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IC693BEM341 2.5 MHZ FIP Controller IC693B IC693BE IC693BEM PDFsupply also repairs GE IP FANUC PLC pa

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Common misspellings:
  • 1C693BEM341
  • IC6938EM341
  • IC693BEM3A1
  • IC693BEM34l
  • IC693BEM341

Product Description

IC693BEM341 is a FIP Bus Controller with feature supporting mode 30. Manufactured by GE Automation and Controls, it also supports the 2.5Mhz variant version of (IC693BEM341) Bus Controller. It is identical in functionally to the other versions, only the network speed t differs. The requirements of CPU state for 2.5Mhz variant version (IC693BEM341) bus controller to have must install 8.10 version firmware or higher. During configuration, the bus controller needs a HHP (Hand-Held Programmer) with a Release Version 2.0 if not higher. It will also require the IC641CTLxxx programming software for windows which allows for configuring it with the configuration utility FBCLOAD for proper operation of the network. This version is not configurable via the programming software IC641SWPxxx. This version also supports mode 11, mode 20 and mode 30.

There are newly added features and new functions which came with the release of this version of the bus controller. Enhanced display for the HHP operating in all modes which enable the revision firmware to be displayed. Also, the support for time stamping in Boolean Values up till 1024. The mode 30 is newly added to the IC693BEM341 bus controller. This also added new features to the bus controller when in mode 30 such as redundancy, slave device management (drives), slave device monitoring (PLCs, drives, control stations), Boolean value time stamping, services for messaging, synchronous exchange MPS, external configuration reception throughout FIP network. This release also fixed some of the problems faced in previous versions which include FBC module loss in all modes, incorrectly determined state of the application in all modes, incorrectly set input COMVs validity bits in mode 10, incorrectly updated produced COMVs in mode 10, incorrectly received a message for time stamping in mode 20.

Technical Specifications

Module Type: FIP Bus Controller (2.5MHz)
Number of Slots: 1 (single slot)
Backplane Support:  Universal Backplane
Current Consumption: 1.2 Amps Max
Communication Ports:  (2) 9-pin male D connectors, (1) RS-485
LEDs Six

Technical Information


Ordering information                                                                             IC693BEM341
Module type                                                                                           Series 90–30 PLC module, providing FIP communications
                                                                                                              with other devices.
Quantity per PLC                                                                                  As power supply will allow
Current consumption                                                                           1.2 Amps maximum, 800mA typical
Series 90–30 PLC, memory types for                                                 %G, %I, %Q, %AI, %AQ, %R, %M, %T
FIP data
Software diagnostics                                                                           Status bits, Fault Reporting to Series 90–30 PLC
Operating temperature                                                                        0C to +55C (+32F to +131F)
Storage temperature                                                                           –25 C to +70C (–13F to +158F)
Humidity                                                                                               5% to 95% (non–condensing)
Vibration and shock                                                                            0.2 inch displacement 5Hz to 10Hz
                                                                                                              1 G 10Hz to 200Hz
                                                                                                              5 G 10Ms duration


Troubleshooting IC693BEM341

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693BEM341's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.  

Repair your IC693BEM341

PDF Supply can repair your IC693BEM341 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


  • What is an IC693BEM341?
    • The IC693BEM341 is a Factory Instrumentation Protocol (FIP) Bus Controller. This module is used to interface a FIP I/O serial bus to a Series 90-30 PLC.
  • How can I make sure the IC693BEM341 is in a secure position?
    • There is a latch on the bottom of the module that will secure it into position.
  • Are there any DIP switches or jumpers to set on IC693BEM341?
    • No, there are not.
  • What comes on IC693BEM341?
    • This module comes with six status LEDs, a RS-485 serial port, and 2 identical FIP bus connectors.
  • What do the LEDs do?
    • They display IC693BEM341's status and communications activity.
  • How can I tell if my device might be faulty?
    • If you plug it in, power it up, and do not get any lights on at all (like the OK LED), if you have the processor in run mode and you do not get a COM LED, or if you test the module and you do not get a proper response, your device could be faulty.
  • If my IC693BEM341 is broken or not working, what is my next step?
    • PDF Supply can repair your IC693BEM341 for you.

For more information on the IC693BEM341 FIP Bus Controller of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.

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