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GE Fanuc Emerson | Series 90-30

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The GE Series 90-30 PLC was first introduced in 1988. A joint venture then occurred between GE and Fanuc to form GE Fanuc for many years. As that joint ventured dissolved, the Series 90-30 was then sold under the GE Intelligent Platforms name. Recently Emerson Electric...

The GE Series 90-30 PLC was first introduced in 1988. A joint venture then occurred between GE and Fanuc to form GE Fanuc for many years. As that joint ventured dissolved, the Series 90-30 was then sold under the GE Intelligent Platforms name. Recently Emerson Electric purchased the rights of the GE-IP Automation products. The Series 90-30 has a proven track record as a quality and cost effective control system. The powerful IC693CPU374 CPU processor has built-in Ethernet. The IC693PWR330 power supply is required and should be installed in the IC693CHS391 10 slot rack. This system can be configured as a multi-rack system with AC/DC I/O and a wide variety of analog modules. There are two battery types for these systems. The IC693ACC301 and the high capacity IC693ACC302.

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About GE Fanuc Series 90-30
GE Fanuc Series 90-30 are Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) from GE. These controllers are designed for use in entry level to large and complex applications, as it can accommodate a minimum of Thirty-Two (32) I/Os up to 4096 I/O capacity.

Series 90-30 supports a wide variety of communication protocols such as Genius Bus, World FIP, Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, LonWorks, DeviceNet, Ethernet or SDS protocols. These protocols allow any controller to handle communications between Visualization systems such as Human MAchien Interfaces (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and 3rd party software applications. Implementation or Remote I/O systems also uses the same communication protocols, enabling the 90-30 PLC series to maximize I/O capacity and to implement the required automation by the process.

GE Fanuc Series 90-30 is a modular, versatile and scalable PLC Platform. The Controllers are categorized as Entry level Standard Models, Mid-Range Standard Levels and High-Performance Models.

Standard Entry Level models include CPU311, CPU313 and CPU 323 which are embedded into the backplane. CPU 311 supports a total of 160 Discrete I/O, 64 analog input and 32 Analog output with user logic memory of 6Kbytes. CPU313 supports the same I/O capacity however, has an increased memory of 12Kbytes. CPU 323 has a capacity of 320 Discrete I/O, with the same amount of analog I/O and memory size as the CPU 323. 

Standard Mid-range controllers include CPU 331 and CPU 341 which are modular type CPUs. Mid-range CPUs all support 1024 Discrete I/O, with CPU 331 capable up to 128 Analog Input and 64 Analog Output while CPU 341 accommodates 1024 Analog Input and 256 Analog output.

All GE Fanuc 90-30 High-Performance CPUs has a capacity of 4096 Discrete Input and Output, accommodates 2048 Analog Input and 512 Analog output with user logic memory ranging from 32Kbytes - 246Kbytes. 

The GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC Platform includes a wide selection of I/O module types. This PLC Platforms has 38 Discrete I/O modules, 17 Analog I/O modules and wide selection of specialty modules. Specialty modules include High Speed Counter Module, I/O Processor Module, Programmable Coprocessor Module, Temperature Control Module, Servo Motion Control Modules, PC Coprocessor, Thermocouple, Millivolt/Strain Gauge, Sequence of Event (SOE) Recorder, Isolated Analog, and Modem Module.
The GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC Platform has a Four (4) Level password protection, allowing users and machine manufacturers to implement logic security to prevent unwanted access. Each CPU is capable of online programming edits, comprehensive and easy to understand I/O and CPU diagnostics, Embedded Proportional+Integral+Derivative (PID) controller function block, data move instructions, Indirect addressing and other industry useful function blocks and instructions.

The 90-30 PLC Platform are IEC61131-3 compliant controllers. All controllers support a minimum of Ladder Logic and SFC instruction, with the High-Performance CPUs additionally supports C programming language. This controller platform also comes with open-connectivity support, allowing 3rd party devices and software applications to interact with the controller for implementing a plant wide automation and data integration.

