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IC660TBA025 In Stock! Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA025 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA PDFsupply also repai

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Common misspellings:
  • 1C660TBA025
  • IC66oTBA025
  • IC660T8A025
  • IC660TBAo25
  • IC660TBA025

The IC660TBA025 is a 24/48 voltage DC current source analog output block of the genius input/output block manufactured by GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc. The Genius block is a modular input-output module. The IC660TBA025 is a part of the terminal assembly components of the block. The terminal assembly is the base of the genius block that hosts all the field wirings and permanent configurations. 

The IC660TBA025 can be connected through its 6 outlets to devices that accept an input between 4 and 20 milliamperes. This output block powers all circuits with no segregation between a 4 or 20 milliampere outputs. The devices give outputs at 25C that is accurate to up to 0.15 percent at a resolution of 6 microamperes.

The user can configure several features of the IC660TBA025. If the block is introduced to a redundant bus system, it operates in a Bus Switching Mode. The user can program the IC660TBA025 to offer a default mode and to offer output feedback checking. Furthermore, configurations can be made to overstep CPU redundancy and to scale circuits to engineering units.

The IC660TBA025 functions to perform checks on any output feedback that dips below 1.5 milliamperes as well as output that is under or over the range, these genius blocks that are compatible with the PCIM and QBIM modules of the Genius Bus Controllers. The power supply characteristics of the IC660TBA025 are between 18 and 56 volts of direct current. It has an upper limit on the current of 250 milli amperes.

The final letter in the part number (ex. IC660TBA025K) indicates the revision. Revision K or later use the newer style electronic housing and therefore needs the newer style plastic door and may indicate some compatibility issues with the terminal strip.

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