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Product Information


General: The IC693CPU331 is a single slot CPU module. GE Fanuc Automation Corporation joint venture, also known as GE Automation and Control division, is the manufacturer of this module.

Baseplates: A single system can support up to 5 baseplates, which include one baseplate for the CPU and four remote and expansion baseplates.

Power: This CPU requires a 350-milliamp load from the power supply, which should have a rate of +5V DC. With a processor speed of 10 Megahertz, the IC693CPU331 utilizes an 80188 processor. The ambient operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 60°C or 32°F to 140°F.

Specific: The IC693CPU331 is a modular CPU, which includes the CPU, a memory chip, an integrated associated circuit chip which is soldered to a circuit board, and the backplane board. The CPU module is inserted into the backplane, which is possible because the IC693CPU331 is a plug-in module. The user must always install the CPU module into slot 1 of the baseplate. Remote baseplate and expansion are features that Modular CPU supports. This CPU model has a scan rate per 1 K of logic, or we can say the Boolean contacts is typically 0.4 milliseconds. There is a maximum of 16K bytes of program memory available for the user. There are also 128 bits reserved for references to the System Status.
The IC693CPU331 supports multiple modes of communication including LAN with multidrop support and Ethernet. This module supports other communication modules, such as FIP, GBC, GCM, and GCM+. IC693CPU331 also supports features including override and a battery powered clock. However, interrupts are currently not supported. RAM and EEPROM or EPROM (optional) are the supported memory storage types. It is also compatible with PCM/CCM.


Technical Specifications

Processor Speed

10 MHz

I/O Points


Register Memory


Floating Point Math


16 BIT System





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GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Series 90-30

SKU 2170307  UPC 0129160206838

Part Number: IC693CPU331 / ic693cpu331
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC693CPU331 / ic693cpu331
Type: The IC693CPU331 is a single-slot CPU and is the first modular

Technical Specifications

  • Processor Speed : 10 MHz
  • I/O Points : 512
  • Register Memory : 4KBytes
  • Floating Point Math : No
  • 16 BIT system
  • Processor: 80188
Troubleshooting and Product Information for IC693CPU331

Download product information, troubleshooting guides and operation manuals to get your PLC operational.

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Other IC693CPU331

Available Revisions:

1C693CPU331 , GEFIC693CPU331 , CIMIC693CPU331


CPU Type

Single slot CPU module

Total Baseplates per System

5 (1 CPU baseplate + 4 expansion and/or remote)

Load Required from Power Supply

350 milliamps from +5 VDC supply

Processor Speed

10 MegaHertz

Processor Type


Operating Temperature

0 to 60 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F) ambient

Typical Scan Rate

0.4 milliseconds per 1K of logic (boolean contacts)

User Program Memory (maximum)

16K Bytes

Discrete Input Points - %I


Discrete Output Points - %Q


Discrete Global Memory - %G

1280 bits

Internal Coils - %M

1024 bits

Output (Temporary) Coils - %T

256 bits

System Status References - %S

128 bits (%S, %SA, %SB, %SC - 32 bits each)

Register Memory - %R

2048 words

Analog Inputs - %AI

128 words

Analog Outputs - %AQ

64 words

System Registers (for reference table viewing only; cannot be referenced in user logic program)

16 words (%SR)



Shift Registers


Built-in Ports

1 (uses connector on PLC power supply). Supports SNP/SNP-X slave protocols. Requires CMM module for SNP/SNP-X master, CCM, or RTU slave support; PCM module for RTU master support.


LAN - Supports multidrop. Also supports Ethernet, FIP, Profibus, GBC, GCM, GCM+ option modules.



Battery Backed Clock




Type of Memory Storage

RAM and optional EPROM or EEPROM

PCM/CCM Compatibility



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Troubleshooting IC693CPU331

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693CPU331's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.  


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ERROR: '8159 - Reference Address is Out of Range'


An error message "8159 - Reference address is out of range" when validating a 90/30 project (IC693CPU 331) with system variables, ie: #LOW_BAT, #IO_FLT, etc. All other variables will validate properly.