The 90-30 PLCs are compatible with GE Logicmaster 90-30, VersaPro Standard Edition and Proficy Machine Edition Programming software packages. 


  • Supports a wide variety of industrial applications
  • Well Defined controller application ranges
  • Redundancy support
  • Wide variety of Input and Output Modules
  • Support for legacy and modern communication protocols
  • Comes in compact and modular form
  • Small-form factor PLC platform
  • Scalable design
  • Coprocessor support
  • Motion control capable


  • No Native support for Ethernet; requires additional communication module
  • Web-server configuration
  • Three (3) programming software packages available, complicates troubleshooting, upgrade and migration
  • Confusing Controller redundancy implementation
  • IoT not ready

High Capacity GE Fanuc Digital valve drive module.

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SERIES 90-30 16 point Input Simulator uses on slot in the base rack requires minimal power

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IC693ACC301PLC Replacement Battery(qty 2) for all CPU's and PCM modules 2 per package IC693ACCBuy Now

GE 90-30 High capacity battery pack. IC693A mounted external IC693AC IC693ACC 90-30

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IC693ACC303Series 90-30 ACC303 Memory Card 32K for Hand Held Programmer IC693PRG300 IC693A IC693ACCBuy Now

9030 Blank Filler Module for empty slots keeps dust out of all connectors in the chs racks

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SERIES 90-30 Crimp Type Connector Kit.

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Series 90-30 GE Fanuc Replacement Power Supply Case 

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IC693ACC335GE Fanuc Terminal Block Axis for IC693DSM302 or IC693DSM314 90-30 Axis Control Analog ModulesBuy Now
IC693ACC336Terminal Block for 90-30 Auxillary Module for the IC693DSM302 or IC693DSM314 Axid 90-30 ModulesBuy Now
IC693ACC337Terminal Block for Modules: IC693MDL654 IC693MDL655 IC693MDL752 IC693MDL753 - 32 Point ModulesBuy Now

Redundant PS BASE 0.125M CBL

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IC693ACC341Buy Now

GE Redundant Power Supply Adapter

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Voltage Analog Input 4 Ch IC693A 0-10V IC693AL IC693ALG provides four channels of input

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Current Analog Input 4PT IC693A 4- 20 ma IC693AL IC693ALG provides four channels input

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High Density GE Analog Input 16/8 IC693A Voltage sixteen channels single ended IC693ALG

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High Density GE Analog Input 16 IC693A Current 4-20 ma allows 16 channels IC693ALG

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Low Density GE Analog Voltage Output 2PT IC693A Module two ouput channels IC693ALG

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Low Density GE Analog Current Output module 2 channels 12 bit resolution. IC IC693ALG

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IC693ALG392High Density GE Analog Output 8PT IC693A Current / Voltage allowing eight single IC693ALGBuy Now

Mixed Analog 4IN/2OUT IC693A Voltage or Current makes for versitle module IC693ALG

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Series 90-30 High Speed Counter provides direct processing of rapid pulse IC693 IC693APU

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IC693APU301AXIS POSTIONING Drive Enable Relay and Velocity Command outputs IC693AP IC693APUBuy Now
IC693APU302APM MODULE Compatable with GE Fanuc Series 90-30 IC693 IC693A IC693AP IC693APUBuy Now
IC693APU305I/O Link Module APU305 Modules are compatable with GE Fanuc Series IC693AP IC693APUBuy Now
IC693BEM320I/O Link BEM320 Compatable with GE Fanuc Series 9030 PLCs IC693B IC693BE IC693BEMBuy Now
IC693BEM321I/O Link master A module in the host provides the interface between the FIP bus. IC693BEMBuy Now
IC693BEM33090-30 BEM330 Bus Controller Module provide interface to a broad range of discrete analogBuy Now

31 devices Genius Bus Controller I/O Link master I/O control enhanced by communications

