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RX3i CPU320 CPU Processor

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Technical Specifications for IC695CPU320

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesRX3i PACSystems
Part NumberIC695CPU320
Product TypeCPU
ProcessorCeleron M
Processor Speed1 Gigahertz
Operating Temperature0 to 60 degrees Celsius
12-Slot BackplanesSupported
16-Slot BackplanesSupported

Product Description

The IC695CPU320 is a Central Processing Unit from the GE Fanuc PACSystems RX3i Series. The IC695CPU320 has an Intel Celeron-M  microprocessor rated for 1 GHz, with 64 MB of user (random access) memory and 64 MB of flash (storage) memory. RX3i CPUs are programmed and configured to control machines, processes, and material handling systems in real time.


The IC695CPU320 has a pair of independent serial ports built into its chassis. Each of the two serial ports occupies a slot on the system base. The CPU supports SNP, Serial I/O, and Modbus Slave serial protocols. In addition, IC695CPU320  has a dual backplane design with bus support for RX3i PCI and a 90-30-style serial bus. Like other CPUs in the Rx3i product family, IC695CPU320 provides automatic error checking and correction.  


IC695CPU320 uses Proficy Machine Edition, the development environment common to all GE Fanuc controllers. Proficy Machine Edition is made for creating, running and diagnosing operator interface, motion and control applications. 


Eight indicator LEDs on the CPU help with troubleshooting. Each LED answers to a separate function, except for the two LEDs labeled COM 1 and COM 2, which belong to different ports rather than to different functions. The other LEDs are CPU OK, Run, Outputs Enabled, I/O Force, Battery, and Sys Flt -- which is an abbreviation for "system fault." The I/O Force LED indicates whether Override is active on a bit reference. When the Outputs Enabled LED is lit, then output scan is enabled. Other LED labels are self-explanatory. Both the LEDs and the serial ports are clustered on the front of the device for the easy visibility.

Technical Specifications

Processing Speed: 1 GHz
CPU Memory: 20 Mbytes
Floating Point: Yes
Serial Ports: 2
Serial Protocols: SNP, Serial I/O, Modbus Slave
Embedded Comms:   RS-232, RS-486


The IC695CPU320 module from GE Fanuc is an RX3i PACSystems CPU module that is made for the RX3i PACSystems PLCs. It has the capacity to support 512 program blocks and each of these program blocks can be up to 128 KB in size. The IC695CPU320 CPU module comes with a Celeron M processor that can operate at a maximum speed of 1 Gigahertz. This CPU also features 64 MB of RAM as well as 64 MB of NVRAM. It is intended to operate in an ambient temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. When it is installed in the RX3i PACSystems PLC, the IC695CPU320 CPU module can be installed in either a 12-slot backplane or a 16-slot backplane. It can be customized with a variety of accessories.


The accessories that are compatible with the GE Fanuc RX3i PACSystems IC695CPU320 CPU module for specific applications include RS-232 communication cables, lithium batteries, auxiliary battery modules, standard power supplies, and multifunctional power supplies. The IC695CPU320 CPU module is capable of executing 1000 Boolean instructions in a span of only 0.047 milliseconds. It can communicate with different modules in the RX3i PACSystems PLC through the SNP protocol, the Serial I/O protocol, and through the Modbus RTU slave protocol. This CPU can be connected to and monitored through an HMI device, also known as a human-machine interface device. The RX3i PACSystems IC695CPU320 CPU module can draw 1.2 Amps of current from the backplane at 5 Volts DC backplane voltage and 1 Amp of current at 3.3 Volts DC backplane voltage.

Technical Information

CPU Performance

For CPU320 performance data, refer to Appendix A of the PACSystems CPU Reference Manual, GFK-2222W or later.

Battery: Memory retention

For battery selection, installation and estimated life, refer to the PACSystems RX3i and RX7i Battery  Manual,  GFK-2741

Program storage

Up to 64 MB of battery-backed RAM

64 MB of non-volatile flash  user memory

Power requirements

+3.3 Vdc: 1.0 Amps nominal

+5 Vdc: 1.2 Amps  nominal

Operating Temperature

0 to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)

Floating point


Time of Day Clock accuracy

Maximum drift of 2 seconds per day

Elapsed Time Clock (internal timing) accuracy

0.01% maximum

Embedded communications

RS-232, RS-485

Serial Protocols supported

Modbus RTU Slave, SNP, Serial I/O


Dual backplane bus support: RX3i PCI and high-speed serial bus

PCI compatibility

System designed to be electrically compliant with PCI 2.2 standard

Program blocks

Up to 512 program blocks. Maximum size for a block is 128KB.


%I and %Q: 32Kbits for discrete

%AI and %AQ: configurable up to 32Kwords

%W: configurable up to the maximum available user RAM Symbolic: configurable up to 64 Mbytes


Troubleshooting IC695CPU320

Troubleshooting information is available on IC695CPU320's website page; it also includes a datasheet, a user manual, and a wiring diagram.


Repair your IC695CPU320

PDF Supply can repair your IC695CPU320 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC695CPU320?  Answer:  The IC695CPU320 is a 1 GHz CPU Microprocessor from the GE Fanuc RX3i Series. 
  • Question:  How many serial ports does IC695CPU320 have?  Answer:  This CPU has 2 independent, on-board serial ports, accessed by connectors on the front of the module. 
  • Question:  What do ports 1 and 2 provide?  Answer:  They provide serial interfaces to external devices. Either port can be used for firmware upgrades. 
  • Question:  What does the CPU OK LED mean when its lit?  Answer:
    • It indicates the CPU has passed its power up diagnostics and is functioning properly.*
      • *After initialization sequence is complete.
    • When it is off, it means there is a CPU problem. RUN and OUTPUTS ENABLED LEDs may be blinking in an error code pattern, which can be used by technical support for troubleshooting. This condition and any error codes should be reported to your technical support representative. 
  • Question:  What does it mean when the CPU OK, OUTPUTS ENABLED, and RUN LEDs are blinking in unison?  Answer:  It indicates the CPU is in boot mode and is waiting for a firmware update through a serial port. 
  • Question:  What does the blinking OK LED indicate?  Answer:   When this light is blinking and the other LEDs are off, it means that the CPU is in a stop/halt state. It's possible that it is a watchdog timer fault so refer to the fault tables. If the programmer cannot connect, cycle the power with the battery attached and refer to the fault tables. 
  • Question:  What are some of the features of IC695CPU320?  Answer:
    • Contains 64 Mbytes of battery-backed user memory and 64 Mbytes of non-volatile flash user memory. 
    • Provides access to bulk memory via reference table %W. 
    • Configurable data and program memory.
    • Programming in Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, and C.
    • Supports auto-located Symbolic Variables that can use any amount of user memory.
    • Reference table sizes include 32Kbits for discrete %I and %Q and up to 32K words for each analog %AI and %AQ. 
    • Supports most Series 90-30 modules and expansion racks.
    • Supports up to 512 program blocks. Maximum size for a block is 128KB.
    • Firmware may be upgraded in the field.
    • 2 serial ports- RS-485 serial port and RS-232 serial port.
    • Ethernet communications via the rack-based Ethernet Interface module (IC695ETM001).
    • Time Synchronization to SNTP Time Server on Ethernet network when used with Ethernet Release 5.0 or later module.
  • Question:  What should I do if my IC695CPU320 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your IC695CPU320 may need repair.

For more information on the IC695CPU320 1 GHz CPU Microprocessor of the GE Fanuc RX3i Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.


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