt (DII). The 1747-L541 also includes advanced math features such as trigonometry functions, PID, floating point, and compute instruction.

Technical Specifications for 1747-L541

ManufacturerAllen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
SeriesSLC 500
Part Number1747-L541
Product TypeProcessor
Remote I/O NetworkSupported
Operating Temperature0 to 60 degrees Celsius
DH+ NetworkSupported
Backplane Voltage5 Volts DC, 24 Volts DC
Backplane Current1 Amp at 5 Volts DC, 0 Amps at 24 Volts DC
Programming SoftwareRSLogix 500 Software

About 1747-L541

The Allen-Bradley 1747-L541 processor is an industrial processor module from the Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation SLC 500 series. It is listed in the SLC 5/04 product line within the broader SLC 500 series. The hardware components of the 1747-L541 processor include a memory module, a battery, a jumper, a keyswitch, and LED status indicators.  The battery acts as the backup for the processors’ CMOS RAM. The jumper is an operating system download protection jumper that should not be moved unless the users are updating the operating system firmware in the 1747-L541 processor. The keyswitch is used to change the mode that the 1747-L541 processor is operating in and it is located on the front of the processor directly above the connection ports.


The LED status indicators on the Allen-Bradley 1747-L541 SLC 500 processor are the “RUN” indicator, the “FLT” indicator, the “BATT” indicator, the “FORCE” indicator, the “DH+” indicator, and the “RS-232” indicator. These LEDs make it easy for the users to determine when the 1747-L541 processor is powered on and running properly and they let the users know exactly what kind of errors the processor is experiencing when something goes wrong. The 1747-L541 processor supports the Remote I/O network and it can connect to other devices on this network through a Belden 9463 cable. It also supports backplane voltage ratings of 5 Volts DC or 24 Volts DC, and it can draw 1 Amp of backplane current at 5 Volts DC but no current at 24 Volts DC. Its operating temperature range is 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

The 1747-L541 processor is manufactured by Allen-Bradley in the SLC 5/04 line of the SLC 500 series. It can communicate through the Remote I/O industrial network.

F.A.Q for 1747-L541

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