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IC693BEM332Series 90-30 FIP Remore I/O 2.5mhz Module is Compatable with 90-30 Series IC693BEM332Buy Now
IC693BEM333GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Remote FIP Interface Module is Compatable with 90-30 IC693BEM333Buy Now
IC693BEM334Series 90-30 Genius Bus Controller Module is Compatable with 90-30 Series GE Fanuc PLCBuy Now
IC693BEM335GE Fanuc Series 90-30 FIP Remote I/O 2.5mhz Module is Compatable with 90-30 IC693BEMBuy Now
IC693BEM340FIP Bus Controller Management of slave devices Monitoring of slave devices IC693BEMBuy Now
IC693BEM3412.5 MHZ FIP Controller The 2.5MHz version of requires a Release 8.10 version IC693BEMBuy Now
IC693CBK00190-30 Cable Kit for High Density Modules I/O Includes the IC693CBL327 IC693CBL328 - GE Fanuc CablesBuy Now

Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL329 and CBL330)

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IC693CBK003Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL331 and CBL332)Buy Now
IC693CBK004Cable Kit for High Density I/O Modules (includes CBL333 and CBL334)Buy Now
IC693CBL300Rack Expansion Cable, I/O Expansion, 1 MeterBuy Now
IC693CBL301Rack Expansion Cable, I/O Expansion, 2 MetersBuy Now
IC693CBL302I/O Base expansion 50 feet (15 meters), continuous shield with built in terminator.Buy Now
IC693CBL303Cable, Hand Held Programmer (HHP), 2 MetersBuy Now
IC693CBL304Cable, Port Expansion, Used With PCM300Buy Now
IC693CBL305Cable, Port Expansion, Used With PCM301, PCM311, and CMM311Buy Now
IC693CBL310GE FanucBuy Now
IC693CBL311I/O cable for DSM324 24V I/O or APM I/O to the 44A726268-001 terminal block. 3 metersBuy Now
IC693CBL312I/O rack expansion cable, 0.15 Meters, ShieldedBuy Now
IC693CBL313I/O rack expansion cable 8 MetersBuy Now
IC693CBL315GE Fanuc 24 PIN Cable Assembly Three Meters for 90-30 Series Modules Connection - GE Fanuc CablesBuy Now

Station Manager Serial Cable for Ethernet TCP/IP

Buy Now
IC693CBL319I/O cable for DSM324 24V I/O or APM I/O to the 44A726268-001 terminal block. 1 meterBuy Now
IC693CBL324I/O cable for DSM302 or DSM314 or DSM324 5V I/O. 1 meterBuy Now
IC693CBL325I/O cable for DSM302 or DSM314 or DSM324 5V I/O. 3 metersBuy Now
IC693CBL327Cable, Left Side, One - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connector, 3 Meter.Buy Now
IC693CBL328Cable, Right Side, One - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connector, 3 MeterBuy Now
IC693CBL329Cable, Left Side, Two - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connectors, 1 MeterBuy Now
IC693CBL330Cable, Right Side, Two - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connectors, 1 MeterBuy Now
IC693CBL331Cable, Left Side, Two - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connectors, 2 MeterBuy Now
IC693CBL332Cable, Right Side, Two - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connectors, 2 MeterBuy Now
IC693CBL333Cable, Left Side, Two - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connectors, .5 MeterBuy Now

Cable, Right Side, Two - 24 Pin 90 Degree Connectors, .5 Meter

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I/O Rack, 10 Slots GE Fanuc Automation Expansion remote Baseplate

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I/O Rack, Expansion 10 Slots Remote baseplate has Rack Number Selection DIP IC693CHS

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I/O Rack, Remote Expansion CPU must be installed in slot 1 Expansion & Remote Baseplate

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I/O Rack, CPU, 5 Slots Left slot supports Power Supply, Slot 1 supports CPU. IC693CHS 9030

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I/O Rack, Expansion, 5 Slots cable interconnection Expansion & CPU baseplates IC693CHS

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I/O Rack, Remote Expansion Basplates 25-pin female D-type I/O Bus Expansion IC693CHS

