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Technical Specifications for IC660BBS103

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesGenius I/O
Part NumberIC660BBS103
Product TypeOutput Block
Number of Outputs8
Output IsolationSupported
Voltage TypeAC and DC
Maximum Output Current Load2 Amps
Maximum Operating Temperature60 degrees Celsius
Nominal Voltage115 Volts AC, 125 Volts DC
Dimensions (HxWxD)8.83 x 3.5 x 3.94 inches
Weight14 pounds
Heat Dissipation16.8 Watts

Product Description

The IC660BBS103 is an eight circuit I/O isolated block by GE Fanuc. The block has a rated voltage of 115 VAC or 125 VDC with an input voltage range of between 93 VAC and 132 VAC. Output voltage range varies from 105 to 132 VDC with a load current of two Amps for every output point.

The IC660BBS103 block’s isolation can withstand a voltage of 250 VAC or VDC between two groups or between a group and a ground. It has a transient rating of 2000V for every 10 seconds. The block can be powered differently from the circuits with power being either AC or DC. The block’s control power can be tapped from the voltages of input/output devices which are wired to the terminals. There is electronic fusing for every circuit used for output. The circuit shuts down immediately after five microseconds in the event of a short circuit. The circuit can thereafter be restarted using a handheld monitor or a CPU. Some of the diagnostic checks include detection of sudden shutdowns, voltage overload, overheating, and detection of power loss to the circuits.

During block mounting, it is advisable to mount the block in a protective enclosure, clean and free from contaminants. It can be mounted facing up or down. It is important to leave two inches of space between blocks for ample ventilation. During field wiring, all terminals will accept 1 AWG #12 wire or 2 AWG #14 wires. The minimum wire size recommended is AWG #22. Ring terminals of up to 0.27 inches can be accommodated by the block. The recommended torque for the terminal screws is 0.678 N/M. Operating temperature for IC660BBS103 ranges from 0-60o C with storage temperature being -40o C to 80o C.

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage: 115 VAC / 125 VDC
# of Points: 8
Input Voltage Range: 93 - 132 VAC
Output Voltage Range:   105 - 132 VDC
Load Current per Point:  2.0 Amps
Points per Common: Four groups of 2


The IC660BBS103 I/O block is an isolated I/O block that has been manufactured by GE Fanuc in the Genius I/O series. This isolated I/O block has 8 output channels that are split into 4 equal groups. The IC660BBS103 output block can use either AC voltage or DC voltage, depending on the application. The nominal voltage ratings for the IC660BBS103 isolated output block are 115 Volts AC and 125 Volts DC. The supported input voltage range is 93 Volts AC to 132 Volts AC, and the supported output voltage range is 105 Volts DC to 132 Volts DC. The maximum load current rating that is supported by each output point is 2 Amps. This isolated output block can be mounted either facing up or facing down.


For best results and to extend the life of the GE Fanuc Genius I/O IC660BBS103 isolated output block, it should be mounted inside of a protective enclosure, it should be installed in a clean and dry industrial environment, and it should have at least 2 inches of space between it and the other blocks or modules that are mounted next to it in the Genius I/O system. The IC660BBS103 output block is equipped with diagnostics features like the excessive temperature detector, the open wire detector, and the I/O loss detector that can alert the users about problems before data loss, permanent machine damage, or serious injuries occur. The maximum ambient air temperature that the IC660BBS103 output block can tolerate with being damaged or derated is 60 degrees Celsius.

Technical Information


Block Type:

115VAC / 125VDCIsolatedI / OBlock: Terminal Assembly Only: ElectronicsAssemblyOnly:

115VAC / 125VDCIsolatedI / OBlock,NoFailed Switch: Terminal Assembly Only:


8 ckt isolated input / output in 4 isolated pairs IC660BBS102, replaces IC660BBS100 IC660TSS100


IC660BBS103, replaces IC660BBS101 IC660TSS100


Size (height x width x depth):


LED’s (I/O Block): LED’s (each circuit): Block to Block Isolation: HeatDissipation:

8.83” (22.44cm) x 3.50” (8.89cm) x 3.94” x (10.00cm)

4 lbs. (1.8 kg)

Unit OK, I / OEnabled On logic side of switch 1500 V

16.8W max. with 8 inputs on, 45.6W max. with 8 outputs at 2 amps

Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity


–0   to   +60C   (32   to   +140F)

–40   C   (–40   to   +212F)

5% to 95% (non–condensing)

5–10 Hz 0.2” (5.08mm) displacement, 10–200 Hz at 1G

Required control power (block only):

Operating voltage (four sources): Frequency/ripple:

