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GE Automation and Control RX3i PacSystem was introduced to replace the Series 90-30 PLC system. It uses the same I/O system as the GE Series 90-30 but offers more high speed I/O modules.

Rx3i is GE new PLC platform for factory control

IC694ACC300Input simulator module, 16 points. Rx3i PacSystems ACC300 Module IC694 IC694AC IC694ACCBuy Now
IC694ACC310Rx3i PacSystems Blank filler module GE ACC310 IC694 IC694A IC694ACC IC694ACC3 IC694ACC31Buy Now
IC694ACC311GE Terminal blocks 20 terminal (qty 6) for IC694xx I/O modules only.Buy Now
IC694ALG220Input module, analog 4 point voltage. Rx3i PacSystems GE IC69 ALG220 IC69 IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG221Input module, analog 4 point current Rx3i PacSystems Module GE IC694 IC69 IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG222Input module, analog 16 point single ended/8 channel differential, voltage. IC IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG223Input module, analog 16 point single ended, current. 4 to 20 mA Module IC6 IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG23216-Channel Advanced Analog Voltage Input module provides 16 single-ended or 8 differential input channels. 0 to 10 V (unipolar), -10 to +10V (bipolar) with 16 bit resolution.Buy Now
IC694ALG233RX3i Analog CardBuy Now
IC694ALG390Analog Output module data store in CPU 16-bit 2s complement format IC69 IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG391Output module analog 2 points, current. Voltage 4 to 20 and 0 to 20 mA IC6 IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG392Output module analog 8 points, voltage/current. 0 to +10 voltas (unipolar) IC IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG442Analog combination module current/voltage 4 inputs 2 outputs. Rx3i Pac IC69 IC694AL IC694ALGBuy Now
IC694ALG542RX3i Efficiency combination analog module, 4 in voltage/current and 2 out voltage/current with 16 bit resolution and advanced diagnostics.Buy Now
IC694APU300High speed counter module 80KHZ A B and C type. Rx3i PacSystems GE IC69 IC694AP IC694APUBuy Now
IC694APU305I/O Processor high speed counter for Gray Code Encoder or A QUAD B Encoder. IC694 IC694APUBuy Now
IC694BEM320RX3i Communication Module, I/O Link Interface Module (Slave). Rx3i GE IC69 IC694BE IC694BEMBuy Now
IC694BEM321RX3I Communication Module, I/O Link Interface Module (Master). Rx3i IC694B IC694 IC694BEMBuy Now
IC694BEM331RX3i Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams). Rx3i PacSystems IC69 IC69 IC694BEMBuy Now
IC694BEM340Rx3i PACSystems BEM340 FIP BUS Control Module Rx3i IC694BE IC694 IC694B IC694 IC694BEMBuy Now
IC694BEM341Rx3i PacSystem IC694BEM341 FIP Bus Controller Module PLC BEM341Buy Now
IC694CHS392Rx3i Base Expansion Serial 10 Slots Expansion Baseplate (serial bus only) IC69 IC694CH IC694CHSBuy Now
IC694CHS398Rx3i CHS398 Base Expansion 5 Slots (serial bus only) Baseplate Stand. I/O IC6 IC694CH IC694CHSBuy Now
IC694DNM200DeviceNet Master Module for RX3i. Module can only be located in CPUbase IC694 IC694DNMBuy Now
IC694DSM314MOTION CONTROLLERMODULE 1-2 axis Digital Servo or 1-4 Axis Analog Servo IC694 IC694DSMBuy Now
IC694DSM324DSM324 motion controller module for the RX3i DeviceNet Slave Module IC694 IC694 IC694DSMBuy Now
IC694MDL230Input module, 120 VAC 8 point, isolated per point. RX3i Input 120 VAC 8 Point Isolated IC694MBuy Now
IC694MDL231Input module, 240 VAC 8 point, isolated per point. RX3i Input 240 VAC 8 Point Isolated IC694MBuy Now