Buy Now
IC693CMM301Genius Communications configuration completed using Hand_held Programme software IC69Buy Now
IC693CMM302Communication card, Genius Series 90-30 PLC module, providing Global Data IC693CMMBuy Now
IC693CMM304GE 90-30 Alstom N80 CMM304 high-performance microcomputer IC693CMM3 GE FanucBuy Now
IC693CMM305Alstom CMM305 ALSPA N80 Enhanced Comm Module Series Six PLC GE Fanuc Serie IC693CBuy Now
IC693CMM311IC693CMM Communications Card user interfaces for the CMM311 and CMM711 9030Buy Now

IC693CMM Modbus Ethernet Interface Transmit Data (TD) and Receive Data (RD) 9030

Buy Now

5-slot baseplate with embedded CPU, 1K Byte Register Memory use small fraction 9030

Buy Now

5-slot baseplate with embedded CPU, 2K Bytes Register MemoryFirmware for CPUs 9030

Buy Now
IC693CPU32110 SLOT CPU RACK Configuring a model 331 rack size will produce Non-fatal hardware IC6Buy Now

10-Slot Rack With Turbo CPU in base Firmware for these CPUs is in a replaceable EPROM IC

Buy Now
IC693CPU331CPU (16K Bytes) 10 MHz modular CPUs consist of a CPU, memory IC693CPU CompatableBuy Now
IC693CPU340PROCESSOR CPU 80C188XL microprocessor 20 MHz, 32K Bytes User Program IC693CPU 9030Buy Now
IC693CPU341CPU341 module PROCESSOR 20 MHz, 80K Bytes User Program Memory IC693CPU GE FanucBuy Now

CPU 350 25 MHz Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Random Access Memory

Buy Now
IC693CPU351CPU 351 Flash Firmware (Standard and User Memory) 25 MHz IC693CPU Compatabe withBuy Now
IC693CPU352CPU 352 Capacities Speed: 25 Processor: 80386EX 25 MHz, math coprocessor IC693CPUBuy Now

CPU 360 Memory: 240K1 Confirgurable All Series CPUs can work with integer numbers

Buy Now

CPU 363 CPU module, 25 MHz, with two extra serial ports 90-30 State Logic CPU IC693CPU

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IC693CPU364CPU 364 and Ethernet Interface communicate without using the PLC backplane IC693CPUBuy Now
IC693CPU366GE CPU 366 Module (240K Bytes configurable Supports Profibus DP Master (Version 1 supported). One Profibus port and one RS-232 service port.Buy Now
IC693CPU367CPU 367 Module with PROFIBUS Slave Firmware 90-30 Embedded Interface Series 90-30 CPUBuy Now
IC693CPU370GE CPU Ethernet CPU firmware stored in Flash memory loaded serial port connector IC693CPUBuy Now
IC693CPU372CPU 372 CPU is modular, it can readily be replaced or changed to a different type IC693CPUBuy Now

CPU 374 CPU module, 133 MHz, 240K bytes User Program Memory with Ethernet IC693CPU

Buy Now
IC693DNM200DeviceNet Master Module allows a PACSystems RX3i to send and receive I/O data IC693DNMBuy Now
IC693DNS201DeviceNet Slave Module support Get and Set PLC Registers IC693DN IC693DNS Slave ModuleBuy Now
IC693DSM3022 AXIS Motion Control 5v, 24v and Analog I/O Home Overtravel switch inputs IC693DSMBuy Now
IC693DSM3144 AXIS Control 3-4 Axis Analog Mode No Local Logic: 2.0msex (position) Block Process IC693Buy Now

HI POWER 4 AXIS 1 DSM324i module CPU baseplate w/ PWR321/322/328 (20 per series) IC693

Buy Now
IC693MAR590IC693MAR 120Vac Input Relay Output DC load typical suppression circuit IC693MA IC693MARBuy Now
IC693MCM001IC693MCM001 In Stock! IC693MCM001 Digital Servo Interface Module PDFsupply also repairsBuy Now

120 volts ac Isolated Input Module Circuitry Terminals Field in PDF 90-30 IC693M IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

