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Product Description

IC693APU300 is a high speed single slot counter belonging to the 90-30 series of PLCs. The module can be used where pulse input rates are greater than the PLCs input capability or where a significant percentage of the PLC’s processing capability is required.

The high-speed counter allows direct processing of rapid pulse signals of up to 1 MHz for industrial applications such as material handling, meter proving and velocity measurement. With the direct processing capability, the high-speed counter can detect inputs, count and respond with outputs without the need of communicating with a CPU.
It’s configurable to count either up or down, both up and down or to count the difference existing between two variables. The module can be configured to provide either 1 complex counter, 2 identical and complex counters, or 4 identical and independent simple counters. The module comes with 12 positive source inputs with an input voltage range of either 5 V DV or 10 to 30 V DC. Furthermore, you’ll find 4 positive source outputs, internal module diagnostics, and a removable terminal board used during field wiring. The IC694APU300 module provides two modes of operation when used in an RX3i system: Classic and Enhanced. By default, the module operates in classic mode. However, if you desire to use enhanced features, select ‘Enhanced mode’ using the machine edition configuration tool.

Enhanced features include Support for up to 1 MHz input frequency from external devices and up to 2 MHz internal oscillator at clock input 1, support for both 32-bit counters and Z input events, configurable outputs, rollover detection flag and support for firmware updates over the backplane from the RX3i CPU. IC693APU300 also has a windowing feature that allows a user to define a range of counter accumulator values where the strobe is recognized as a valid input. Should the counter accumulator go outside this range, the strobe input is ignored. Since the module is considered an open type equipment, it should be installed into an enclosure with minimal pollution. For wiring connections, use copper wire with a minimum rating of 90 degrees Celsius. If two wires are allowed, then they should be of the same type. Before wiring, replacing modules, batteries, fuses or any other serviceable component, it’s recommended to TURN OFF the power. This is to avert any mishaps that may occur. Moreover, the product should be mounted in an enclosure certified for use in Zone 2, Group IIC, and rated IP54 minimum. During field wiring, shielded cable must be used for all cables connecting to the IC694APU300 High-speed Counter. The shielded cable should possess a high frequency ground within 6 inches of the IC694APU300 module.

Technical Specifications

Module Type:  High Speed Counter
Count Rate: High Freq. - 80 kHz, Low Freq. - 20 Hz 
Input/Output Type:  Positive Logic
Output Protection: 3 Amp Fuse for all points
Local Fast Inputs:  (12) 5 VDC or 10 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption: 250 mA @ 5 VDC



GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Series 90-30

SKU 2173004  UPC 0799705792890

Part Number: IC693APU300 / ic693apu300
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC693APU300 / ic693apu300
Type: Motion Module: High Speed Counter

Technical Specifications

  • Can be configured to provide 1
  • 2 or 4 counters of differing complexity
  • Provides direct processing of rapid pulse signals up to 80 KHz
    Troubleshooting and Product Information for IC693APU300

    Download product information, troubleshooting guides and operation manuals to get your PLC operational.

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    Power Consumption

    250 mA (1.25W) from 5 V bus on the backplane

    Output Points

    Powered by user supplied 4.7 to 40 V dc

    Maximum Count Rate

    80 kHz


    BOARD OK, CONFIG OK, Field Power OK, Input Status, Output Status



    Field to Backplane (optical) and to Frame Ground (FG)

    250 V ac continuous, 1500 V ac for one minute

    Group to Group

    250 V ac continuous, 1500 V ac for one minute



    Voltage Range

    5 V dc (TSEL jumpered to INCOM)


    10 to 30 V dc (TSEL open)

    Number  of Positive Logic Inputs


    Input Thresholds (I1 to I12)

    5 V dc Range          10 – 30 V dc Range

    Von (minimum)

    3.55 V                   8.35 V

    Ion (minimum)

    3.2 mA                  3.2 mA

    Voff (maximum)

    1.5 V                     2.4 V

    Ioff (maximum)

    0.8 mA                  0.8 mA

    Survivable Peak Voltage

    ± 500 V for 1μSec

    Transient Common Mode Noise Rejection

    1000 V/μSec minimum

    Input Impedance

    Refer to the section Input Impedance for V-I characteristics.



    Voltage Range

    4.7 to 40 V dc at 1.5 A maximum resistive load,  0.5A maximum pilot duty

    Off State Leakage Current

    10 μA maximum per point

    Output  Voltage Drop

    0.5 V maximum at 500 mA

    1.5 V maximum at 1.5 A

    CMOS Load Drive Capability


    Positive Logic Outputs


    Output Protection

    Outputs are protected for overcurrent (ESCP) with self-healing capability

    Reverse  Polarity Protection

    Outputs protected from reverse wiring between OUTPWR and OUTCOM terminals

    Note: The output voltage drop should be considered while driving full load (> 1 A) at low voltage below 6 V.

    For product standards, general operating specifications and installation requirements, refer to the following documents:

    ·         Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual (GFK-0356)

    ·         Installation Requirements for Conformance to Standards (GFK-1179)

    For detailed information on module installation, configuration, operation, and diagnostics, refer to the PACSystems RX3i and Series 90-30 High-speed Counter Modules User Manual (GFK-0293).

    Manuals and other user documentation are available for download on the Support website: http://ge-ip.com/support.

    Troubleshooting IC693APU300

    Troubleshooting information is available on IC693APU300's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.  

    Repair your IC693APU300

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    IC693APU300 - Maximum Count Rate


    Maximum Count Rate


    The wave shape of the individual A or B lines is limited to 50 KHz on the 90-30 HSC resulting in a maximum count rate of 200K counts per second for the combined A quad B signal pair.