IC694MDL240Input module 120 VAC, 16 points. RX3i Input 120 VAC16 Point GE PAC IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL241Input module 24 VAC 16 points.RX3i Input 24 VAC 16 Point GE PAC Sys IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL250120 Vac Isolated Input (16 points). Module requires a terminal block IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL260Input module 120 VAC, 32 points.RX3i Input 120 VAC 32 Point Grouped IC6IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL310Output module, 120 VAC 0.5 amps 12 points. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC6 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL330Output module 120/240 VAC 2amps 8 Points. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL340Output module 120 VAC 0.5 amps 16 Points. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL350120/240 Vac Isolated Output, 2 Amp (16 Points). Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC6 IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL390Output module 120/240VAC 2 amps 5 point isolated. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL632Input module 125 VDC 8 point POS/NEG logic Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC Positive/Negative IC694Buy Now
IC694MDL634Input module 24 VDC 8 point POS/NEG logic. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC6 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL635Input MDL pos/neg Logic 125 VDC 16 pt. Module PACSystems GE PLC Rx3i PACSystems IC694MBuy Now
IC694MDL645Input module 24 VDC 16 point POS/NEG logic. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC MDL645 IC6 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL654Input module 5/12 VDC (TTL) 32 point POS/NEG logic. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL655Input module 24 VDC 32 point Positive/Negative logic Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL658GE INPUT 48 VDC POS/NEG 32PT FAST. Wiring termination is two Fujitsu connectors.Buy Now
IC694MDL660RX3i 24VDC Input Module 32 point. GE Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC MDL660 IC IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL730GEIP Output Module 12/24 VDC 2AMPS * Points Positive LogicBuy Now
IC694MDL732Output module 12/24 VDC 0.5 amps 8 points, positive logic. MDL732 I IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL734Output module 125VDC 1 amp 6 points isolated POS/NEG logic GE PLC IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL740Output module 12/24 VDC 0.5 amps 16 points, positive logic.MDL740 IC69 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL741Output module 12/24 VDC 0.5 amps 16 points, negative logic. GE PLC IC6 IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL742Output module 12/24VDC, 1 amp 16 point positive logic ESCP protection. IC69 IC69 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL752Output module 5/24VDC (TTL) 0.5 amp 32 point negative logic. GE PLC IC694 IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL753Output module, 12/24VDC POS logic, 32 point Interface uses Fujitsu connector IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL75412/24VDC Output (0.75 amps/point)Module 32 point Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL758Output Module, 12/24VDC, 0.5A, 32-Point Grouped, with ESCP per Group. IC694M IC694MD IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL916Relay Output module, normally closed and Form C, 4 amp isolated, 16 points IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL930Output module, relay 4 amp, 8 point isolated per point Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC69 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL931Output module, relay 8 amp form B and C; 8 point isolated Rx3i PACSystems IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694MDL940Output module, relay 2 amp 16 point, non isolated. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694MDLBuy Now
IC694PSK001Power Sync and Measurement Kit Qty: 1 GE Fanuc PLC Rx3i PacSystems PSK001Buy Now
IC694PSM001Rx3i Power Sync and Measurement System - GE Rx3i PACSystems PSM001Buy Now
IC694PWR321Power Supply 120/240 VAC 125 VDC Standard Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694P IC694 IC694PWRBuy Now
IC694PWR330Power Supply 120/240 Vac 125 Vdc High Capacity Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694PWRBuy Now
IC694PWR331Power Supply 24 Vdc High Capacity. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC PWR331IC69 IC694PW IC694PWRBuy Now
