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Other Available Revisions for the IC687BEM731 IC687BEM731-AAIC687BEM731-AB

Common misspellings:
  • 1C687BEM731
  • IC6b7BEM731
  • IC6878EM731
  • IC687BEM73l
  • IC687BEM731

Technical Specifications for IC687BEM731

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesSeries 90-70
Part NumberIC687BEM731
Product TypeGenius Bus Controller
Backplane Voltage5 Volts DC
Backplane Current1.3 Amps
LocationPACSystems RX7i or Series 90-70 PLC Racks
Supported CommunicationDatagrams and Global Data Communication
Maximum Supported Devices32 Devices on the Bus
Baud Rate153.6, 38.4, or 6.8 KiloBaud


Product Description

The IC687BEM731 is a Genius Bus Controller manufactured by GE Automation and Controls and is compatible with Series 90-70 or PACSystems RX7i systems. The IC687BEM731 is capable of interfacing with up to 31 additional devices on a single Genius communications bus. This device occupies a single slot on a PLC backplane.


Through the Genius bus, the IC687BEM731 is compatible with several types of devices, including Genius I/O blocks, various other programmable logic controllers, Remote Drops for Series 90-70 systems, Versamax I/O stations, Field Control stations, and several other host devices requiring datagrams and Global data for communications.


Select features of this device include I/O diagnostics, support for redundant systems, datagrams and Global data transmissions, a connection port for a portable monitor, and a serial interface port. With the maximum number of devices connected to the Genius bus, communication channel rates are measured at 153.6 kbaud. The maximum bus length supported is 7500 feet; however, communication rates decrease as bus length increases. The following bus types are supported by the IC687BEM731: Daisy-chain, shielded twisted pair (STP) cables, Twinax cables, and possibly fiber optic cables.


The IC687BEM731 can be installed at any location on the Genius bus; however, performance is improved if the device placement matches the programmed device number. Device numbers for bus controllers are typically 31. To install this device, power down the rack, securely fasten the controller to the backplane, and attach the various bus connections.


To configure the IC687BEM731, use the Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0 software with the second service pack or later. Note: Each device on the Genius bus must be programmed separately either by programming software or Write Configuration COMMREQS.

Technical Specifications

Module Type: Genius Bus Controller
Eff. Data Rate: N/A
No. of channels: 1
Devices:    32 at 153.6 Kbaud
Serial Ports: 1 (Hand Held Monitor Port)
Current Required:  1.3 Amps from Backplane



The GE Fanuc IC687BEM731 Series 90-70 Genius Bus Controller is a bus interface module that is designed for the GE Series 90-70 system or the PASS system RX71 control system. This bus interface module helps to interface a Genius I/O communication bus in addition to up to 32 I/O devices that are connected on the bus to any Series 90-70 or PACSystem RX7i controller. The IC687BEM731 Genius Bus Controller can be used with a wide variety of I/O devices and systems including the Series 90-70 Genius I/O blocks, programmable controllers such as the RX7i, Series 90-70, Series 90-30, Series Six, VersaMax, and Series Five Controllers, Versamax I/O stations, Series 90-70 Remote Drop systems, a wide range of host devices that support Datagrams and Global Data (GD) communication. The IC687BEM731 Genius Bus Controller, like every VME module, is designed to occupy a single slot in any VME-based rack or any standard width backplane.

The GE Fanuc IC687BEM731 Genius Bus Controller’s standard features include built-in I/O device diagnostics, redundant application support, datagrams and global data communication (GBC) support, simplified configuration and control processes via a handheld monitor, and seamless configuration via a user program (Machine Edition Logic Developer service pack 5.0 or later). The IC687BEM731 Genius Bus Controller has 1.3 Amps of maximum backplane power requirements at a 5 Volts DC backplane supply. The IC687BEM731 Genius Bus Controller has configurable baud rates (153.6, 38.4, or 6.8 KiloBaud) over a maximum bus length of 7,500 feet. The IC687BEM731 Genius Bus Controller has a serial bus connector and a handheld monitor control on the front side, and directly above these connectors are 3 status and diagnostic LEDs that show the bus and module status.

