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GE Fanuc Emerson | Series Five

GE Fanuc Emerson | Series Five | Image

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GE Series Five 5 PLC In Stock General Electric Parts

GE Series Five 5 PLC In Stock General Electric Parts

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About GE Series Five
GE Fanuc’s Series Five Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are scalable and rugged controller hardware that are especially designed to be used in mid-range control applications. These controllers are designed to be used with fellow Series Five modules and combines the capabilities and features of GE Series One, Series Three and Series 6 Programmable Logic Controller families.  

The Series Five controllers family are fully modular family of controllers, with a functional system typically consists of a power supply, CPU, Input and Output modules, and system interface modules,  all installed on a base unit.


Series Five Base units has Two (2) variations, specifically Six (6) I/O slots or Eight (8) I/O slots. This base units may be used to be installed with the PLC CPU or Input and Output modules only. Technically, a base unit installed with a CPU is referred to as the CPU base unit while base units containing I/O modules and other modules are I/O expansion base unit. Base unit are assigned node address from 0 to 7, selected by setting the value of a rotary switch, situated above the left I/O expansion connector. ID numbers or node address simply define the controller’s address and not the manner or order of execution. The allowable distance between the controller and last I/O base unit must not exceed 200 ft or 60 meters.

The Series Five controller family supports discrete input and output modules with medium and high-density. Medium density modules are Sixteen (16) channels modules while High-density modules are embedded with 32 I/O channels. Aside from standard I/O modules, the Series Five controller family modules include Analog Input and Output modules, ASCII/BASIC, CCM Communications module, High

Speed Counter, and Axis Positioning for motion and position control.

Programs are prepared and downloaded to the Series Five Controller CPU with the use of the Logicmaster 5 application software. The Logic Master 5 controller is a DOS based application software that may be used with the Workmaster and Workmaster II computer, CIMSTAR TM I computer or an IBM PC, XT, AT, or PS/2 computers.


Series Five controller family supports implementation of distributed I/O, wherein expansion may reach up to Seven (7) I/O base units, connected to the local chain. Each I/O base unit may be installed with Eight (8) I/O modules of any combination, for a total of 64 I/O modules in one Series Five control system. Base units transmit and receive data through the local I/O interface module. This module is required to establish connection to the CPU base unit. Base units connect to the bus with the use of an I/O Expander cable to an I/O expansion connector which may be located either on the right side or left side of the Series Five base unit. A terminating plug must be installed at the last node of the I/O rack.


The series Five controller is able to accommodate up to 2048 I/O points which is composed of 1024 Inputs and 1024 Outputs. A Local I/O chain supports installation of standard Series Five I/O and Series Three I/O module.


  • Scalable and Modular
  • Supports Rack or Panel Mounting
  • Supports Standard modules, typically used in the industry
  • Supports Remote I/O implementation via I/O base units
  • Redundant controller configuration capable
  • Supports programming via a workstation
  • Supports Genius I/O system
  • Supports Ladder Programming Language
  • Optional memory cartridges available raging from 4K to 16K
  • Millisecond execution of user program



  • DOS based Programming
  • Limited Remote I/O base units; Up to Seven base units only
  • Relatively short Remote I/O distance; Up to 60 meters
  • Redundancy is not simple to implement
  • Obsolete

Battery for CPU and ASCII/Basic Module ACC550 IC655ACC5 IC655ACC55

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Blank Filler Module ACC552 IC655A IC655ACC5 IC655ACC55

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Analog Input 8 points ALG516 GE Series Five PLC IC655 IC655ALG IC655ALG5 IC655ALG51

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Analog Output 2 points ALG566 GE Series Five PLC IC655A IC655AL IC655ALG5 IC655ALG56

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Analog Output*-10V+10V, 2 points ALG567 GE Series Five PLC IC65 IC655ALG5 IC655ALG56

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ASCII/Basic Module, 32K memory APU500 GE Series Five PLC IC65 IC655APU5 IC655APU50

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GE High Speed Counter APU510 GE Series Five PLC IC IC655APU IC655APU5 IC655APU501

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GE Axis Positioning Module, Encoder Input, Servo Input APU521 IC655APU5 IC655APU502

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Local I/O Interface module BEM500 GE Fanuc Series Five PLC BEM IC655BEM5 IC655BEM50