IC694TBB032Box Style High Density Terminal Block - 36 Connections Terminal Block IC694T IC694TB IC694TBBBuy Now
IC694TBB132Box Style High Density Terminal Block Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694TBB IC69 IC694TB IC694TBBBuy Now
IC694TBS032Spring Clamp Style High Density Terminal Block - 36 Connections GE PLCIC69 IC694TB IC694TBSBuy Now
IC694TBS132Spring clamp style High Density Terminal Block with extended depth IC694T IC694TB IC694TBSBuy Now
IC695ACC302Battery Packfor Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC ACC302 IC6 IC695A IC695AC IC695ACC IC695ACC302Buy Now
IC695ACC400Rx3i Energy Pack for CPE305 and CPE310 CPU's Rx3i PacSystems ACC400 CPU Energy PackBuy Now
IC695ACC402Rx3i Energy PAC for CPU IC695CPE330 Provides RAM Memory back up for ~5 yearsBuy Now
IC695ACC412IC695ACC412-AA RX3i Replacement Cap Pack IC695CPK330 IC695CPE330Buy Now
IC695ACC600GE RX3i Cold Junction Compensation Kit for Universal Analog Input IC695ALG600Buy Now
IC695ACC650The conversion rack provides a solution for converting an existing Series 90-70 system to PACSystems RX3i, minimizing outage time for installation.Buy Now
IC695ACC651GE Intelligent Platforms RX3iBuy Now
IC695ALG106Isolated Analog module, 6 individual isolated channels Voltage/Current IC69 IC695AL IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG112Isolated Analog module, 12 individual isolated channels Voltage/Current IC69 IC695AL IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG306Rx3i Isolated Thermocouple Input Module (provides six isolated differential thermocouple) IC69Buy Now
IC695ALG312GE IP Isolated Thermocouple Input module 12 INPUTS Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695ALG IC695Buy Now
IC695ALG412GE IP High Speed 12 channel isolated thermocouple module Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG508GE IP RX3i Isolated RTD Input module Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695A IC695ALG5 IC695ALG50Buy Now
IC695ALG608Analog Input module, 8 channels single ended, 4 channels differential IC69 IC695AL IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG616Analog Input module, 16 channels single ended, 8 channels differential IC695 IC695AL IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG626Analog Input HART module, 16 channels single ended, 8 channels differential IC695 IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG628Analog Input HART module, 8 channels single ended, 4 channels differential GE IC695 IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG704Analog Output Module, 4 channels,that is configurable Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC69 IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG708Analog Output Module, 8 channels,that is configurable Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695 IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG728Analog Output HART Module, 8 channels,that is configurable Rx3i GE PLC IC6 IC695AL IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695ALG808Isolated Analog Output Module, 8 channels, that is configurable GE PLC IC69 IC695AL IC695ALGBuy Now
IC695CBL001Rx3i Energy Pack Cable CBL001Buy Now
IC695CEP001PACSystems RX3i CEP Carrier interfaces a remote node of one RX3i IO module to a PROFINET IO Local Area Network (LAN).Buy Now
IC695CHS007Rx3i I/O Rack Universal Backplane Seven Slot PCI-based IC69 IC695CHS007 IC695CHS0 IC695CHSBuy Now
IC695CHS012RX3i 12 slot universal base Rx3i Universal Backplane Twelve Slot Base GE IC6 IC695CH IC695CHSBuy Now
IC695CHS016RX3i 16 universal modules slots base Universale Backplane Sixteen Slot IC69 IC695CH IC695CHSBuy Now
IC695CMM002RX3i serial communications module. Two isolated RS-232/485 port. IC69 IC695CM IC695CMMBuy Now
IC695CMM004RX3i serial communications module. Four isolated RS-232/485 port. IC69 IC695CM IC695CMMBuy Now
IC695CMU310RX3i Redundant High Availability CPU with two built-in serial ports Supports the Max-ON IC695CBuy Now