Power supply dropout time:

8 Wattsmaximum

93–132 VAC 105–132 VDC

47–63 Hz 10% max. ripple

1 cycle 10mS

Input Characteristics:

Non–tristate input, OFF state:

Minimum voltage across input device (IN to H) Maximum leakage through input device

Non–tristate input, ON state:

Maximum voltage across input device (IN to H) Maximumswitchcurrent threshold

Tristate input:

OFF, acceptable voltage across input device (IN to H) ON, maximum voltage across input device (IN to H)

Input load network: Resistor to N

Capacitor to H: for blocks BBS100 and BBS101 Capacitor to H: for blocks BBS102 and BBS103

Input processing time (typical)

Selectable input filter times Inputdiagnostics

For AC For DC

60 VRMS 70 VDC

1 mA 2 mA

20 VRMS 35 VDC

6 mA RMS 5 mA

16 VRMS–40 VRMS 16 VDC–35 VDC

4 VRMS 3.5 VDC

13K ohms 13K ohms

.22 f .22 f

.1 f .1 f

2mS + filter 0.8mS  + filter

10 to 100mS in 10mS increments

Open Wire, Overtemperature, Loss of I / O Power, Failed Switch

OutputCharacteristics: Output current (steady state) Maximum inrush current Output Leakage:

Current at 0 volt output: for blocks BBS102 and 103 Current at 0 volt output: for blocks BBS100 and 101 Voltage at open output: for blocks BBS102 and 103 Voltage at open output: for blocks BBS100 and 101

Output switch (OFF to ON / ON to OFF)

Rated switching frequency at maximum inrush Turn–on  delay (maximum)

Voltage drop (at 2 amps)

Voltage drop (at 20 amps inrush) Minimum load (No Load disabled)

Resistive: for blocks BBS102 and BBS103 Resistive: for blocks BBS100 and BBS101 Inductive: for blocks BBS102 and BBS103 Inductive: for blocks BBS100 and BBS101

No Load enabled threshold

Maximum block output current Fusing

Output diagnostics

For AC For DC

2 amps 2 amps resistive 9 (1 amp inductive*)

25 amps (2 cycles) 25 amps (10mS peak)

7 mA 2 mA

13mA 2 mA

65 volts 40 volts

95 volts 40 volts

Zerocrossing –––

Once per second Once per second

0.5 Hz + 1mS 1mS

2.5 volts 2.5 volts

10 volts 10 volts

25 mA 10 mA

30 mA 10 mA

40 mA 10 mA

100mA 10 mA

50 mA 50 mA

15 amps at 35   C, 7.5 amps   at 60C

Internal electronic short circuit trip. 100ms(AC), 10ms (DC) long time trip

Short Circuit, Overload, No Load, Overtemp., Loss of I / O Power.Also,

for blocks BBS100 and BBS 102 only: Failed Switch


Troubleshooting IC660BBS103

Troubleshooting information is available on IC660BBS103's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

Repair your IC660BBS103

PDF Supply can repair your IC660BBS103 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC660BBS103?  Answer:  The IC660BBS103 is a 115 volt AC/125 volt DC, 8 circuit, Isolated I/O Block, without Failed Switch Diagnostics.
  • Question:  What does IC660BBS103 ignore?  Answer:  This block ignores differences between an output's commanded state and the actual state of the block's internal switch. 
  • Question:  What is the isolation rated to withstand?  Answer:  It is rated to withstand 250 VAC/VDC continuous between any group and ground or between any 2 groups. 
  • Question:  What is the transient rating?  Answer:  It is 2000V peak for 10 seconds.
  • Question:  What are some of the features of IC660BBS103 that are up for configuration?  Answer:
    • AC/DC circuit voltage
    • Output Pulse Test capability
    • Selectable Input Filter Time from 10mS to 100mS
    • Output power up defaults
    • Output Hold Last State or default
    • CPU Redundancy type
    • Bus Switching module control
  • Question:  What diagnostic tests does this block perform?  Answer:
    • Over temperature Open Wire for tristate inputs
    • Detection of loss of I/O power on pairs of circuits
    • Overload detection and shutdown
    • No-load detection
  • Question:  What is my next step if my IC660BBS103 is not functioning properly?  Answer:  Your IC660BBS103 may need repair.

For more information on the IC660BBS103 Isolated I/O Blocks without Failed Switch Diagnostic of the GE Fanuc Genius I/O Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.

The final letter in the part number (ex. IC660BBS103K) indicates the revision. Revision K or later use the newer style electronic housing and therefore needs the newer style plastic door and may indicate some compatibility issues with the terminal strip.

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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