Technical Information

  Bus Type

Daisy-chained bus cable; single twisted pair plus shield or Twinax. Fiber optics cable and modems can also be used

  Bus Termination

75, 100, 120, or 150 ohm resistor at both ends of electrical bus cable.

Data Encoding

Each bit is encoded into three dipulses, majority-voted at the receiver to correct any single dipulse errors. A dipulse is an AC code consisting of a positive then negative excursion of voltage. Dipulses are individually sampled to reject low and high frequency interference.


Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) 0 to 460.8 KHz max. (153.6 Kilobaud)



2000 volts Hi-Pot, 1500 volts transient common mode rejection.


60 db

  Related Documents

Series 90-70 Genius Bus Controller User’s Manual, GFK-2017. Genius Analog and Discrete Blocks Manual, GEK-90486-2 Genius I/O System and Communications Manual, GEK-90486-1. Series 90-70 PLC Installation Manual, GFK-0262.

Series 90-70 Remote I/O Scanner User’s Manual.

The PACSystems RX7i Installation Manual, GFK-2223

Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer-PLC Getting Started, GFK-1918

  Devices on the bus

32 devices at 153.6 Kbaud standard, 153.6 Kbaud extended, or 76.8

Kbaud. 16 devices at 38.4 Kbaud.

  Module Current Requirement

1.3 Amps from the backplane +5V supply

  Communications Rates

Configurable: 153.6 Kbaud extended, 153.5 Kbaud standard, 6.8 Kbaud,

38.4 Kbaud

  Maximum Bus Length

7500 feet at 38.4 Kbaud, 4500 feet at 76.8 Kbaud, 3500 feet at 153.6 Kbaud extended, 2000 feet at 153.6 Kbaud, standard. Maximum length at each baud rate also depends on cable type. The Genius System and Communciations Manual provides a complete list of cable types, showing corresponding bus lengths and baud rates.

Greater bus lengths are possible using sections of fiber optics cable with modems.


Troubleshooting IC687BEM731

Troubleshooting information is available on IC687BEM731's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

Repair your IC697BEM731

PDF Supply can repair your IC687BEM731 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


How to Configure IC687BEM731 in 90-70 System


When the customer wants to configure IC687BEM731 module in a 90-70 system, only the module IC697BEM731 could be found in Bus Controller catalog.


The only difference between IC697BEM731 and IC687BEM731 is that the IC697BEM731 is a double-width module and the IC687BEM731 is a single-width module. So the module IC697BEM731 can be selected in the hardware configuration as a workaround to configure IC687BEM731 module.


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC687BEM731?  Answer:  The IC687BEM731 is a Genius Bus Controller module from the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series.
  • Question:  What does IC687BEM731 do?  Answer:  IC687BEM731 serves individual Genius I/O Blocks and other PLCs such as: RX7i, Series 90-70, Series 90-30 and VersaMax, Series Six and Series Five.
  • Question:  How is the configuration completed on IC687BEM731?  Answer:  Configuration is completed on this module and the devices on its bus using Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0 Service Pack 2 or later software.
  • Question:  What are some of the features of IC687BEM731?  Answer:
    • Advanced I/O Diagnostics 
    • Redundancy applications supported
    • Datagrams and Global Data communications
    • Hand Held Monitor port
  • Question:  How many slots does IC687BEM731 occupy?  Answer:  IC687BEM731 occupies a single slot in a VME-type or standard-width PLC backplane.
  • Question:  What should I do if I think there is a problem with my IC687BEM731?  Answer:  Your IC687BEM731 might need repair.

For more information on the IC687BEM731 Bus Controller Module of the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.

Firmware Version 6.0 is available in production IC697BEM731Z, IC697BEM734Z, and IC687BEM731-AB modules and
as an upgrade kit for Bus Controllers in both PACSystems RX7i PLCs and Series 90-70 PLCs. Upgrade Kit 44A286373-
G20 is available at no charge upon request. The upgrade kit is compatible with hardware originally produced as
IC697BEM731B, IC697BEM734B, or IC687BEM731-AA and later.

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