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The GE Fanuc Genius I/O product line has reached End Of Life. We maintain a large inventory of GE Genius I/O. Wiring diagrams, troubleshooting videos, and technical specifications are available on our product pages.

General Electric Genius I/O is the GE first distributed I/O system. Blocks such as IC660BBA100,  IC600BBD101, IC660BBS103 IC660BBD120 , 1C660BPM100 interface through the IC693BEM331 IC697BEM731 IC660CBB903 bus controller.

IC660BBD020Genius Block 24/48Vdc Circuit Source I/O Block GE Fanuc PLC IC660 IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD021Block 24/48Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits GENIUS I/O Block GE FANUC PLC IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD022Block 24Vdc Source I/O 16 Circuits GENIUS I/O Block GE FANUC PLC IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD023Block 24Vdc Sink I/O 16 Circuits GENIUS BLOCK I/O GE Fanuc PLC IC6 IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD024Block 12/24Vdc Source I/O 32 Circuits Input/Output GENIUS Block GE IC660 IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD025Block 5/12/24Vdc Sink I/O 32 Circuit Input/Output GENIUS Blocks PLC IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD026Genius Block I/O Input/Output Circuit Block GE FANUC PLC 12/24VDC IC660 IC660B IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD100115Vac I/O Block, 8 Circuit Grouped I/O Genius Block GE Fanuc PLC IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD101Block 115Vac I/O Low Leakage Genius Block GE FANUC PLC IC660 IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD110Block 115Vac Input 16 Circuits GENIUS Block Input Module GE PLC IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBD120Genius I/O Block High Speed Counter PLC HSC BBD120 IC660 Block IC660B IC660BB IC660BBDBuy Now
IC660BBR100Block Relay Output Normally Closed Relays 16 Circuits GENIUS Block IC660B IC660BB IC660BBRBuy Now
IC660BBR101Block Relay Output Block Normal Open Relay GE Fanuc GENIUS I/O IC660B IC660BB IC660BBRBuy Now
IC660BBS100115Vac/125Vdc Isolated I/O Block, 8 Circuit GE Fanuc GENIUS I/O PLC IC660 IC660BB IC660BBSBuy Now
IC660BBS101115Vac/125Vdc Isolated Block Inputs and Outputs GENIUS BlockBuy Now
IC660BBS102GENIUS Block 115Vac/125Vdc Isolated I/O diagnostic checks GE PLC IC660B IC660BB IC660BBSBuy Now
IC660BBS103Block 115Vac/125Vdc Isolated I/O Blocks GENIUS GE Fanuc PLC IC66 IC660B IC660BB IC660BBSBuy Now
IC660BBS104Genius Block GE Fanuc PLC I/O Input/Output Systems Blocks Power Hand Held Pack IC660BBSBuy Now
IC660BRD02024/48 VDC Source BlockBuy Now
IC660BRD024GENIUS Block DC GMR 32 Circ Source I/O Block Current field output GE FANUC IC660 IC660BRDBuy Now
IC660BRD025DC GENIUS BLOCK GMR 32PT SOURCE/SINK Block 24VDC Receive current from output field IC6Buy Now
IC660EBD020GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD020 (EBD Only) 24/48Vdc Source IC660E IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD021GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD021 (EBD Only) 24/48Vdc Sink I/O IC660 IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD024GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD024 (EBD Only) 12/24Vdc Source IC660 IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD025GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD025 (EBD Only)12/24Vdc Sink I/O IC660 IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD100GENIUS Ph B 115Vac 8 CKT Electronic Assembly for BBD100 (EBD Only) IC660E IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD101GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD101 (EBD Only) 115VAC I/O LL IC660E IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD110GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD110 (EBD Only) 115Vac 16 circuit IC660 IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBD120GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBD120 (EBD Only) High Speed Counter IC6 IC660EB IC660EBDBuy Now
IC660EBR100GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBR100 (EBR Only) Relay Output Norm IC66 IC660EB IC660EBRBuy Now
IC660EBR101GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBR101 (EBR Only) Block Relay Outp IC660E IC660EB IC660EBRBuy Now
IC660EBS101GENIUS Ph B 115Vac/125Vdc for BBS101 (EBS Only) 115VAC/125VDC Iso IC660E IC660EB IC660EBSBuy Now
IC660EBS102GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBS102 (EBS Only) GE IC660BBS102 IC660E IC660EB IC660EBSBuy Now
IC660EBS103GENIUS Electronic Assembly for BBS103 (EBS Only) GE IC660BBS103 IC660E IC660EB IC660EBSBuy Now
IC660TBD022GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBD Only) TBD022 for IC660BBD022 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBDBuy Now
IC660TBD023GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBD Only) TBD023 for IC660BBD023 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBDBuy Now
IC660TBD024GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBD Only) TBD024 for IC660BBD024 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBDBuy Now
IC660TBD025GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBD Only) TBD025 for IC660BBD025 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBDBuy Now
IC660TBD110GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBD Only) TBD110 for IC660BBD110 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBDBuy Now
IC660TBD120GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBD Only) TBD120 for IC660BBD120 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBRBuy Now
IC660TBR100GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBR Only) TBR100 for IC660BBR100 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBRBuy Now
IC660TBR101GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TBR Only) TBR101 for IC660BBR101 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBRBuy Now
IC660TSD020GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TSD Only) TSD020 for IC660BBD020 IC660T IC660TS IC660TSDBuy Now
IC660TSD021GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TSD Only) TSD021 for IC660BBD021 IC660T IC660TS IC660TSDBuy Now
IC660TSD100GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TSD Only) TSD100 for IC660BBD100/101 IC6 IC660TS IC660TSDBuy Now
IC660TSS100GENIUS Terminal Assembly for (TSS Only) TSS100 for IC660BBS100/101 IC66 IC660TS IC660TSSBuy Now

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