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Technical Specifications for IC693ACC301

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesSeries 90-30
Part NumberIC693ACC301
Product TypeBackup Battery
Battery TypeLithium Battery
Shelf Life10 Years
Operating Life1 Year
Storage Temperature-40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit
Operating Temperature32 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit
Mounting MechanismPlastic Clip

Product Description


General: IC693ACC301 is a long-life Lithium backup battery. Its function is to preserve the memory contents of the CMOS RAM located under the cover plated at the bottom of the power supply plate.

The battery connects via a pair of wires attached to a small Berg female connector that plugs into a mating connector on the printed circuit board of the power supply. It is mounted on a plastic clip attached to the inside of the cover plate. To avoid loss of PLC RAM memory, this battery can be replaced with power applied to the PLC, while exercising extreme caution since lethal voltages may be present in the enclosure or area to avoid personal injury or death. The Battery should only be replaced by qualified electrical personnel who are trained in applicable electrical safety rules and procedures.

Replacement: As a good rule of thumb, batteries, including the IC693ACC301, should be replaced once per year. Though no one can determine exactly how long a battery will last, how long it lasts generally depends on the CPU used, the temperature it is subjected to and how it is used. To extend the battery’s “shelf life” (i.e. how long it last before being replaced), certain factors should be considered. For example, room temperature should be in the range 0 to 25 degrees Celsius (i.e. 32 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Under this temperature condition, for CPU models 311, 313, and 323, the battery would last for 2 years while for CPU models 331 – 362, it will last a year and 1.2 months for CPU374. Also, powering down the PLC at night or keeping it up running can affect battery life. The type of CPU influences battery life too. Different memory types require more power and having a clock requires more battery current to carry out its functions.

Specific: The PLC warns of a low battery in three ways. First, the red “BATT” LED on the power supply module lights when the battery is low. However, this LED light may not be most PLCs are often mounted in an enclosure. The second is by updating the PLC Fault Table with a battery low message. This second option requires that a programmer is connected to the PLC. Certain system reference bits are set to logic 1 when the battery is low. These reference bits can then be evaluated and, if true, a warning light on an operator panel can be turned on or a warning sent to an operator interface terminal. The third is to communicate the status of the coil (probably %M) to a Human to Machine Interface (HMI) terminal.


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The GE Fanuc IC693ACC301 battery is a lithium backup battery from the Series 90-30 product line. The IC693ACC301 lithium backup battery has a shelf life of about 10 years and it can be stored in a temperature range from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. The recommended operating temperature range for this battery is from 32 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to replace the IC693ACC301 lithium backup battery approximately once a year to guarantee that it will always be able to provide a reliable source of power to the device that it is installed in. This lithium battery is made to be mounted with the plastic clip in the battery compartment of the Series 90-30 power supply module that it is installed in.


The GE Fanuc Series 90-30 IC693ACC301 lithium backup battery’s operating life can be extended by powering down the PLC module that it is installed in whenever that module is not going to be used for a significant length of time. To prevent power and data losses and other errors, the PLC can alert the users when the IC693ACC301 lithium backup battery is low in 3 different ways. The PLC can use a red LED that is labeled as the “BATT” LED which will light up whenever the battery is low, it can send a “low battery” message to the PLC fault table, or it can send a “low battery” message or status update to its HMI or human-machine interface device.

PDFsupply Tech

The IC693ACC301 is a STANDARD LITHUIM BATTERY for the GE Series 90-30 product family. It enables this product family to maintain the program file in the CPU. This This battery is 3.6 vdc. The alternative IC693ACC302 is an external larger battery with more capacity and should be used with the IC693CPU374.

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