240 Volts ac Isolated Input 8 Point Common Power Terminal Circuits are Reactive 90-30 IC693

Buy Now

120 Volts ac Input Module 120VAC 16 Inputs Optical Coupler Circuitry Wiring IC693 MDL IC693

Buy Now

24 Volts ac/Vdc Input Positive/Negative logic Input Module Field Wiring Diagram in PDF IC693

Buy Now
IC693MDL250120 VAC ISOLATED 16 PT INPUT Numbered LEDs show ON/OFF Status of each Input IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL260120VAC 32 PT INPUT Filter Setup in PDF Grouped Input Module 32 Point 120VAC IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL310120 Volts ac Output, 0.5 Amp Connect Supplied Input Devices and Power Sources ModuleBuy Now

120/240 Volts ac Output, 2 Amp 8 Point LEDs indicate ON/OFF Module IC693MDL330 IC6

Buy Now

120 Volts ac Output, 0.5 Amp GE Fanuc Series 9030 Module IC693 IC693M IC693MD IC693

Buy Now
IC693MDL350120/240 VAC ISOLATED OUTPUT, 2 AMP Module is Compatable with 90-30 Series IC693MDLBuy Now

120/240 Volts ac Isolated Output, 2 Amp Load Current vs Temperature Output Module IC69

Buy Now
IC693MDL630Input MDL 24VDC Neg/Pos Logic 8 Pts Input Module 24 VDC Negative/Positive Logic IC693Buy Now

125 Volts DC Positive/Negative Logic Input Module Connections are shown in dashed lines

Buy Now
IC693MDL63424 Volts dc Input, Negative/Positive Logic Module is Compatable with 90-30 IC69 IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL635GE Input module 125 VDC 16 point POS/NEG logic. Module does not have UL certification.Buy Now
IC693MDL64024Vdc Output Positive Logic 16 pts Module is Compatable with 90-30 Series MDL IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL64124 Vdc Output, Negative Logic Module is Compatable with 90-30 Series IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL643MDL643 9030 Input Module 24VDC 16 Point Positive 1MS Filter GE Fanuc 90-30 IC693MDL6Buy Now

IC693MDL 24 Volts dc Input, Positive/Negative Module Logic Input vs Temperature IC693M

Buy Now

24 Volts dc Input, Neg/Pos Logic LEDs Indicate ON/OFF 8 Green Light IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

48Volts dc Input, Neg/Pos Logic Module is Compatable with 90-30 Series IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now
IC693MDL65324 Volts dc Input, Neg/Pos Logic MODULE Circuitry Connector Terminals IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now

5/12 Volts dc (TTL) Input, Neg/Pos Logic 32 Point Module 5/12 Volt DC IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

IC693MDL 24 Volts dc Input, Module Negative/Positive Logic 32 Point IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

24VDC Input Module 32 point requires a terminal block IC694TBB032 TBS032 terminal

Buy Now

12/24 Volts dc Output, 2 Amp, Positive Logic (8) Point Module 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDL7

Buy Now
IC693MDL73112/24 Volts dc Output, 2 Amp, Negative Logic (8) Point Module for 9030 IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL73212/24 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Positive Logic (8) Point Module 9030 IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL73312/24 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Negative Logic (8) Point Module 9030 IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL734125 Volts dc Output, (6) Point Module for Series 9030 GE Fanuc PLC PDF IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now

IC693MDL 12/24 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp GE Fanuc PLC Series 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

12/24 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Negative Logic (16) point Series 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

12/24 Volts dc Output, 1 Amp, Positive Logic PLC GE Fanuc Series 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now
IC693MDL74848Volts DC Output, 0.5 Amps, Positive Logic MDL Module Series 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL75012/24 Volts dc Output, Negative Logic MDL750 Module Series 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now
IC693MDL75112/24 Volts dc Output, Positive Logic (32) Point MDL751 Module 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now

5/12/24 Volts dc (TTL) Output, Neg Logic, (32) Point Module MDL752 IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

IC693MDL 12/24 Volts dc Output, Pos Logic (32) Point MDL753 Module IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now

