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Technical Specifications for IC693CPU313

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesSeries 90-30
Part NumberIC693CPU313
Product TypeBackplane with embedded CPU
Processor Type80188 processor
Processor Speed10 Megahertz
Number of Module Slots5
Number of Communication Ports1
ProtocolsSNP and SNP-X slave protocols
Operating Temperature32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

Product Description

The GE Fanuc IC693CPU313 is an embedded CPU with a 5-slotted baseplate that contains single baseplate per system. This module reaches a processing speed of 10 MHz with the processor 80188. The power required to perform its function is 5 VDC and the current drawn by this module is 430 mA. This operation of this module happens at a temperature range from 0°C to 60 °C.

The IC693CPU313 is provided with a maximum user memory of 12 KB for programming which is allocated in various memory types. The user memory associated with the Analog input (%AI) and Analog output (%AO) is 64 words and 32 words respectively. This module requires 128 bits of memory for the reference of system status in which each sub-memory types requires 32 bits. The memory is also allocated for system registers (%SR) of 16 words. The register memory also has maximum space for storing up to 1024 words of data. The memory associated with internal coils (%M) and temporary output coils (%T) is 1024 bits and 264 bits respectively. The main memory in the IC63CPU313 is discrete global memory (%G) which is 1280 bits.

The communication with other modules is done via LAN which supports multidrop. The IC693CPU313 also supports optional modules like GCM, GCM+, Ethernet, Profibus, FIP, GBC, etc. The memory storage used in this module are RAM or EPROM. This module can achieve a scan rate of 0.6 milliseconds/1K and is provided with a single built-in port which supports protocol such as SNP slave and SNP-X slave.

Technical Specifications

Processor Speed : 10 MHz
I/O Points : 160
Register Memory : 2KBytes
Floating Point Math:  No
16 BIT system Yes
Processor: 80188



The IC693CPU313 CPU is a GE Fanuc embedded CPU from the Series 90-30 line. It is a CPU backplane with a CPU module embedded directly into it. The IC693CPU313 embedded CPU operates with a processor speed of 10 Megahertz and its processor is an 80188 processor. It is a turbo CPU. The baseplate of the IC693CPU313 embedded CPU only has 5 slots for modules (plus 1 slot on the far left side that is only for hosting power supplies.) However, it can connect to other kinds of baseplates such as remote baseplates and expansion baseplates in a Series 90-30 programmable logic controller or PLC, and these baseplates will provide additional slots for modules. The IC693CPU313 embedded CPU cannot be connected to PCM and CCM devices, but it can accommodate most option modules and I/O modules.


The GE Fanuc Series 90-30 IC693CPU313 embedded CPU has only 1 communication port. This communication port allows the embedded CPU to communicate with other devices through the SNP slave protocol and the SNP-X slave protocol. The memory types that the IC693CPU313 embedded CPU can support include RAM, and EPROM or EEPROM for specialized applications. The ambient operating temperature range for this embedded CPU backplane is from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius or from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This CPU cannot support floating point math. The Series 90-30 IC693CPU313 embedded CPU draws 430 milliamps of current at 5 Volts DC backplane voltage. It can communicate with other modules through a LAN that supports a multi-drop setup.

Technical Information

CPU Type                                   5-slot baseplate with embedded CPU             

Total Baseplates per System                                      1
Load Required from Power Supply                            430 milliamps from +5 VDC supply
Processor Speed                                                       10 MegaHertz
Processor Type                                                          80188
Operating Temperature                                               0 to 60 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F) ambient
Typical Scan Rate                                                      0.6 milliseconds per 1K of logic (boolean contacts)
User Program Memory (maximum)                          12K Bytes (6K bytes prior to release 7)
Discrete Input Points - %I                                          160 (maximum - combined inputs + outputs)
Discrete Output Points - %Q                                    160 (maximum - combined outputs + inputs)
Discrete Global Memory - %G                                   1280 bits
Internal Coils - %M                                                     1024 bits
Output (Temporary) Coils - %T                                  256 bits
System Status References - %S                               128 bits (%S, %SA, %SB, %SC - 32 bits each)
Register Memory - %R                                               1024 words
Analog Inputs - %AI                                                     64 words
Analog Outputs - %AQ                                               32 words
System Registers (for reference table viewing          16 words (%SR)
only; cannot be referenced in user logic program)
Timers/Counters                                                         170
Shift Registers                                                            yes
Built-in Ports                                                                1 (uses connector on PLC power supply). Supports SNP slave
                                                                                    and SNP-X slave protocols.
Communications                                                         LAN - Supports multidrop. Also supports Ethernet, FIP,
                                                                                     Profibus, GBC, GCM, GCM+ option modules.
Override                                                                       no
Battery Backed Clock                                                  no
Interrupts                                                                    no
Type of Memory Storage                                           RAM and optional EPROM or EEPROM
PCM/CCM Compatibility                                            no


Troubleshooting IC693CPU313

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693CPU313's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.


