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RX3i CEE001 Accessory

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GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc - RX3i PacSystem - IC694CEE001

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Product Description

The IC694CEE001 is a single-slot RX3i carrier/expansion module manufactured by GE. It comes equipped with integrated PROFINET network interface and redundant 24 VDC power supply inputs. IC694CEE001 uses existing, advanced RX3i or Series 90-30 I/O with superior availability for optimum uptime and extreme flexibility to reduce operating costs. IC694CEE001 protects critical applications in which any single point of failure impacting more than one I/O module is unacceptable. 

The IC694CEE001 carrier interfaces a remote node, consisting of one RX3i I/O module to a PROFINET I/O Local Area Network (LAN), and attaches to the RX3i CEP001 carrier. This allows the option to add one additional RX3i IC694 I/O module to the remote node.

The IC694CEE001 carrier’s main remote I/O functions include scanning all the modules within the remote node (input and output scan); publishing data on the PROFINET network to a PROFINET IO-Controller at a user-specified production period; receiving data from a PROFINET IO-Controller on the PROFINET network based on a customer-determined production timeframe; monitoring PROFINET communication and module configuration between a PROFINET I/O-Controller and modules within the remote node; managing the state of the I/O when communication is lost; and publishing fault info (e.g., alarms and diagnostics) to the controller.

Note: The USB port is designated only for firmware upgrades. It should not be used for permanent connection. The CEP carrier requires a user-supplied +24 VDC power source.

Technical Information


PROFINET support

PROFINET  Version 2.3 Class A IO-Device



RX3i Controller version required

CPU320/CPU315 Primary Firmware Release 8.95 or later CPU320/CPU315 Boot Firmware Release 5.10 or later CPE310/CPE305 Primary Firmware Release 8.95 or later CPE310/CPE305 Boot Firmware Release 7. 10 or later CRU320 Primary Firmware Release 8.95

CRU320 Boot Firmware Release 5.10 or later

IC695PNC001 PROFINET  IO-controller  with firmware version 2.26 or later

RXi Controller version required

RXi Controller, ICRXICTL000, with firmware version 7.80 or later is compatible with CEP001 up to version 2.01, but is not compatible with CEP001 version 2.30.

Proficy Machine Edition version required

Version 8.6 with SIM 3 or later

Power requirements1

IC695CEP001: 5.25W (0.22 A) at 24 Vdc with or without Expansion Carrier (IC694CEE001) DC power supply input range: 19.2 to 30 Vdc

Module dimensions

177.2 x 51 x 35 mm (6.98” x 2.01” x 1.38”). Same for CEP001 and CEE001.

Operating  temperature

0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F) maximum surrounding air temperature

Number of Ethernet port connectors

IC695CEP001: Two RJ-45 10/100Base-TX receptacles IC694CEE001: None

USB connector (for firmware upgrades)

IC695CEP001: One Micro-B connector. USB 2.0 compliant running at full-speed (12 MHz) in  device mode

IC694CEE001: None

PNS status and control bits

32 input status bits and 32 output control bits

I/O data update on the PROFINET LAN

Configurable: 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms, 16ms, 32ms, 64ms, 128ms, 256ms and 512ms

Number of IP addresses

One; supports Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

Number of MAC addresses

Three; one per external port and one internal. External MAC addresses are only used for specialized Ethernet protocols such as MRP or LLDP.



I/O station maximum limits


Number of I/O modules per  station



IC695CEP001  with IC694CEE001:



I/O data per station

1024 bytes total

512 bytes of input data

512 bytes of output data



Configured using Proficy Machine Edition when used with a PACSystems RX3i PROFINET Controller module as part of an RX3i High-speed I/O LAN system.

V2.3 GSDML file available for import into 3rd-Party  tools.


 Coming soon

 Coming soon



Firmware Release








Oct 2016

Added support for the Remote Get HART Device Information COMMREQ. Information from a HART device connected to an RX3i Analog Module in an IC695CEP001 RX3i CEP Carrier may be read into the user application using the Remote Get HART Device

Information COMMREQ.



Dec 2015

Added support for additional I/O Modules (refer to the section

Supported I/O Modules)



June 2015

Added support for additional I/O Modules (refer to the section

Supported I/O Modules)



June 2015

Added support for additional I/O Modules (refer to the section

Supported I/O Modules) and for HART pass through functionality.






Nov 2014

Added Hot-standby CPU redundancy using PROFINET I/O and support for additional RX3i I/O modules: IC695ALG112,

IC695ALG600, and IC694PSM001



Jan 2014

Initial release

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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