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The GE Fanuc Emerson Genius I/O product line has reached End Of Life. We maintain a large inventory of GE Genius I/O. Wiring diagrams, troubleshooting videos, and technical specifications are available on our product pages.

The GE Fanuc Emerson Genius I/O product line has reached End Of Life. We maintain a large inventory of GE Genius I/O. Wiring diagrams, troubleshooting videos, and technical specifications are available on our product pages.

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About GE Fanuc Genius IO
Genius I/O system are not the typical rack mounted I/O modules. Genius blocks are self-contained, Highly configurable, and highly intelligent I/O modules that can be installed from any location of the plant to implement an effective distributed I/O architecture.

Genius I/O benefits any user by significantly reducing engineering time and installation costs and promotes faster testing commissioning of the system. It also increases system uptime and makes system easier to maintain. Genius I/O mainly features system design flexibility due to a wide variety of module selection and compatibility, Intelligence via the software configurable channel parameters, Reduced installation costs by eliminating long signal wire runs, advanced diagnostics that may be used as reference for Predictive and reactive systems maintenance and embedded circuit protections that protects the module’s circuitry from common wiring mistakes.

The Genius I/O system is composed of 27 modules, that functions as Discrete Input, Discrete Output, Analog Input and Analog Output modules. Each module is composed of a terminal base and an Electronics assembly, with the module housing made of cast aluminum, having an approximate weight of 4 pounds and dimensions of 9” (22 cm) x 4” (10 cm) x 3” (9 cm).

The Genius I/O systems are primarily intended to act as Distributed I/O modules. With Distributed I/O architecture, Input and Output modules, including specialty modules can be installed away from the PLC CPU. It uses serial-based communication protocol, supporting daisy-chain topology. Data from the Genius I/O modules and commands from the PLC CPU are transmitted back and forth by the Genius Bus controller, which is capable of managing up to 31 devices connected in the same Genius I/O bus.  With Genius I/O, modules can be installed up to 7500 feet away from the controller or computer.

These modules are modular themselves. The terminal base may be removed without the need of dismantling the entire module or modifying the existing terminated wires. Each module supports electronic and mechanical keying that are different from every module, which greatly decreases the possibility human error by installing an incorrect terminal base to a module.   

Genius I/O modules are designed to be installed in enclosures that offers protection according to the environmental condition and area classification it is installed. This provides flexibility of mounting options to the end-user and contributes to a more cost-effective mounting solution. Genius I/O modules may be mounted near the equipment, inside junction boxes, enclosures, within operator stations, and other viable location that protects the modules from dust, dirt, corrosive gasses, high-level of vibration and shock as well as extreme levels of temperature.

Genius I/O modules supports horizontal and vertical mounting orientation however, with reference to heat dissipation, the recommended orientation is vertical mounting. At least 1-1/2 inch (3.84 cm) of space between blocks, and 3 inches (7.62 cm) above and below each block are the standard spacing requirements of Genius I/O modules to ensure adequate air flow.

Genius I/O supports a variety of GE PLC controller platforms including Series 90-70 PLC. Series 90-30 PLC, Series Six and Series Six Plus PLC, Series Five PLC and personal or industrial computers.


  • Highly scalable
  • Highly Intelligent modules
  • Individual module configuration
  • Wide range of module selections suitable for almost any application
  • Wide range of GE PLC Platform supports
  • High Speed data communication rate
  • Eliminates long distance signal wiring
  • Advanced Diagnostics capable
  • Embedded circuit protection
  • Controller Redundancy Support


  • Genius I/O relies on multi-node serial communication
  • Genius bus controller not supporting Ethernet protocol
  • Data is sent in broadcast mode which may affect communication speed and efficiency
  • Relatively low number of modules per segment compared to existing modern protocols
  • Less user friendly protocol
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