Repair your IC693CPU313

PDF Supply can repair your IC693CPU313 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question: What is an IC693CPU313? Answer: The IC693CPU313 is a 5 slot rack with an embedded Turbo Central Processing Unit (from the GE Fanuc Series 90-30). This unit is the "brains" of the PLC and is where most of the calculations take place.
  • Question: What's the first thing you should do when testing your IC693CPU313? Answer: When you power the IC693CPU313 up, you should be checking for an OK light.
  • Question: What if I do not have an OK light after I have powered it up? Answer: If you don't have an OK light, then you won't be able to follow through with the test. The lack of an OK light indicates, right from the start, there is something wrong with your IC693CPU313.
  • Question: What is this initial test showing? Answer: You're basically turning on the configuration and logic in this processor in order to set it to run mode. You want to see that this is a good working processor.
  • Question: With what software should I test my IC693CPU313? Answer: You can test your IC693CPU313 with Proficy Machine Edition. 
  • Question: What will I need to test my IC693CPU313? Answer: All you will need is your IC693CPU313 and a power supply.
  • Question: If I think there is a problem with my processor, what should I do? Answer: You should, first, make sure the RUN light comes on and then let the processor run overnight (or even 2-3 days). This is to check that it's able to sustain itself in run mode. (You want to make sure it doesn't fail or fall out of run mode for any reason.) If it does fail or fall out of run mode, then you can try reading the faults or errors through the Proficy Machine Edition software. It may give you enough information to help you fix the problem. 
  • Question: If I can't figure out how to fix my IC693CPU313, what is my next step? Answer: PDF Supply can repair your IC693CPU313 for you. 

For more information on the IC693CPU313 Central Processing Unit of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.







Upgrade Kit

New Features

Problems Resolved






  • Battery now ships with CPU and not with the Power Supply







  • Ignore Fatal Fault Feature







  • DSM312 Support Added
  • FBC Editing with HHP
  • Storing Foreign Module Configuration to Slot 1
  • End Function Block
  • SVC REQ 7






  • Break-free SNP (improves modem compatibility)
  • HHP Write to Flash or EEPROM with IC641 Programmer Connected













  • Support for Larger Configuration File
  • Model Number Checks Removed







  • User memory increased from 6K bytes to 12K bytes
  • ALT-S in Stop Mode
  • HHP Overrides
  • HHP Coil Use
  • HHP Subroutines






  • Bumpless Run Mode Store
  • PID Function Block Enhancement
  • Write Datagram
  • Zeroing Input Data of a Failed Module
  • Storing Folder to EEPROM






  • Multiple Backplane and SNP Sessions
  • Storing a Maximum Size Program Block
  • Adding Smart Modules
  • Reconfiguring Smart I/O Modules
  • Multiple Channel Connections
  • Update Utility Error Messages
  • Configuring Smart Modules with the HHP
  • PLC Software Fault
  • SFC Reset
  • SNPX Interrupted Message







  • SNPX Power-Cycle Recovery







  • DINT Function Block with Constant Parameter
  • Clearing I/O Fault Table with GBC Present but not Configured






  • BEM331 Genius Bus Controller
  • Sequential Function Chart Programming
  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection
  • Katakana HHP Display
  • PLC State After Error During Device Read
  • SNP Conformance
  • SNPX Access to System References
  • Noise Immunity
  • Store Fault Registration Delay
  • Brown-Out During SNPX Session
  • OIT Response
  • Day of the Week
  • Modem Turnaround Time






  • CE approval







  • UL Class I DIV 2 and C-UL approval







  • Communication Windows







  • OffDelay (OFDTR) Function 14
  • Active and Constant Sweep Modes
  • SVCREQ #26: Interrogate I/O
  • SVCREQ #23: Read Master Checksum
  • Masked Compare Word (MSKCMPW) Function 143
  • Masked Compare Dword (MSCCMPD) Function 144
  • Number of Enhanced GCMs Allowed
  • SNPX Protocol
  • I/O Link Master Module
  • Window Modes
  • Run-Mode Store
  • Range Function Block
  • Retentiveness of %G Refer

Product History


ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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