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Product Description

The IC698CHS217 is a rear-mounted, rear I/O access module rack from GE Automation and Controls.
With a total capacity of 17 slots, this rack is capable of accommodating a variety of RX7i CPUs, Series 90-70 modules, and VME devices. Both single and double width devices are supported. Note: Slot zero is reserved for the power supply, and slot one is designated for the CPU. The spacing between each module is 0.8 inches apart (20.3mm). To allow rear access to the I/O pins, an offset bracket is used.


This rack comes with several features such as rear access to backplane modules and support for an optional cooling fan. The IC698CHS217 uses slot sensing for module addressing, so jumpers and DIP switches are not needed. VME64 J2 connectors on the backplane have transfer speeds of 64 bits every cycle. RX7i plug in power supplies are also supported and have the ability to carry higher wattage.


The IC698CHS217 is classified as open equipment; as such, it must be installed in an environment rated IP54 or better. Overall, this rack is 11.15 inches high (283mm), 19 inches wide (483mm), and 8.875 inches deep (225mm). With the rear-mounted cover installed, the height and width remain the same, but the depth changes to 8.97 inches (228mm). M6 machine screws are needed for mounting the IC698CHS217 with rack spacers. If a fan is to be installed, 9 inches (23cm) of additional clearance is needed.


To shield ground RX7i and Series 90-70 modules, ensure all devices are screwed directly to the rack. Some modules also have a grounding clip attached that grounds the device when fully inserted into the rack. To safety ground the modules, connect the studs on the side of the rack to the earth ground using the proper wire.

Technical Specifications

Module Type: Standard Rack
Mounting Location:    Rear
Number of Slots: 17 Single Width, 8 Double Width
Rack Slot Size: 0.8 inch
Dimensions: 11.15 x 19.0 x 8.875 in. (H x W x D)
Power Supply:    RX7i Power Supply in Slot 0


GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Automation RX7i

SKU 2177169  UPC 0847375413215

Part Number: IC698CHS217 / ic698chs217
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC698CHS217 / ic698CHS217
Type: 17 Slot Rear Mount Rack with Rear I/O Access

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Available Revisions:

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1C698CHS217 , GEFIC698CHS217 , CIMIC698CHS217


Number of Slots:

Slots 1 through 17 are 0.8" (20.3mm) wide. (The CPU is installed in slot 1.)

Slot 0 (power supply slot) is 2.4" (61.0mm) wide.

Maximum Current (from RX7i power supplies)

100 watt supply: +5V



350 watt supply: +5V




20 amps  Total output power –100W 2 amps

1 amps

60 amps Total output power – 350W 12 amps

4 amps

I/O References

User configurable with programming/configuration software

Dimensions without rear cover

Height Width Depth (Note that all Series 90-70

11.15"      19.00"        8.875"            modules extend 1.7" (43 mm)

283mm 483mm 225mm beyond front of rack.)

Dimensions with rear cover

Height        Width        Depth        (Note that all Series 90-70 11.15"     19.00"     8.97"     modules extend 1.7" (43 mm) 283mm 483mm 228mm beyond front of rack.)


System designed to support VME64

* For environmental specifications and compliance to standards (for example, FCC or European Union Directives), refer to Appendix A of the PACSystems RX7I Installation Manual, GFK-2223.

Troubleshooting IC698CHS217

Troubleshooting information is available on IC698CHS217's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC698CHS217?  Answer:  The IC698CHS217 is a Standard PACSystems 17-Slot Wall (Rear) Mount Rack with Rear I/O Access from the GE Fanuc RX7i Series.
  • Question:  What is provided with the Rear Access on an IC698CHS217?  Answer:  There are 17 I/O connectors, also spaced on 0.8" centers, on the rear of the rack.  An offset bracket allows access to the rear I/O pins.
  • Question:  How many I/O slots does IC698CHS217 have?  Answer:  15 Single Width or 8 Double Width (plus one for Power Supply)
  • Question:  What must Slot 0 be occupied by in an IC698CHS217?  Answer:  The leftmost slot (Slot 0) must be occupied by an RX7i Power Supply.
  • Question:  What must Slot 1 be occupied by in an IC698CHS217?  Answer:  The Slot 1 position must be occupied by an RX7i CPU, however, the IC698CPE010/020 and IC698CRE020 CPUs with Ethernet daughter card are double-width modules and use slots 1 and 2.
  • Question:  What are some of the additional features of this rack?  Answer: 
    • Provides rear access to the VME64 J2 backplane connectors
    • Provides slot sensing for rack-type I/O modules
    • Provides automatic daisy chaining of interrupt acknowledge and bus grant signals so no blank slot jumpers are required
    • Provides J2 backplane connectors to allow high-speed VME transfers of up to 64 data bits per cycle
    • Accepts plug-in RX7i power supples
    • Supports higher wattage power supply for high-current configurations
    • Supports an optional cooling fan assembly (required for IC698CPE020/CRE020)
  • Question:  What should I do if my IC698CHS217 fails?  Answer:  Your IC698CHS217 may need repair

For more information on the IC698CHS217 Standard PACSystems 17-Slot Wall (Rear) Mount Rack with Rear I/O Access from the GE Fanuc RX7i Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.


Ordering Information


Catalog Number

Rack - 18 slots, rear mount with rear I/O access


Rack Fan Assembly (required for CPE020/CRE020, PSA350), 120 VAC


Rack Fan Assembly (required for CPE020/CRE020, PSA350), 240 VAC


Rack Fan Assembly (required for CPE020/CRE020, PSA350), 24 VDC


Gasketed filler faceplate, single-width


Gasketed filler faceplate, double-width


Note: For Conformal Coat option, or Low Temperature Testing option please consult the factory for price and availability.


Revision History

Part Number




June 2011

Changed part for obsolete rear access connector. For details, see “Important Product Information for this Release” on page 8.


January 2005

Initial release.


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