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Product Description

The IC695PNS001 is a PACSystems PROFINET Scanner module from the GE Fanuc RX3i Series. This module connects a remote universal RX3i I/O rack of Series 90-30 or RX3i modules to a PROFINET I/O Controller.  See specifications for this unit on IC695PNS001's website page.

Technical Specifications

Module Type:  PROFINET Scanner
Number of Slots:  1 (single slot)
Backplane Support:  Universal
Protocol Support: PROFINET Media Redundancy
USB Ports:   1 Micro USB for firmware upgrades
Internal Power: 1.2 A @ 3.3VDC, 1.1 A max @ 5 VDC


Technical Information



PROFINET Version 2.3 Class A I/O  Device

Redundantly controlled operation implements PROFINET V2.3 Type S-2 System Redundancy

Proficy Machine Edition Version Required

Version 8.50 SIM 2 or later

Power Requirements

REV-BXXX or later:     3.3 Vdc

0.6 A with no SFP devices  installed

1.3 A maximum (two SFP devices installed,

0.35A per SFP)

REV-AXXX:      3.3 Vdc

1.2 A with no SFP devices  installed

1.9 A maximum (two SFP devices installed,

0.35A per SFP)

REV-BXXX or later:     5Vdc:   0.7 A maximum

REV-AXXXX:     5Vdc: 1.1 A maximum

Operating Temperature Range

REV-BXXX or later: -25°C to 60°C Derated to 57°C:

If 100MB Fiber SFPs installed, or

If Copper SFPs operating at 1GB

REV-AXXX:      0°C to 60°C

Derated to 57°C:

•  If 100MB Fiber SFPs installed, or

•  If Copper SFPs operating at 1GB

Number of Port Connectors

Two RJ-45 and Two SFP Cages      (SFP devices  not  included, available separately)

FW Upgrade Connector

REV-BXXX: One RJ-45 Ethernet connector on front panel

REV-AXXX:   One USB connector  on front panel

SD Card

Supports SD and SDHC cards.

PNS001 Status and Control Bits

32 input status bits and 32 output control bits

PROFINET I/O production rate (I/O Update Rate)

Configurable selections:   1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms, 16ms, 32ms, 64ms, 128ms, 256ms or 512ms

Number of IP addresses

REV-BXXX:     Two

One for PROFINET ports.

One for front panel port. Supports Classless Inter-Domain  Routing (CIDR)

REV-AXXX:    One

One for PROFINET ports.

Number of MAC Addresses


One front panel port, one for each of the four external ports,  and one internal port.


One for each of the four external ports, and one internal port.

I/O Station Maximum Limits

Number of I/O Modules per station

Number of backplane slots minus one for PNS001 and at least one for a power supply

I/O data per station

2880 bytes total

1440 bytes of input data 1440 bytes of output data


V2.3  GSDML  file  is  available  on  the  Support  website for  download and import into Proficy Machine Edition. The GSDML supporting a firmware release is part of the firmware upgrade kit  available on  the Support website.


Troubleshooting IC695PNS001

Troubleshooting information is available on IC695PNS001's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.


Repair your IC695PNS001

PDF Supply can repair your IC695PNS001 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC695PNS001?  Answer:  The IC695PNS001 is a PACSystems PROFINET Scanner module from the GE Fanuc RX3i Series.
  • Question: What does IC695PNS001 do?  Answer:  This module connects a remote universal RX3i I/O rack of Series 90-30 or RX3i modules to a PROFINET I/O Controller. 
  • Question:  What does this scanner do after connecting the modules to a controller?  Answer:  IC695PNS001 scans the modules in its rack, retrieving data and providing output data. It then exchanges that data on the PROFINET I/O LAN at the configured production rate.
  • Question:  What does IC695PNS001 manage?  Answer:  This module manages PROFINET communication and module configuration between an I/O Controller and module in the remote rack. If network communications are lost, the PNS manages I/O states according to the individual module configurations.
  • Question:  What are some features of IC695PNS001?  Answer: 
    • Programming and configuration services for all supported Series 90-30 and RX3i I/O modules using Proficy Machine Edition. 
    • Support for daisy-chain/line, star, or ring (PROFINET Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)) topologies.
    • 4 switched Ethernet ports- two 8-conductor RJ-45 shielded twisted pair 10/100/1000 Mbps copper interfaces and 2 Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) cages for user-supplied SFP devices.
    • The network can include media interfaces of more than one type.
    • Support for transfer of I/O Device Name to another PNS module using an SD card. This eliminates the need to connect a configuration tool, such as Proficy Machine Edition when replacing a module. 
    • A USB port for field updates of firmware using WinLoader. 
      • *Note: The USB port is for firmware upgrades only. It is not intended for permanent connection. 
  • Question:  What does IC695PNS001 support?  Answer:  10/100/1000 Mbps Copper, 100/1000 Mbps multi-mode Fiber, and 100/1000 Mbps single-mode Fiber
  • Question:  What should I do if my IC695PNS001 is not working properly? Answer:  Your IC695PNS001 may need repair.

For more information on the IC695PNS001 PACSystems PROFINET Scanner Module of the GE Fanuc RX3i Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.

Release History


Firmware Revision





Aug 2017

Addresses issue with SDcard communication on some assemblies.



Feb 2017

New hardware platform with new layout of front panel LEDs and Ethernet connector replaces front panel USB for firmware update. Firmware not compatible with previous hardware revisions (-AXXX).

IC695PNS001-BABA is Achilles Level 1 Certified.



Jun 2016

Added support for the Remote Get HART Device Information COMMREQ. Information from a HART device connected to an RX3i Analog Module in an IC695PNS001 RX3i PROFINET Scanner may be read into the user application

using the Remote Get HART Device Information COMMREQ.



Nov 2015

Added support for additional RX3i I/O modules (ALG106, ALG312, ALG314, ALG608, ALG628, ALG704, and MDL758)



May 2015

Added support for HART® Pass Through feature set using HART-capable RX3i Analog modules. Also added support for I/O Module Version information via

Explore PROFINET Networks in PME.



Jun 2014

Added support for IC695ALG600 (Universal Analog Input Module) and IC694PSM001 (Power and Sync Measurement Module).



Apr 2014

Added support for IC695HSC308 (High-speed Counter – 8 Counters). Resolution of ALG508, ALG616, and ALG708 modules larger configuration causing an IOC Software - Module Firmware Fault when more than three

were placed in a PNS001 rack.



Mar 2014

Added PROFINET System Redundancy (S2 NAP – supports Redundant connections from two IO Controllers).

Resolution of PROFINET connection losses and RX3i PNS001 connection issues, described below.

Added support for additional RX3i I/O modules (ALG112, ALG626 (No HART),

ALG728 (No HART), and ALG808)



Nov 2013

Resolution to Analog Output Anomaly issue, described in PACSystems RX3i PROFINET Scanner IPI, GFK-2738D.





Support for additional RX3i I/O modules (MDL664, MDL765, ALG508, ALG616,




Jun 2013

Hardware update for improved manufacturability. No changes to features, functions or compatibility



Mar 2013

Initial release.


ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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