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Product Description

The GE Fanuc IC693CMM302 is an Enhanced Genius Communications Module. It is quite commonly know as GCM+ for short. This unit is an intelligent module which enables automatic global data communications between any Series 90-30 PLC and up to a maximum of 31 other devices. This is done on a Genius bus. It is possible for the IC693CMM302 GCM+ to be installed on a number of different baseplates, including expansion or remote baseplates. That being said, the most efficient performance of this module can be achieved by installing it in the CPU baseplate. This is because the sweep impact time of the module is dependent on the PLC model and varies according to which baseplate it is located in.

Users must note that if a GCM module is already present within a system, they will not be able to implement the GCM+ module. It is actually possible to have multiple GCL+ modules in a single Series 90-30 PLC system. Each GCM+ module can have its own separate Genius bus. In theory, this would enable a Series 90-30 PLC (with three GCM+ modules installed) to automatically exchange global data with up to 93 other Genius devices. Additional uses for the IC693CMM302 GCM+ module include data monitoring of PCs or industrial computers and peer-to-peer communications between devices on the bus. On the front of the IC693CMM302 GCM+ unit, there are LEDs to show the operating status. These will be switched on if everything is operating normally. The LED marked COM will blink intermittently if there any bus errors. It will turn off if the bus has failed. 

GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Series 90-30

SKU 2177328  UPC 0755560496243

Part Number: IC693CMM302 / ic693cmm302
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC693CMM302 / ic693cmm302
Type: Enhanced Genius Communications Module (GCM+)

Technical Specifications

  • Intelligent Module
  • Automatic Global Data Communications
  • Data Monitoring
  • Peer-To-Peer Communications
  • Master-Slave Communications
  • Communications (up to 31)
Troubleshooting and Product Information for IC693CMM302

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IC693CMM302 Enhanced Genius Communications Module (GCM+)

The Enhanced Genius Communications Module (GCM+), IC693CMM302, is an intelligent module that provides automatic global data communications between a Series 90-30 PLC and up to 31 other devices on a Genius bus.

The GCM+ can be located in any standard Series 90-30 CPU baseplate, expansion baseplate, or remote baseplate. However, for most efficient operation, it is recommended that the module be installed in the CPU baseplate since the sweep impact time of the GCM+ module depends on the model of PLC and the baseplate where it is located. Note: if a GCM module is present in a system, GCM+ modules cannot be included in the system.

Multiple GCM+ modules can be installed in a Series 90-30 PLC system with each GCM+ having its own Genius bus serving up to 31 additional devices on the bus.  For example, this allows a Series 90-30 PLC with three GCM+ modules to exchange global data with as many as 93 other Genius devices automatically. In addition to basic global data exchange, the GCM+ module can be used for various applications such as:

         Data monitoring by a personal computer or an industrial computer.

         Monitoring data from Genius I/O blocks (although it cannot control Genius I/O blocks).

         Peer-to-peer communications among devices on the bus.

         Master-slave communications among devices on the bus (emulates remote I/O). The Genius bus connects to the terminal board on front of the GCM+ module.

Troubleshooting IC693CMM302

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693CMM302’s website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.


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Can an IC693CMM302 (Genius Enhanced Communication Module) Talk Point to Point with an Operator Interface Such as a QuickPanel with a Genius Communications Module?


Can an IC693CMM302 (Genius Enhanced communication module) talk point to point with a operator interface such as a QuickPanel with a Genius communications module?


There are really 2 things that should be kept in mind

  • Data Grams are not possible with the IC693CMM302.
  • Global Data can be done but only in blocks of data. Individual registers cannot be passed.

*A Genius Bus Controller is the way to go


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC693CMM302?  Answer:  The IC693CMM302 is an Enhanced Genius Communications module. This model gives you advanced data communications. A series of IC693CMM302's can be interconnected on the Series 90-30 PLC structure.
  • Question:  What rack size can I use for the IC693CMM302?  Answer:  You can use any standard Series 90-30 CPU rack, I/O rack, or remote I/O rack.
  • Question:  How many Genius Communications Modules can be installed in a Series 90-30 PLC?  Answer:  In a Series 90-30 PLC, 2 or more GCM+ modules can be installed. Each GCM+ has its own Genius bus, which can serve up to 31 additional devices. (That means a Series 90-30 PLC equipped with 2 GCM+ modules can exchange global data with as many as 62 other Genius devices automatically.)
  • Question:  Besides basic global data exchange, what other applications can the IC693CMM302 be used for?  Answer:  The IC693CMM302 can be used for the following: data monitoring by a personal or industrial computer, monitoring data from I/O blocks, communication among devices on the bus, and emulating remote I/O for the Series 90-30 by allowing another device on the bus to read input data and control output data in a Series 90-30 PLC. (For configuration of these uses please see our datasheet user-manual.)
  • Question:  What is the difference between a GCM+ and a GCM?  Answer:  The GCM is an earlier, less powerful version of the GCM+. Both types of modules can be used on the same bus, but they cannot be installed in the same PLC. These two types of modules can exchange global data with each other. 
  • Question:  What does the error message REF ER indicate?  Answer:  The IC693CMM302's error message REF ER may indicate either the reference address assigned to that SBA exceeds the reference limit for the PLC or the SBA message offset (plus the length of the reference assigned to the SBA) exceeds 128 bytes.
  • Question:  What does the error message REF ADJ indicate?  Answer:  The IC693CMM302's error message REF ADJ may indicate that references have been adjusted (rounded) down to a byte boundary or, for discrete references, the reference length for the SBA has been rounded up to a byte boundary.
  • Question:  What does the error message GCM ERR indicate?  Answer:  The IC693CMM302's error message GCM ERR may indicate that too many GCM+ modules have been configured (the limit is 3) or you have tried to configure a GCM+ module and a GCM module in the same PLC. (The GCM+ cannot be installed in the same PLC as a GCM module.)
  • Question:  What do the error messages IOM ERR, I/O ERR, and DAT ERR indicate?  Answer:  IOM ERR may indicate that the GCM+ module is not available. I/O ERR may indicate that you have assigned reference addresses that overlap references already assigned. And DAT ERR may indicate a parameter (such as the Series Six reference address) is out of bounds.
  •  Question:  If IC693CMM302 error messages will not go away, what is my next step?  Answer:  If IC693CMM302's error messages will not go away, please visit our repair page.

For more information on the IC693CMM302 Module of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual. 


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