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GE Fanuc Emerson | RX3i PacSystem

GE Fanuc Emerson | RX3i PacSystem | Image click here to request a quote

GE Emerson RX3i PacSystem was introduced to replace the Series 90-30 PLC system. It uses the same I/O system as the GE Series 90-30 but offers more high speed I/O modules.

GE Emerson RX3i PacSystem was introduced to replace the Series 90-30 PLC system. It uses the same I/O system as the GE Series 90-30 but offers more high speed I/O modules.

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About GE Fanuc RX3I PacSystem
GE Automation and Controls’ PACSyctems RX3i are Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) products that are designed to meet modern control requirements. This Programmable Controller products from GE are mainly composed of high-speed processors which are embedded with GE’s patented technology that enables faster data throughput.

The PACSyctems RX3i is a Highly scalable, Open architecture Controller platform that uses Two (2) Types of Backplane such as a High-speed Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) backplane that is typically used for new adavanced I/O modules, enabling faster data throughput and Serial Backplane used for serial based modules such as GE Fanuc Series 90/30 modules for simplified migration.

GE’s PACSyctems RX3i Central Processing Units (CPU) are capable of implementing simple to advanced control algorithms and are available in a number of selection with impressive specifications. Theses CPUs include CPE330 embedded with 1 GHz dual core CPU with 64 MB of user memory and embedded Ethernet, CPE305 with 1.1 GHz CPU with 5 MB of user memory with built-in Ethernet, CPE310 1.1 GHz CPU along a 10 MB user memory and embedded Ethernet communication interface, CPU310 that is installed with a 300 MHz CPU with 10 MB of user memory, CPU315 with 1 GHz CPU with 20 MB of user memory, CPU320 that installed with 1 GHz CPU with user memory amounting to 64 MB, CRU320 1 GHz CPU used for Redundant controller configuration with 64 MB of user memory, NIU001 which is a High-speed 300 MHz Ethernet Network Interface Unit, NIU001+ that boasts of 1.1 GHz Ethernet Network Interface Unit.

Aside from the PLC CPU, the GE’s PACSyctems RX3i are compatible with a wide selection of modules such as discrete, analog and specialty modules. These modules may be installed locally along the controller rack or remotely, for implementing distributed I/O architecture.

The PACSyctems RX3i modules support hot insertion and removal feature or Hot Swap feature in both PCI backplane and serial Backplane for new modules and even, migrated I/O modules. 

Configuration and Programming of the PACSyctems RX3i is performed with the use of Proficy Machine Edition (PME) software application. This programming software is the common programming software for the entire PACSyctems RX3i. This programming software is Microsoft Windows operating systems compatible that are built with standard programming tools in a well-defined project view and user-friendly interface. It is also built with test and commission tools, online and offline edits, program comparison tool and supports simplified editing methods such as drag and drop feature. Ethernet enabled controllers are provided with built-in Webserver allowing remote viewing a=of system operation with the use of standard web browsers.   

The PACSyctems RX3i also supports migration of legacy GE Fanuc controller platforms, including the Genius Bus feature by providing a serial bus backplane ideally used for Series 90-30 modules. This enables simplified migration, reduces engineering period and shortens process downtime due to replacement of the controller. 

The PACSyctems RX3i supports implementation of redundant controller configuration, for demanding and critical application. It also added newer type of highly-specific specialty modules such as the Clamp Position module and Injection Position Module.



  • Highly scalable
  • Highly Intelligent modules
  • Individual module parameterization
  • Wide range of module selections suitable for almost any application
  • Embedded Ethernet capability
  • Built-in Webserver functionality
  • Redundancy Support
  • Migration destination of legacy controller platforms
  • Specific support for Series 90-30 modules
  • Wide range of Advanced and High-speed CPUs
  • New highly-specific application and specialty modules



  • Tag Based programming
  • Does not support Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Not an ideal migration platform for Series 90-70

Power Supply 120/240 VAC 125 VDC Standard Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694P IC694 IC694PWR

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Power Supply 120/240 Vac 125 Vdc High Capacity Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC IC694 IC694PWR

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Power Supply 24 Vdc High Capacity. Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC PWR331IC69 IC694PW IC694PWR

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RX3I Power supply 120/240VAC and 125VDC 40 watts occupies two slots on system base IC695P

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IC695PSA140120/240VAC, 125VDC Multipurpose Power Supply PSA140 Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC RX3I IC695PBuy Now

RX3i 24VDC power supply, 40 watts Rx3i PACSystems GE PLC PSD040 IC695P IC695PS IC695PSD

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Multipurpose Power Supply is suitable for use in load-sharing and redundancy application IC695

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