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IC600LX605 In Stock! 4K Logic/1K Register Memory Module IC600L IC600LX PDFsupply also repairs GE IP

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The GE Fanuc IC600LX605 unit is a Combined Memory module, which includes the Series Six Plus CPU memory configuration. This includes Internal and Register memory as well as Logic or User memory. The module has six different versions, ranging from 5K to 80K and every version also includes parity memory.

The user programs are stored in the Logic memory. This consists of either mnemonic instructions or ladder diagram logic; sometimes both. The capacity of logic memory differs, with modules of 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K or 64K 16-bit words available.

The IC600LX605 system has a lithium-manganese dioxide battery, located on the circuit board. Should the power to the module stop, the battery will maintain the memory in the device. Its location on the board allows you to check the voltage level of the battery. You can do this by looking through the lens on the faceplate of the unit.

There are two visible LEDs marked 'Battery' and 'Parity.' With the Battery LED, a steady light indicates there is enough charge in the battery to preserve the memory contents of the module. The light will flash when it is low and an alarm will sound. Battery failure will occur 30 days after the LED begins flashing.

If the 'Parity' LED turns off, there is a parity error due to access of one of the other memory sections. This will cause the CPU to stop working. An error message will appear on the Workmaster Computer display. You can install the Combined Memory module next to the Arithmetic Control module. There is a card slot for this in the CPU rack. Use an extraction or insertion tool when doing this and remember to secure the faceplate to the CPU rack by using screws at the top and bottom.

Once the lithium battery is dead, you should not try to recharge it or place a short circuit at the ends. Dispose of it safely. Attempting to recharge the battery or disposing of it in fire or water could be dangerous.

Technical Information

The GE Fanuc IC600LX605 memory module is a combined memory module for the GE Series Six programmable controllers. The IC600LX605 memory module contains the memory configuration for the GE Series Six CPU including internal memory, logic memory, and register memory. The parity memory is also included. The IC600LX605 memory module is a module with 4K of user memory and 1K of logic memory. CMOS-RAM is used on the IC600LX605 memory module for storage. In the event of a power failure, a lithium-manganese dioxide battery maintains the contents of the memory. The battery is located on the IC600LX605 memory module’s circuit board along with the circuitry for monitoring the battery charge level. Two LEDs on the IC600LX605 module indicate the status of the battery and the presence of parity errors.


Parity errors can occur when the logic memory, the internal memory, or the register memory on the IC600LX605 memory module are accessed. A steady glowing battery LED indicates that the battery contains enough charge to provide backup for the contents stored in the memory module, a flashing battery LED indicates that the battery is low, and a battery LED that turns off and remains indicates that the battery has failed. A steady glowing parity LED indicates the absence of parity errors and if the parity LED turns off, it indicates the presence of parity errors. The IC600LX605 memory module is made to be installed in the card slot on the left side of the arithmetic control module in the CPU rack. The dimensions of the IC600LX605 memory module’s circuit board are 8.15 x 11 inches. The dimensions of the module faceplate are 12.46 x 1.175 inches. The module power requirements are 1.5 Amps at 5 Volts DC and 10 milliamps at -12 Volts DC.

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