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GE-IP RX3i PacSystem

GE-IP RX3i PacSystem
GE Automation & Control Rx3i PacSystem controllers consists of high speed processors, universal backplanes. Contact your local authorized GE Automation & Control distributor for RX3i PAC systems parts.
GE RX3i PacSystemDescriptionStock Level
Power Supply 120/240 VAC 125 VDC Standard Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694P IC694 IC694PWRBuy Now
Power Supply 120/240 Vac 125 Vdc High Capacity Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694PWRBuy Now
Power Supply 24 Vdc High Capacity. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC PWR331IC69 IC694PW IC694PWRBuy Now
RX3I Power supply 120/240VAC and 125VDC 40 watts occupies two slots on system base IC695PBuy Now
120/240VAC, 125VDC Multipurpose Power Supply PSA140 Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC RX3I IC695PBuy Now
RX3i 24VDC power supply, 40 watts Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC PSD040 IC695P IC695PS IC695PSDBuy Now
Multipurpose Power Supply is suitable for use in load-sharing and redundancy application IC695Buy Now
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