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GE-IP RX3i PacSystem

GE-IP RX3i PacSystem
GE Automation & Control Rx3i PacSystem controllers consists of high speed processors, universal backplanes. Contact your local authorized GE Automation & Control distributor for RX3i PAC systems parts.
GE RX3i PacSystemDescriptionStock Level
Input simulator module, 16 points. Rx3i PacSystems ACC300 Module IC694 IC694AC IC694ACCBuy Now
Rx3i PacSystems Blank filler module GE ACC310 IC694 IC694A IC694ACC IC694ACC3 IC694ACC31Buy Now
GE Terminal blocks 20 terminal (qty 6) for IC694xx I/O modules only.Buy Now
16-Channel Advanced Analog Voltage Input module provides 16 single-ended or 8 differential input channels. 0 to 10 V (unipolar), -10 to +10V (bipolar) with 16 bit resolution.Buy Now
RX3i Analog CardBuy Now
RX3i Efficiency combination analog module, 4 in voltage/current and 2 out voltage/current with 16 bit resolution and advanced diagnostics.Buy Now
Rx3i PacSystem IC694BEM341 FIP Bus Controller Module PLC BEM341Buy Now
GE INPUT 48 VDC POS/NEG 32PT FAST. Wiring termination is two Fujitsu connectors.Buy Now
Rx3i Power Sync and Measurement System - GE Rx3i PACSystems PSM001Buy Now
Box Style High Density Terminal Block - 36 Connections Terminal Block IC694T IC694TB IC694TBBBuy Now
Box Style High Density Terminal Block Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694TBB IC69 IC694TB IC694TBBBuy Now
Spring Clamp Style High Density Terminal Block - 36 Connections GE PLCIC69 IC694TB IC694TBSBuy Now
Spring clamp style High Density Terminal Block with extended depth IC694T IC694TB IC694TBSBuy Now
Battery Packfor Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC ACC302 IC6 IC695A IC695AC IC695ACC IC695ACC302Buy Now
Rx3i Energy PAC for CPU IC695CPE330 Provides RAM Memory back up for ~5 yearsBuy Now
IC695ACC412-AA RX3i Replacement Cap Pack IC695CPK330 IC695CPE330Buy Now
GE RX3i Cold Junction Compensation Kit for Universal Analog Input IC695ALG600Buy Now
GE Intelligent Platforms RX3iBuy Now
Rx3i Energy Pack Cable CBL001Buy Now
PACSystems RX3i CEP Carrier interfaces a remote node of one RX3i IO module to a PROFINET IO Local Area Network (LAN).Buy Now
PACSystems RX3i IE IEC 61850 Ethernet Communication ModuleBuy Now
GE IP Ethernet DNP3 Slave/Outstation Module Rx3i PACSystems DNP3 Ethernet OutstationBuy Now
PACSystems RX3i IEC60870-5-104 Ethernet ServerBuy Now
RX3i GENIUS Communications GatewayBuy Now
PACMotion 4-axis servo motion controller for RX3iBuy Now
Rx3i Control Memory Exchange PLC GE IPBuy Now
1000 Base LX SFP Rx3i PacSystems PLCBuy Now
GE RX3i Power PACkage 1 Starter Kit includes RX3i with software.Buy Now
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