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Genius Bus Controller -32 devices BEM510 GE Fanuc Series Five 510IC655BEM5 IC655BEM51

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Series Three I/O Interface card Series Five PLC BEM530 IC655BEM IC655BEM5 IC655BEM53

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Communications Control Module using CCM2 protocol CCM500 GE IC655CCM5 IC655CCM50

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RS-232/RS-422 Converter box CCM590 GE Fanuc Series Five PLC IC655CCM5 IC655CCM59

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CPU and I/O Base Unit, 6 slots GE Fanuc Series Five PLC CHS506 IC655CHS5 IC655CHS50

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CPU and I/O Base Unit, 8 slots Rack Series Five CHS508 GE PLC IC655CHS5 IC655CHS50

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I/O Termination Plug CHS590 Rack PLC GE Fanuc Series Five IC655 IC655CHS5 IC655CHS59

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CPU Processor CPU500 Series Five Central Processing Unit PLC IC IC655CPU5 IC655CPU50

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12-24Vdc Input, Negative Logic 16 points MDL501Series Five Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL50

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GE 12-24Vdc Input Negative Logic 32 points GE Series Five Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL50

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GE 24-Vdc Input Positive/Negative Logic 64 pts GE Series Five Module IC655MD IC655MDL50

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GE 24-48Vac/dc Isolated Input, Positive Logic 16 points Series Five IC655MDL5 IC655MDL51

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GE 12-24Vac/dc Input, Positive Logic 32 points Series Five Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL51

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Input Simulator card MDL524 GE Series Five Module PLC IC655M IC655MDL5 IC655MDL52

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115/230Vac Input 16 points module MDL525 GE Series Five Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL52

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115Vac input 32 points module MDL526 GE Series Five Module PLC IC655MDL5 IC655MDL56

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115Vac Isolated Input 16 points card GE Series Five Module PLC IC655MDL5 IC655MDL52

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5/12 VDC Input 64 points module MDL533 GE Series Five Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL53

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GE 12-24Vdc Output, Negative Logic 16 points MDL551 Series Five IC655MDL5 IC655MDL55

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GE 12-24Vdc Output, Negative Logic 32 points MDL552 Series Five IC655MDL5 IC655MDL55

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GE 12-24Vdc Output, Positive Logic 16 points MDL555 Series Five M IC655MDL5 IC655MDL55

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GE 12-24Vdc Output, Positive Logic 32 points GE Series Five Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL55

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GE 115/230Vac Output 16 points MDL575 Series Five PLC GE Fanuc IC655MDL5 IC655MDL57

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IC655MDL576GE 115/230Vac Isolated Output 16 points Series Five PLC Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL57Buy Now

115/230 Vac Output 32 points Card MDL577 Series Five Module GE IC655MDL5 IC655MDL57

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Relay Output 16 points module MDL580 Series Five Module GE Fanuc IC655MDL IC655MDL58

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Relay Output 32 points module MDL581 Series Five Module GE PLC IC655MDL5 IC655MDL58

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Isolated Relay Output Form C 16 points card Mdl586 Series Five Mod IC655MDL5 IC655MDL58

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GE 5/12 (TTL) Output 64 points MDL593 Series Five PLC GE Module IC655MDL5 IC655MDL59

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Memory Cartridge 4K CPU/24K ABM, RAM Series Five MEM501 IC655MEM5 IC655MEM50

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GE Memory Cartridge 16K CPU, RAM Series Five MEM503 PLC GE IC655MEM5 IC655MEM50

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Memory Cartridge 8K CPU/24K ABM EPROM MEM512 Series Five IC655MEM5 IC655MEM51

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GE Memory Cartridge 16K CPU,EPROM MEM513 Series FivePLC IC655MEM5 IC655MEM51

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GE Memory Cartridge 4K CPU EEPROM MEM521 Series Five PLC IC655MEM5 IC655MEM52

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Operator Interface DISPLAY PER500 Series Five PLC GE Fanuc PER IC655PER5 IC655PER50

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Rack Power Supply, 6 Amp 115/230Vac PWR500 Series Five Power IC655PWR5 IC655PWR50

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GE Power Supply, 12 Amp, 115/230Vac PWR501 Series Five Power IC655PWR5 IC655PWR50

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GE Power Supply, 6 Amp, 24Vdc PWR514 Series Five Power Supply IC655PWR IC655PWR51

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