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Product Description

The IC698CRE020 is a 700 MHz Central Processing Unit with an Intel Pentium III microprocessor manufactured by GE Fanuc for the RX7i Series. This CPU is equipped with Hot Standby Redundancy to allow critical applications to continue operating in case of failure in any single component. A Hot Standby system uses two CPUs. One CPU is the active unit that aggressively controls the process, and the other is a backup unit that is synchronized with the active unit and can take over the process when necessary. To accomplish redundancy, the IC698CRE020 requires a Redundancy Memory Xchange module (RMX) catalogued as IC698RMX016. It is normally configured as a redundancy link in each unit.

The IC698CRE020, like any other RX7i CPU, is installed with a software program configured to initiate and complete specific tasks. Such tasks include controlling the device in real time mode, maintaining general machine processes, and handling materials applications. Additional features of the IC698CRE020 include 10MBs each of battery-backed memory and non-volatile flash memory, access to bulk memory, and user-configurable data and program memory. Auto-located Symbolic Variables are supported as are 90-70 Series discrete and analog I/O. Series 90-70 VME modules are also supported by this CPU.  To avoid the possibility of losing the CPU’s RAM, it is advisable to maintain a routine procedure that involves replacement of the battery pack in due time. The battery is responsible for the overall stability of operations like the calendar clock, data memory, and programs during the absence of power. 

Technical Specifications

Processing Speed: 700 MHz
CPU Memory: 10 Mbytes
Floating Point: Yes
Serial Ports: 3
Serial Protocols: Modbus RTU Slave, SNP, Serial I/O
Embedded Comms:   RS-232, RS-486. Ethernet interface


GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Automation RX7i

SKU 2174001  UPC 0176789445254

Part Number: IC698CRE020 / ic698cre020
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC698CRE020 / ic698cre020
Type: 700mHz Central Processing Unit with Hot Standby Redundancy

Troubleshooting and Product Information for IC698CRE020

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Other IC698CRE020

Available Revisions:

1C698CRE020 , GEFIC698CRE020 , CIMIC698CRE020


Battery Memory retention

For battery selection, installation and estimated life, refer to the PACSystems Controller Battery and Energy Pack Manual, GFK-2741.

Program storage

Up to 10 Mbytes of battery-backed RAM

10 Mbytes of non-volatile flash user memory

Power requirements

+5 VDC: 4.5 Amps nominal

+12 VDC: 0.042 Amps nominal

-12 VDC: 0.008 Amps nominal

Operating temperature

0 to 60°C (32°F to 140°F), fan kit required

Floating point


Boolean execution speed, typical

0.14ms per 1000 Boolean contacts/coils

Time of Day Clock accuracy

Maximum drift of 9 seconds per day

Elapsed Time Clock (internal timing) accuracy

±0.01% maximum

Embedded communications

RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet interface

Ethernet Ports

Embedded auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps half/full duplex Ethernet interface

Serial protocols supported

Modbus RTU Slave, SNP, Serial I/O

VME Compatibility

System designed to support the VME64 standard ANSI/VITA 1

Program blocks

Up to 512 program blocks. Maximum size for a block is 128KB.


%I and %Q: 32Kbits for discrete

%AI and %AQ: configurable up to 32Kwords

%W: configurable up the maximum available user RAM Managed memory (Symbolic and I/O Variables combined): configurable up to 10Mbytes

Error Checking and Correction


Ethernet Interface Specifications

Web-based data monitoring

Up to 16 web server and FTP connections (combined)

Ethernet data rate

10Mb/sec and 100Mb/sec

Physical interface

10BaseT RJ45

WinLoader support


Number of EGD configuration-based pages


Time synchronization


Selective consumption of EGD


Load EGD configuration from RX7i to programmer


Remote Station Manager over UDP


Local Station Manager (RS-232)

Dedicated RS-232 port

Configurable Advanced User Parameters


Troubleshooting IC698CRE020

Troubleshooting information is available on IC698CRE020's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.


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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC698CRE020?  Answer:  The IC698CRE020 is a 700 MHz Central Processing Unit with Hot Standby Redundancy from the GE Fanuc RX7i Series with an Intel Pentium III microprocessor. 
  • Question:  What does Hot Standby CPU Redundancy in an IC698CRE020 do?  Answer:   Hot Standy CPU Redundancy allows a critical application or process to continue operating if a failure occurs in any single component. 
  • Question:  How many CPUs are required?  Answer:  A Hot Standy system uses two CPUs; and active unit that actively controls the process, and a backuo unit that is synchronized with the active unit and can take over the process if it becomes necessary.
  • Question:  How does IC698CRE020 communicate with I/O and Intelligent Option modules?  Answer:  The CPU communicates over a rack-mounted backplane using the VME64 Standard format.
  • Question:  What else is required wtih the IC698CRE020 to accomplish redundancy?  Answer:  A Redundacy Memory Xchange module (IC698RMX016) configured as a redundancy link in each unit. 
  • Question: How can I avoid RAM memory loss?  Answer:  Routine maintenance procedures should include scheduled replacement of the CPU's IC698ACC701 lithium battery pack.  The battery maintains program and data memory and operates the calendar clock when the power is removed.
  • Question:  If I don't have any light on or the CPU is not functioning correctly - What does that mean?  Answer:  It means there is something wrong with your processor and it will need repair or maybe even replacement. 

For more information on the IC698CRE020 Central Processing Unit of the GE Fanuc RX7i Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual.


Catalog Number Date CPU Firmware Version Ethernet Firmware Version
IC698CRE020-KX May. 2013 6.75 6.2
IC698CRE020-KW Jun. 2012 6.75 6.13
IC698CRE020-JW Apr. 2012 6.75 6.13
IC698CRE020-JV Feb. 2012 6.75 6.12
IC698CRE020-JU Nov. 2011 6.75 6.1
IC698CRE020-JT Jul. 2011 6.71 6.1
IC698CRE020-JS Mar. 2010 6.01 6
IC698CRE020-JR Sep. 2009 6 6
IC698CRE020-JP Dec. 2008 5.5 5.51
IC698CRE020-JN May. 2008 5.5 5.5
IC698CRE020-JM Dec. 2007 5 5.01
IC698CRE020-JL Oct. 2007 5 5
IC698CRE020-HL Aug. 2007 5 5
IC698CRE020-HK Jul. 2007 4.02 4
IC698CRE020-GK Dec. 2006 4.02 4
IC698CRE020-GJ Oct. 2006 4.01 4
IC698CRE020-GH Sep. 2006 4 4
IC698CRE020-GG May. 2006 3.81 3.81
IC698CRE020-FF Apr. 2006 3.8 3.6
IC698CRE020-FE Nov. 2005 2.05 3.6
IC698CRE020-DD Apr. 2005 2.04 3

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