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IC693PWR324 IC660BBA106 In Stock! Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs IC660B IC660BB IC660BBA PDF IC660BBA106 In Stock! Block 115Vac/125Vdc Analog Current Source 6 Inputs IC660B IC660BB IC660BBA PDF IC660BBA106

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  • IC660BBA106

Product Description

The IC660BBA106 is a Current-source Analog Input Block with six channels of GE Fanuc series 90-30 PLCs. The required power supply for this block is 115VAC or 125VDC. It has six current inputs of 4mA to 20mA. Each one provides a 24V current loop power supply with accuracy as precise as 0.1% and is isolated. It also has a BSM circuit electrically common to input 1 but is isolated from the others.

When power is provided to the block, input channels translate analog current to digital value as whole integers using voltage to frequency converters; after that, they send it to CPU. Input conversion time can be selected to provide the appropriate combination of noise rejection and input resolution. Conversion times are programmable from 16mS to 400mS. Resolution increases as the conversion time is lengthened. Input resolution is 1μA for 200mS conversion time. Upper and lower alarm limits can be programmed for each input circuit. If either limit is exceeded, the block indicates a fault and sends a message to the handheld mnitor, which is required for configuration and control of the IC660BBA106 Current-source Analog Input Block. In each bus scan, the block broadcasts 12 bytes of input data. Each input consists of two bytes of data.

The IC660BBA106 has 32 terminals. Power source connects to terminals 6 and 7. Input cables connect to the self-powered inputs 10 to 32. The bus switching module connects to terminals 8-9. 

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage: 115 VAC/125 VDC
# of Points: 6
Input Range: 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 25 mA
Resolution: 1 micro Amp
Operating Voltage: 93-132 VAC / 105-145 VDC
Points per Common:   6 Isolated points


Technical Information


Block Type:

Catalog Numbers:

115 VAC / 125VDCCurrent Source Input block Terminal Assembly Only


24 / 48 VDC Current Source Input block Terminal Assembly Only ElectronicsAssemblyOnly

Six analog input circuits


IC660BBA106 IC660TBA106 IC660EBA106 IC660BBA026 IC660TBA026 IC660EBA026

Size (height x width x depth)


LED’s (I/O Block): BSM Control: HeatDissipation:

.83” (22.44cm) x 3.50” (8.89cm) x 3.94” (10.00cm)

4 lbs. (1.8 kg)

Unit OK, I / O Enabled

8Switchesone 24 / 48 VDC BSM (IC660BSM021) 12 Watts,maximum

Block to Block Isolation: Group to Group Isolation:

1500 V for one minute 1500 V rms

115VAC/125 VDC block power:

Power supply voltage Maximumcurrent Frequency / ripple

Power supply dropout time

24/48 VDC block power:

Power supply voltage Maximumcurrent Ripple

Power supply dropout time

115 VAC 125 VDC

93–132 VAC 105–145 VDC

250mA 140mA

47–63 Hz 10% max. ripple

1 cycle 10 mS min.


18–56 VDC


10% max.

10 mS min.

Input Signal Characteristics:

Input accuracy (at 25 C) Input resolution

Input conversion time Range

Overrange capacity Inputdiagnostics

Channel to channel isolation Thermal drift (from 25  C)

Input Impedance: Normal Mode Rejection:

Input Excitation Characteristics:

Open circuit voltage Short circuit current Loop impedance


0.1% of full scale reading


16.6mS to 400mS (user selectable)

4mA to 20mA

0mA to 25mA

Underrange, Overrange, High Alarm, Low Alarm, Open Wire

1500 volts RMS

70 PPM per    C typical

100 ohms $ 5%

–45 dB at 50, 60 Hz

24 VDC


1000 maximum (0mA to 20mA), 800 maximum (20mA to



Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity


0  C to  +60  C   (+32  F to  +140 F)

–40   C to  +100  C   (–40  F to  +212 F)

5% to 95% (non–condensing)


5 – 10 Hz 0.2” (5.08mm) displacement, 10–200 Hz at 1G


Troubleshooting IC660BBA106

Troubleshooting information is available on IC660BBA106's website page; it also includes a datasheet,  a user manual, and a wiring diagram.

Repair your IC660BBA106

PDF Supply can repair your IC660BBA106 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC660BBA106?  Answer:  The IC660BBA106 is an 115 VAC/125 VDC Current-Source Analog Input Block of the GE Fanuc Genius I/O Series. This block is used to interface a controller to devices that provide 4-20mA analog signals.
  • Question:  What is the difference between IC660BBA106 and IC660BBA026?  Answer:  The only difference between these blocks is their power supply.
  • Question:  How many inputs are on this block?  Answer:  There are 6 inputs.
  • Question:  What will I need to test this block?  Answer:  You will need a slot rack, a power supply, a CPU, and IC693BEM331. You will also need a Hand Held Monitor. 
  • Question:  When using the HHM for configuration of IC660BBA106, at what baud rate should you be communicating?  Answer:  153.6K Standard
  • Question:  After configuration what should happen?  Answer:  The Enabled LED light should come on letting you know the block is enabled (this should happen when the CPU is in run mode).
  • Question:  What should you probe on this block when testing it?  Answer:  The "in" and "common" of each channel. 
  • Question:  How might I know there is something wrong with my IC660BBA106?  Answer:  If you power it up and you do not get any lights or if your inputs are not giving you proper readings then there could be something wrong with your block.
  • Question:  What is my next step if there is something wrong with my IC660BBA106?  Answer:  This is something we repair here at PDF Supply. 

For more information on the IC660BBA106 Current-Source Analog Intput Block of the GE Fanuc Genius I/O Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.


The final letter in the part number (ex. IC660BBA106K) indicates the revision. Revision K and later use the newer style electronic housing and therefore need the newer style plastic door and may indicate some compatibility issues with the terminal strip.

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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