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GE Fanuc Emerson | Series Three

GE Fanuc Emerson | Series Three | Image click here to request a quote

The GE Series Three PLC product line has been discontinued by the manufacturer GE Fanuc. PDF Supply maintains a large inventory of Series 3 PLC parts in stock.

The GE Series Three PLC product line has been discontinued by the manufacturer GE Fanuc. PDF Supply maintains a large inventory of Series 3 PLC parts in stock.

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About GE Series Three
General Electric’s (GE) Series Programmable Controllers are Microprocessor based, rugged and compact controller that features the ability of accommodating up to 400 I/O points, via the embedded 4K user memory in 4096 16-bit words. This controller is designed to implement automated control of small to medium sized applications

The Series Three Programmable Controllers are capable contributes to increased system reliability, flexibility, maintainability and reduced installation and operation costs. This controller family is capable of implementing remote I/O architecture as it supports installation of up to Three (3) base units, with One (1)  base unit being the CPU base unit while the remaining Two (2) acting as the I/O base unit where Input and Output modules are remotely installed.

A Series Three controller features 4096 16-Bit words user memory, contained in a CMOS Random Access Memory (RAM) or optional EPROM module. The CMOS RAM uses a Lithium Battery to retain the memory’s contents during power down conditions. This Lithium battery may operate up to Two (2) years under load and 8-10 years with no load conditions or natural deterioration. Up to a maximum of 400 Input and Output points are supported by a Series Three system with the addition of 368 internal relays with 64 retentive relays, 128 units of Timers and counters, Shift Registers up to 128 Words and Data Registers up to 128 Words as well. The controller program scan rate is 28.5 ms.

Series Three base units are available in 4-slot, 6-slot, and 8-Slot I/O module base units. This selection range provides flexibility that may greatly impact reduction of installation due to smaller panel space required. Up to 8 modules may be installed to a single I/O base unit, for a maximum number of 24 I/O modules. The Series Three Programmable Controller family offers a variety of input and output modules with I/O densities available in 8, 16 and High-density 32 channels.

Series Three system is powered by an external 115VAC or 230VAC source, with acceptable range of +/- 15% of the nominal value. Voltage category selection is done via an internal jumper setting. Input frequency range is 48-63 Hz with a maximum load of 60VA maximum on each base unit. 

This controller supports Ladder Programming language. A programmer device is needed to prepare, configure and download programs to the Series Three controller. The programmer also provides a way to show previously entered program elements and branches, display accumulated timer and counter values, and monitor states of binary devices particularly I/O registers and internal relays.

Series Three I/O expansion is limited up to 19 inches or 50 cm distance, from the controller base unit to the last I/O base unit. I/O expander cable is used to establish connection to the remote controller.

The Series Three Programmable Controllers support standard Boolean operators, as well as instructions such as Timer, Counter blocks, Shift Register, Data handling and manipulation, Arithmetic, Logic, Convert and other special functions.

Peripherals used with the Series Three Programmable Controllers include Cassette Tape Unit, PROM writer and printer.


  • Compact Design
  • Scalable and modular at the same time
  • Supports Standard modules, typically used in the industry
  • Supports Remote I/O implementation via I/O base units
  • Supports basic data handling and manipulation
  • Up to 24 I/O modules may be installed in one Series Three system
  • Supports Ladder Programming Language
  • Optional memory cartridges for storage of user program
  • Relatively fast execution of user program
  • Large number of internal relays for a small PLC



  • DOS based Programming
  • Limited Remote I/O base units; Up to Two (2) base units only
  • Relatively short Remote I/O distance; Up to 50 cm distance from the CPU to the last I/O base unit
  • Redundancy is not supported
  • Obsolete

Data Communications Module CCM (DCM) GE Series Three PLC IC630CCM3 IC630CCM30

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I/O Link Local Module CCM310 GE Fanuc Series Three PLC IC630CCM3 IC630CCM31

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I/O Link Remote Module CCM311 GE Fanuc Series Three PLC IC630CCM3 IC630CCM31

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RS-232/RS-422 Converter Unit CCM390 GE Series Three PLC IC630CCM3 IC630CCM39

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Base Unit, 4 slots CHS304 Rack for I/O GE Series Three PLC IC630CHS3 IC630CHS30

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Base Unit, 6 slots CHS306 Rack for I/O Modules Series Three PLC IC630CH IC630CHS30

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Base Unit, 8 slots CHS308 Rack for I/O Modules Series Three IC630CHS3 IC630CHS30

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CPU/Programmer Unit, 4K Words Modules Series Three PLC CPU IC630CPU3 IC630CPU30

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24Vdc Sink Input Module 16 points User Connections MDL Series3 IC630MDL IC630MDL30

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24Vdc Input 32 pints MDL302 GE Fanuc Series Three PLC IC630 IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30

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5-12 dc Sink Input Module, D Connector 32 pts MDL303 Series 3 IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30

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24Vdc Sink Input/ Output Module 16in/16out MDL304 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30

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24Vdc Sink Input Module, D Connector w/ LED MDL306 Series 3 IC630MDL3 IC630MDL30

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High Speed Module MDL310 GE Series Three IC630 IC630MDL IC630MDL3 IC630MDL31

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24Vac/dc Source Input Module 16 points MDL311 Series Three PLCIC630MDL3 IC630MDL31

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Analog Input Module, 4-20 mA/1.5Vdc (2 channels) MDL316 GE IC630MDL3 IC630MDL31

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I/O Simulator Module (8 points) MDL324 GE Series Three Module IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32

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115Vac Input Module 16 points MDL325 GE Series Three Module IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32

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115Vac Isolated Input Module 8 points MDL326 GE Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32

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230Vac Input Module 16 points MDL327 GE Series Three PLC Mod IC630MDL3 IC630MDL32

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24Vdc Sink Output Module, 2 Amp 8 points MDL351 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35

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24Vdc Sink Output Module, 1 Amp 16 points MDL352 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35

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GE Fanuc Series Three Module PLC IC630 IC630M IC630MD IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35

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5-12Vdc Kink/Source Output Module 32 pts MDL354 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35

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24Vdc Sink Output Module, D Connector, w/LED MDL356 Series 3 IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35

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24Vdc Source Output Module 16 points MDL357 Series Three Mod IC630MDL3 IC630MDL35

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Analog Output Module, 4-20mA 2 channels MDL366 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL36

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Analog Output Module, +/-10Vdc 2 channels MDL367 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL36

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Analog Output Module, 0-10Vdc 2 channels Series Three Module IC630MDL3 IC630MDL36

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115/230Vac Output Module 16 points MDL375 Series Three MDL IC630MDL3 IC630MDL37

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115/230Vac Isolated Output Module 8 points MDL376 Series Three IC630MDL3 IC630MDL37

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Relay Output Module 16 points MDL380 GE Series Three PLC Mod IC630MDL3 IC630MDL38

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115/230Vac Power Supply PWR300 Series Three Power Module IC630PWR3 IC630PWR30

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115/230Vac Power Supply Unit PWR310 GE Series Three Power IC630PWR3 IC630PWR31

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115/230 Vac Remote Power Supply Unit Series Three PWR320 IC630PWR3 IC630PWR32

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