IC695CMX128Rx3i PACSystems Control Memory Xchange Module GE PLC CMX128 Single Slot IC695CMX IC695Buy Now
IC695CNM001GE Intelligent PlatformsBuy Now
IC695CPE302CPU with Energy PackBuy Now
IC695CPE305RX3I Central Processing Unit CPU SINGLE SLOT W/ ETHERNET Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695CPEBuy Now
IC695CPE310Central Processing Unit CPU WITH ETHERNET Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC6 IC695CPE CPE310Buy Now
IC695CPE330Dual Core 1G Controller CPU Requires and Energy PAC for RAM memory backup with no power to system.Buy Now
IC695CPE400GE Rx3i Optimizing Controller Industrial Internet Control System CPU CPE400Buy Now
IC695CPK330GE IP Rx3i PacSystems CPU with Energy Pack CPK 330Buy Now
IC695CPK400IC695CPK400 (CPU with Energy PackBuy Now
IC695CPU310300Mhz CPU with 10Meg of memory 2 SERIAL PORTS (occupies two slots on system base) IC695Buy Now
IC695CPU3201Ghz CPU with 64Meg of memory 2 SERIAL PORTS (occupies two slots on system base) IC695CPBuy Now
IC695CRH00390-70 MDL250 to RX3i MDL260 Harness AssemblyBuy Now
IC695CRH01790-70 MDL341 to RX3i MDL350 Harness AssemblyBuy Now
IC695CRU320New RX3i 1Ghz Redundancy CPU With Two Serial Ports In Stock! Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695Buy Now
IC695ECM850PACSystems RX3i IE IEC 61850 Ethernet Communication ModuleBuy Now
IC695EDS001GE IP Ethernet DNP3 Slave/Outstation Module Rx3i PACSystems DNP3 Ethernet OutstationBuy Now
IC695EIS001PACSystems RX3i IEC60870-5-104 Ethernet ServerBuy Now
IC695ETM001Ethernet module 10/100 Mbits 2 RJ45 connections one IP address GE PLC IC695 IC695 IC695ETMBuy Now
IC695GCG001RX3i GENIUS Communications GatewayBuy Now
IC695HSC304RX3i High Speed Counter, 4 channels. 8 configurable inputs and 7 configurable IC695 IC695HSCBuy Now
IC695HSC308RX3i High Speed Counter, 8 channels. 16 configurable inputs and 14 configurable ESCP outputs.Buy Now
IC695LRE001RX3i Local Expansion Module Occupies no system slots on base GE PLC IC695 IC695PB IC695PBSBuy Now
IC695MDL664Rx3i PACSystems Smart Digital Input Module GE PLC MDL664 IC6 IC695M IC695MD IC695MDLBuy Now
IC695MDL765Smart Digital Output Module Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC MDL765 IC695 IC69 IC695MD IC695MDLBuy Now
IC695NIU001RX3i NIU with two serial ports and 20K of local logic Rx3i PACSystems GE NIU001 IC69 IC695NIUBuy Now
IC695NKT001RX3i Ethernet NIU Kit includes NIU (IC695NIU001) and Ethernet module (IC695ETM001). IC695NBuy Now
IC695NKT002RX3i Ethernet NIU Kit with two Ethernet modules Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC69 IC695 IC695NKTBuy Now
IC695PBM300RX3i PROFIBUS Master Module (must be installed on RX3i PCI bus). GE PLC IC69 IC695 IC695PBMBuy Now
IC695PBS301RX3i Profibus Slave module supports V1 functionality Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695PB IC695PBuy Now
IC695PMM355PACMotion 4-axis servo motion controller for RX3iBuy Now
IC695PNC001Rx3i Profinet Controller Module High Speed PROFINET Local Area Network IC695PNC IC695PNCBuy Now
IC695PNS001GE PLC Rx3i PacSystem Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC695PNS001 IC695PNS00 IC695PNS0 IC695PBuy Now
IC695PSA040RX3I Power supply 120/240VAC and 125VDC 40 watts occupies two slots on system base IC695PBuy Now
IC695PSA140120/240VAC, 125VDC Multipurpose Power Supply PSA140 Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC RX3I IC695PBuy Now
IC695PSD040RX3i 24VDC power supply, 40 watts Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC PSD040 IC695P IC695PS IC695PSDBuy Now
IC695PSD140Multipurpose Power Supply is suitable for use in load-sharing and redundancy application IC695Buy Now
IC695RMX228Rx3i Control Memory Exchange PLC GE IPBuy Now
IC695SPC100GE Intelligent Platforms RX3iBuy Now
IC695SPF002GE Intelligent Platforms, RX3iBuy Now
IC695SPF0101000 Base LX SFP Rx3i PacSystems PLCBuy Now
IC695STK001GE RX3i Power PACkage 1 Starter Kit includes RX3i with software.Buy Now

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