The above has been fixed in CME 4.0 special 3, SP1. When installing CME 4.0 SP1, just follow the steps 2, 3 and 4 in the following description.

  • When logic is validating against HWC (this is done when downloading logic along with HWC or during a validate operation) erroneous out of range errors may be reported if using SA, SB, SC memory in logic in conjunction with one of the following 90-30 CPUs: IC693CPU341, 340, 331, 323, 321, 313, 311.

To fix existing projects

  1. Install the patches;
  2. Right click on CPU in HWC and choose replace module;
  3. Select the same catalog number in the dialog that you currently have. Press OK;
  4. Select Yes on the confirmation and Yes to keep your settings.

=> This will upgrade the HWC definition for the CPU that is being used.

Note: New projects created with this special, will not exhibit this defect.


IC693CPU331- Short Circuit the Super-Capacitor to Clear CPU Memory


To clear the memory of the IC693CPU331


  • Power down PLC
  • Dismount the CPU from the rack
  • Open the CPU to extract the circuit boards
  • Identify super-capacitor as you can see in the attached picture. The super-capacitor is a unique cylindrical component on the board (as you can see highlighted in the attached image), and the pins of the super-capacitor are accessible on the other side of the circuit board.
  • The super capacitor will have to be shorted for a short period of time (5-15 seconds) in order to clear the memory of the CPU.
  • Once memory cleared, the circuit board can be mounted back into the CPU case, the CPU can be mounted in the rack, and a new program can be downloaded back to CPU.


System Battery Discharges Before Use


90-30 System Batteries - Discharging at Customer Site


Due to a hardware change to prevent the CPU from arriving at the customer ‘DOA’ due to a partially discharged SuperCap, there is a potential for the customer to see another problem in systems with the new SuperCap management circuitry. This problem will manifest itself when the 90-30 power supply and one of the listed CPUs are installed together in a backplane and the system is not powered up within several days. (Note that this is only a problem with the CPU’s listed below.)

What happens in this case is the SuperCap management circuit detects that the SuperCap voltage is below a preset threshold and turns on a switch to hold the voltage rail going to the "battery backed" memories to ground. When a system battery is then introduced, it starts to drain through this switch at a rate of approximately 2mA. A new 90-30 battery can sustain this discharge rate for a maximum of 20 days before it is completely discharged.

To prevent this premature discharge of the battery, two actions can be taken:

  1. Unplug the battery inside the 90-30 power supply until the system is first ready to be powered as described above. Again, the battery will only be drained at the higher rate if the SuperCap is not fully charged.
  2. Do not install one of the listed CPU’s until the system is ready to be powered up for the first time. The application program does not need to be running at this time; this power-up is solely to charge the SuperCap. If the CPU is powered up for approximately 10-15 minutes, the SuperCap will be charged and the system battery can maintain this SuperCap charge and supply memory retention power to the CPU for the normal expected in-service life of the battery after the power is removed.

Affected 90-30 CPU Models:

Fixed In:


IC693CPU331-BB and later

IC693CPU331-AA, -AB

IC693CPU331-BB and later

IC693CPU351-EH, -EJ, -EK, -EL, -EM

IC693CPU351-FM and later

IC693CPU352-BA, -BB, -BC, -BD

IC693CPU352-CD and later


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC693CPU331?  Answer:  The IC693CPU331 is a single-slot Central Processing Unit from the GE Fanuc Series 90-30. This unit is the "brains" of the PLC and is where most of the calculations take place.
  • Question:  What's the first thing you should do when testing your IC693CPU331?  Answer:  When you attach the IC693CPU331 to a 5 or 10 slot rack and power it up, you should be checking for an OK light.
  • Question:  What if I do not have an OK light after I have powered it up?  Answer:  If you don't have an OK light, then you won't be able to follow through with the test. The lack of an OK light indicates, right from the start, there is something wrong with your IC693CPU331.
  • Question:  What is this initial test showing?  Answer:  You're basically turning on the configuration and logic in this processor in order to set it to run mode. You want to see that this is a good working processor.
  • Question:  With what software should I test my IC693CPU331?  Answer:  You can test your IC693CPU331 with Proficy Machine Edition. 
  • Question:  What will I need to test my IC693CPU331?  Answer:  All you will need is your IC693CPU331, a 5 or 10 slot rack, and a power supply.
  • Question:  If I think there is a problem with my processor, what should I do?  Answer:  You should, first, make sure the RUN light comes on and then let the processor run overnight (or even 2-3 days). This is to check that it's able to sustain itself in run mode. (You want to make sure it doesn't fail or fall out of run mode for any reason.) If it does fail or fall out of run mode, then you can try reading the faults or errors through the Proficy Machine Edition software. It may give you enough information to help you fix the problem. 
  • Question:  If I can't figure out how to fix my IC693CPU331, what is my next step?  Answer:  PDF Supply can repair your IC693CPU331 for you. 

For more information on the IC693CPU331 Central Processing Unit of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual. 






Upgrade Kit

New Features

Problems Resolved






  • Ignore Fatal Fault Feature
  • Time-of Day (TOD) Clock Start-up






  • DSM312 Support Added
  • FBC Editing with HHP
  • Storing Foreign Module Configuration to Slot 1
  • End Function Block
  • SVC REQ 7






  • Break-free SNP (improves modem compatibility)
  • Demko Agency approval
  • HHP Write to Flash or EEPROM with IC641 Programmer Connected







  • Excessive Battery Drain






  • Support for Larger Configuration File
  • Model Number Checks Removed








  • ALT-S in Stop Mode
  • HHP Overrides
  • HHP Coil Use
  • HHP Subroutines






  • Bumpless Run Mode Store
  • PID Function Block Enhancement
  • Write Datagram
  • Zeroing Input Data of a Failed Module
  • Storing Folder to EEPROM






  • Multiple Backplane and SNP Sessions
  • Storing a Maximum Size Program Block
  • PCM Message Traffic
  • Special Register 15
  • Adding Smart Modules
  • Repetitive Fault Reporting
  • Reconfiguring Smart I/O Modules
  • Multiple Channel Connections
  • Update Utility Error Messages
  • Configuring Smart Modules with the HHP
  • HHP Display with Heavy Mail Traffic
  • Rack Type Mismatch
  • PLC Software Fault
  • SFC Reset
  • SNPX Interrupted Message







  • SNPX Power-Cycle Recovery
  • PCM Loss Fault






  • CE Mark approval







  • CPU slower than current production models, runs at 8MHZ








  • DINT Function Block with Constant Parameter
  • Clearing I/O Fault Table with GBC Present but not Configured






  • BEM331 Genius Bus Controller
  • Sequential Function Chart Programming
  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection
  • Katakana HHP Display
  • PLC State After Error During Device Read
  • SNP Conformance
  • SNPX Access to System References
  • Noise Immunity
  • Store Fault Registration Delay
  • Brown-Out During SNPX Session
  • OIT Response
  • Day of the Week
  • Modem Turnaround Time






  • Power-Down Time Service Request Function Block
  • Communication Windows
  • ADS Fault Access






  • CPU Clock Frequency increased to 10MHZ







  • UL Class I Div 2 approval and C-UL approval







  • OffDelay (OFDTR) Function 14
  • Active and Constant Sweep Modes
  • SVCREQ #26: Interrogate I/O
  • SVCREQ #23: Read Master Checksum
  • Masked Compare Word (MSKCMPW) Function 143
  • Masked Compare Dword (MSCCMPD) Function 144
  • Number of Enhanced GCMs Allowed
  • Faster Main Rack DO_IO
  • SNPX Protocol
  • I/O Link Master Module
  • Window Modes
  • Run-Mode Store
  • Range Function Block
  • Retentiveness of %G References






  • GCM+ Module Support
  • APM Config Verify
  • HHP Config Mode with I/O Scan
  • IC641 Programming Software Block Edit with Jumps


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