    IC693APU300 Transducer Types, Compatibility and Specifications


    All 12 High Speed Counter inputs are single-ended positive logic (source) type inputs.


    1. Transducers with CMOS buffer outputs (74HC04 equivalent) can directly drive the High Speed Counter inputs using the 5V input range.
    2. Transducers using TTL totem pole or open collector outputs must include a 470 ohm pullup resistor (to 5V) to guarantee compatibility with the High Speed Counter inputs.
    3. Transducers using high voltage open collector (sink) type outputs must have a 1K pullup resistor to + 12V for compatibility with the High Speed Counter 10 to 30 volt input range.

    Do not connect 10 to 30 VDC to the module inputs when the 5 VDC input range (pins 13 to 15 jumpered) is selected. Doing so will cause damage to the module.

    Input voltage 5 VDC requires TSEL jumpered to INCOM, but for input voltage range of 10 to 30 VDC leave TSEL open. (Power sources for input and output devices must be supplied by the user or bythe +24 VDC Isolated output of the Model 30 power supply. The module also provides a selectable threshold voltage to allow the inputs to respond to either 5 VDC signal levels or 10 to 30 VDC signal levels. The 5 VDC threshold is selected by connecting a jumper between two terminals on the detachable terminal board connector. Leaving the threshold selection terminals unconnected places the inputs in the default 10 to 30 VDC voltage range. The detachable terminal board connector allows prewiring to the module or replacing the module without disturbing the field wiring. It is important to note that 10 to 30 VDC must not be applied when the threshold terminals are jumpered to select 5 VDC).


    Field Wiring Considerations for the IC693APU300 High Speed Counter Module


    It is recommended that the following procedures be followed when routing and connecting field wiring from user devices to the PLC or to Output devices to be controlled by the PLC.

    • All low level signal wires should be run separately from other field wiring.
    • AC power wiring should be run separately from DC field wiring.


    You should calculate the maximum current for each wire and observe proper wiring practices. Failure to do so may cause injury to personnel or damage to equipment.

    • Field wiring should not be routed close to any device that could be a potential source of electrical interference.
    • If severe noise problems are present, additional power supply filtering or an isolation transformer may be required.
    • Ensure that proper grounding procedures, as previously described, are followed to minimize potential safety hazards to personnel.
    • Label all wires to and from I/O devices. Record circuit identification numbers or other pertinent data on the inserts which go in the module's faceplate door.

    Conformance to CE Mark Requirements

    For installations that must conform to CE Mark requirements, the following procedures must be followed:

    1. Input cable must be shielded.
    2. Cable length must be no more than 30 meters (100 feet).
    3. Cable must be clamped 127 mm (5 inches) from module.
    4. Cable shield must be wrapped 360 around its tie point before soldering in place.


    Changes in APU300 behavior


    The redesigned IC693APU300-MA and IC694APU300-CA are supposed to behave identically to previous versions, but parameter validation has been made stricter. On older units, attempting to load the accumulator with a value outside of the high or low limits would result in the accumulator being set to the limit value. The setpoints operate in a similar way. Also, the unit would allow you to change the limits such that the present values of the accumulator and setpoints were outside of the limits. On the new model APU300s, attempting to create any of these circumstances will result in a module fault and an invalid parameter error.


    When changing module settings in logic, this is the safest process:

    1. Set high and low limits to very high and very low values.
    2. Load accumulator and setpoints.
    3. Reset limits to values that encompass the setpoints and accumulator.



    Customer Questions and Answers

    • Question:  What is an IC693APU300?  Answer:  The IC693APU300 is a High Speed Counter for the Series 90-30 PLC. This module is a single-slot module which can be used in applications where pulse input rates exceed the input capability of the PLC or where too large a percentage of PLC processing capability would be required. 
    • Question:  What does the IC693APU300 provide?  Answer:  This High Speed Counter provides direct processing of rapid pulse signals up to 80 KHz for industrial applications such as: meter proving, turbine flowmeter, velocity measurement, material handling, motion control and process control. 
    • Question:  With direct processing, what is the IC693APU300 able to do?  Answer:  The IC693APU300 is able to sense inputs, count and respond with outputs without needing to communicate with a CPU.
    • Question:  What can the IC693APU300 be configured to do? Answer:  The configuration of this High Speed Counter can be to count either up or down, to count both up and down, or to count the difference between two changing values. It can be configured to provide 1, 2, or 4 counters of differing complexity. 
    • Question:  Into what kind of baseplate can the IC693APU300 be installed? Answer:  This High Speed Counter can be installed in any Series 90-30 baseplate.
    • Question:  With which software can the IC693APU300 be configured?  Answer:  The configuration of the IC693APU300 can be through using the Hand-Held Programmer, the Logicmaster 90-30/20, the VersaPro software, or the Logic Developer-PLC.
    • Question:  Are there any jumpers to be set on the module?  Answer:  No, there are not.
    • Question:  What do the 2 LEDs at the top of the module indicate?  Answer:  They indicate the operating status of the IC693APU300 and the status of configuration parameters. 
    • Question:  What if my IC693APU300 is not working correctly?  Answer:  Then your product may be in need of repair

    For more information on the IC693APU300 High Speed Counter Module of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.



    Firmware Release








    Nov 2015

    Hardware release only. New hardware replaces the existing hardware revision in production after full consumption of previous revision FAB boards (C0 rev). This is applicable for both Rx3i and 90-30 systems.



    Oct 2014

    Resolves issue of reading counter value incorrectly.






    July 2014

    Hardware upgrade only. Addresses issues related to output behaviour at elevated temperatures. Field modification cannot be performed in the field.



    June 2013

    Resolves an issue where using the internal oscillator in Classic mode generated a measurement error.



    Aug 2012

    Hardware update to resolve component obsolescence issues.

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