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SLC 504

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Allen Bradley - SLC-500 - SLC 504

Allen Bradley - SLC-500 - SLC 504 Allen Bradley - SLC-500 - SLC 504 - Wiring

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The Allen-Bradley SLC 504 (5/04) Modular Processors support the 1747-UIC, 1747-CP3, 1784-PKTX(D) and 1784-PCMK network interfaces.  SLC 504 processors can have a memory of 16k, 32k or 64k words. The processors have a maximum of 4096 discrete inputs and outputs respectively. They are equipped with battery backed RAM, which preserves memory for up to thirty minutes during a battery disconnect, and a built-in real-time clock/calendar.  SLC 504 processors support advanced instructions such as basic math, comparison, jump and subroutine, Indirect Addressing, messaging and FIFO/LIFO.

Prior to installing the SLC 504 processors, power the system off, then carefully insert the processor into the chassis slot 0. When performing any kind of installation, such as replacing the battery on an SLC 504 processor, ensure that the power is off. Always make sure that adequate steps are taken to prevent electrostatic damage to the processor since this can damage the memory. To test if communication with the processor is occurring, power it on, then connect either a 1747-CP3 cable or a 1747-UIC interface to channel 0 of the SLC 504 processor and then to the personal computer’s serial or USB port respectively. Otherwise, a 1784-PCMK or 1784-PKTX(D) interface can be used.

Channel 1 on an SLC 504 processor uses Data Highway Plus (DH+) Network to support simple communication between controllers and computers. This protocol can support a maximum of 64 devices. Actual DH+ communication takes place using the 3-pin connector while the 8-pin connector allows you to monitor the communication. Channel 1 also has a 57.6 Kbaud rate and 1 as its node address.

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