MDL754 9030 Output Module 12/24VDC for Series 90-30 Systems IC693MDL IC693MDL75

Buy Now
IC693MDL7609030 MDL760 Solenoid Value Out 11 pt. 24VDC Out 5 pt. Series 90-30 GE FANUC PLC IC693MDL IC693MDL7Buy Now
IC693MDL916Output Module Isolated Relay 4 amp 16 point Requiers High Density Terminal Block MDL916Buy Now

Soldered InRelay Output, Isolated, 4 Amp Series 90-30 MDL930 Module IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now
IC693MDL931Soldered InRelay Output 8 Amp GE Fanuc Series 90-30 MDL931 Module IC693MD IC693MDLBuy Now

Relay Output, 2 Amp (16) Point MDL940 Module GE Fanuc Series 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDL

Buy Now
IC693MDR390IC693MDR 24Vdc Input Relay Output (8) Point MDR390 Module 90-30 IC693MD IC693MDRBuy Now
IC693NIU004ETHERNET NETWORK INTERFACE GE Fanuc Series 90-30 NIU004 ModuleIC693NI IC693NIUBuy Now

Siemens Profibus DP Master Module PBM200 Series 90-30 Module Profi IC693PB IC693PBM

Buy Now
IC693PBS201Siemens Profibus DP Slave Module PBS201 Module Series 90-30 Profi Bus IC693PB IC693PBSBuy Now
IC693PCM300Programmable Coprocessor Module (PCM) 160 KB PCM300 Series 90-30 IC693P IC693PCBuy Now
IC693PCM301IC693PCM PCM 192 KB Programmable Coprocessor Module (PCM) 301 IC693P IC693PCBuy Now
IC693PCM311PCM Programmable Coprocessor Module (PCM) 311 Series 90-30 640 KB IC693P IC693PCBuy Now
IC693PIF300GE Fanuc Series 90-30Buy Now
IC693PRG300IC693PRG 90-30 Hand Held Programmer PRG300 Compatable with 9030 IC693P IC693PGBuy Now
IC693PRG301IC693PRG 90-30 Hand Held Programmer PRG301 Compatable with 9030 IC693P IC693PGBuy Now

Power Transducer Module Compatable with Series 90-30 PTM101 IC693 IC693P IC693PT

Buy Now

30 Watt PS 120/240 Vac 125 Vdc Power Supply Unit Module Series 9030 IC693P IC693PW

Buy Now

DC Powered Supply, 24/48 Vdc PWR Supply Unit Module Series 90-30 IC693P IC693PW

Buy Now
IC693PWR324Alstom Power 30 Watt PS 120/240 Vac 125 Vdc PWR324 Supply 90-30 IC693P IC693PWBuy Now
IC693PWR325Series 90-30 Power Supply PWR325 24/48 Vdc 30 Watts IC693PWR32 IC693PWRBuy Now
IC693PWR328Power Supply, 48 Vdc PWR328 GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Power Supply IC693P IC693PW IC693Buy Now

High capacity PS 120/240 Vac 125 Vdc Power Supply PWR330 90-30 IC693P IC693PW IC693

Buy Now
IC693PWR331Power Supply, 24 Vdc, High Capacity Power Supply PWR331 Series 90-30 IC693P IC693PWBuy Now
IC693PWR332Power Supply, 12 Vdc, High Capacity PWR332 Series 9030 PWR Supply IC693P IC693PWBuy Now
IC693TCM302Temperature Control Module TCM302 Series 90-30 IC693 IC693T IC693TCM IC693TCM3Buy Now
IC693TCM303Temperature Control Module (TCM) 8 T/C In/ 8 DC Out 18 to 30 volts DCBuy Now

The Fiber I/O Terminal Block (FTB) provides an active fiber interface that extends the I/O capability of the IC695PMM335 PACMotion Multi-Axis Motion Controller. The FTB provides a broad range of configurable I/O for the axes on the PMM335, supporting extensive distributed, configurable digital and analog I/O for complex machines.

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