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GE Fanuc Emerson | RX7i

GE Fanuc Emerson | RX7i | Image

GE Emerson Rx7i PACsystem has been scheduled by GE for End Of Life in December 2017. PDF Supply has a large inventory of GE Rx7i. We stock every processor, power supply and I/O module.

GE Emerson Rx7i PACsystem has been scheduled by GE for End Of Life in December 2017. PDF Supply has a large inventory of GE Rx7i. We stock every processor, power supply and I/O module.

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About GE Fanuc RX7i PacSystem
The RX7i PACSystem is part of GE’s Programmable Controller products, particularly the PACSystem controller environment. This series is especially designed for large and more complex applications with support for higher density of I/O points.

This PACSystem series are high-performing Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs), primarily intended to increase plant productivity by increasing machine uptime, openness to allows communication with controller hardware such as 3rd party systems, and Flexibility as this PACsystem series are highly scalable and modular, that supports stand-alone or Distributed I/O architecture.


The RX7i PACSystem is configured using the CIMPLICITY Machine Edition Programming software which features configuration and programming functions as well as commissioning tools such as online editing and I/O forcing. This same programming software may be designed to provide detailed and  advanced diagnostics that may be used by the system maintenance team in performing hardware services.

The RX7i PACSystem features a set of high-performance Controllers that are equipped with Central Processing Units (CPU) that are Intel Celeron based with 300MHz frequency and Pentium III based with 700 mHz frequency. These CPUs enables fast execution of logic and data. This same CPUs are designed in compatibility with an increased memory capacity and newer incoming technologies.

Each RX7i PACSystems controller features an embedded Dual Ethernet communication interface that supports 10/100 mbps transmission speed with auto-negotiation function. These ports functions as auto-sensing switch that may be used for uploading, downloading and establishing online connection to the controller. The same communication ports may also be used to communicate with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Additionally, due to the RX7i PACSystems support for Open connectivity, the same communication port allows integration to 3rd party devices such as OLE for Process Controls (OPC) servers, data bases and analysis software applications. The integrated Ethernet communication port has a built-in webserver which may be used to remotely monitor the RX7i PACSystems remotely with the use of a standard Web Browser.

Not only Ethernet interface but the RX7i PACSystems also comes with Three (3) isolated serial communication channels that supports RS232, RS422 and RS485 communication standard and an RS232 Ethernet station manager serial port. These communication ports and the dual Ethernet interfaces functions independently, allowing simultaneous communication with the port’s communication partners.
The RX7i PACSystem are the ideal migration platform of the Series 90-70 controllers. The RX7i PACSystem supports use of Series 90-70 modules, expansion racks, and Genius communication network, enabling users to protect and maximize control system investments. User logic for Series 90-70 controllers may be directly migrated to the CIMPLICITY programming software that effectively lessens configuration and programming time, eliminating the need to start from scratch.  

The RX7i PACSystem received agency approvals from Certification by Underwriter's Laboratories

to UL508 standard and equivalent CSA C22.2 No 142 - M1987standard and UL1604 standard and equivalent CSA C22.2 No 213-M1987 standard. It also adheres to the Low Voltage Directive

European Safety for Industrial Control Equipment, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive European EMC for Industrial Control Equipment, and Explosive Atmospheres Directive European Safety for Hazardous Locations Equipment Group II, Category 3.


  • Highly scalable
  • Highly Intelligent modules
  • Wide range of Advanced and High-speed CPUs
  • Individual module parameterization
  • Wide range of module selections suitable for almost any application
  • Embedded Ethernet capability
  • Built-in Webserver functionality
  • Redundancy Support
  • Specific support for Series 90-70 modules
  • Ideal Migration Platform for Series 90-70 Controllers



  • Tag Based programming
  • Does not support Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Supports a different type of software, specifically CIMPLICITY Programming software


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IC698ACC701ACC701 Lithium Battery Pack Rx7i CPU Lithium Battery Spare Kit (1) IC698 IC698A IC698ACCBuy Now
IC698CHS009RX7i 9 Slot Rear Mount Rack CHS009 PACSystems Rack for I/O IC698C IC698CH IC698CHSBuy Now
IC698CHS017RX7i 17 Slot Rack Wall (Rear) Mount Rx7i PACSystems CHS017 IC698CH IC698CH IC698CHSBuy Now
IC698CHS109RX7i 9 Slot Rack Front Mount Rx7i PACSystems CHS019 Baseplate IC698 IC698CH IC698CHSBuy Now
IC698CHS117RX7i 17Slot Rack Front Mount Baseplate Rx7i PACSystems CHS117 IC698 IC698CH IC698CHSBuy Now
IC698CHS217RX7i 17 Slot Rack Rear I/O Mount IC698C IC698CH IC698 Baseplate Rx PACSystems CHS217Buy Now
IC698CMX016PACSystems RX7i Control Memory Xchange 16MB Memory CMX016 IC IC698CM IC698CMXBuy Now

RX7i 300mhz CPU with Ethernet 10/100 CPE010 Rx7i PACSystems IC698C IC698CP IC698CPE

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RX7i 700mhz CPU with Ethernet 10/100 Rx7i PacSystems GE PLC IC698 IC698CP IC698CPE

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Rx7i 600 Mhx CPU w/ Ethernet Central Processing Unit Rx7i PACSystems IC698 IC698CPE

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RX7i Pentium M CPU - 1.8Ghz with 64 meg of user memory. Rx7i IC698C IC698CP IC698CPE

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PACSystems RX7i High Availability 700mHz CPU Central Processing IC698 IC698CR IC698CRE

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600mHz CPU, Ethernet, Redundancy Rx7i PACSystems CRE030 IC698C IC698CR IC698CRE

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1.8GHz CPU, Ethernet, Redundancy Rx7i PACSystems CRE040 IC698C IC698CR IC698CRE

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IC698ETM001RX7i Standalone Ethernet Module 10/100 Rx7i PACSystems ETM IC698E IC698ET IC698ETMBuy Now
IC698PSA100RX7i Power Supply 100Watt 85-264VAC Rx7i PACSystems PSA100 IC698 IC698PS IC698PSABuy Now
IC698PSA350RX7i Power Supply 350Watt 85-264VAC Rx7i PACSystems PSA350 IC698 IC698PS IC698PSABuy Now
IC698PSD300RX7i Power Supply 300Watt 24VDC Rx7i PACSystems PSD300 IC698P IC698PS IC698PSDBuy Now

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