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Technical Specifications for IC693CPU364

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesSeries 90-30
Part NumberIC693CPU364
Product TypeCPU
Compatible WithGE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLCs
Integrated EthernetYes
User Memory Capacity240 KB
Operating Temperature32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Processor speed25 MHz

Product Description

The IC693CPU364 is a single-slot Central Processing Unit (from the GE Fanuc Series 90-30) with an embedded Ethernet cord and 1 built-in serial port. This unit is the "brains" of the PLC and is where most of the calculations take place. See specifications for this unit on IC693CPU364's website page.  A standard application for IC693CPU364 would be connecting a computer's 9-pin serial port via IC693CBL316 to IC693CPU364's standard Ethernet interface.  It should be noted that IC693CPU364's Ethernet interface is Ethernet Global Data (EGD).  The benefit of this built in Ethernet interface is that you do not need to use a separate Ethernet module such as CMM321 with the unit.  You can, in fact, save a PLC slot based on the built in nature of an Ethernet port on IC693CPU364.

The EGD also allows CPU364 to handle specialized parameters which HHP's configuration mode is not able to do.  Unlike CMM321, CPU364 does not require an external transceiver.  CPU364 has a built in transceiver that can be connected to via the 10BASE-T port.  CPU364 does offer some added functionality in the ability to add an external transceiver as well though.  This can be done via the AAUI port which bypasses the internal transceiver.  Another benefit of the built in Ethernet interface is that it can communicate without using the PLC backplane, creating faster communications speed than could be achieved with separate CPU and Ethernet modules. Some basic things to note regarding IC693CPU364 are that when using CPU364 you must connect to frame ground at the slot where it is installed.  You can find a grounding wire on the unit for this very use.  

CPU364 uses flash firmware standard with no EPROM, and no EEPROM. The current rating on IC693CPU364  is 1A and it uses GE Fanuc Fuse 44A725214–001. The maximum CPU capacity for CPU364 is 25 MHz utilizing the 80386EX processor.  There are 2048 input points, 2048 output points.  Register memory is configurable from 128 to 32640 words.  CPU364 has firmware-based floating point math. 

With Firmware Release 9.1 the EGD and configurable Name Resolution features were added to the CPU364.CPU364 has four LED lights, an Ethernet Restart button, a standard CPU keyswitch, three port connectors, and a shield ground connection tab.  The four LED indicator lights pertain to the Ethernet interface and the PS port.  Three of the lights are for Ethernet: EOK, LAN, and STAT, and 1 is for the PS port.  The Ethernet Restart button has four uses:  

  • LED test
  • Restart
  • Restart and enter Software Load state
  • Restart and enter Maintenance state 

CPU364 has a Port 1, RS-232, AAUI port, and 10Base T port.  These ports allow CPU364 to be connected to a terminal or terminal emulator (PORT 1), connect via IEEE 802.3 to an external Ethernet transceiver (AAUI), and to connect wo a 10Base T Ethernet network.The firmware on CPU364 is, as stated above, stored in Flash memory and loaded via the serial port connector.  This is done using a personal computer with loader and software.  Similarly, the Ethernet Interface firmware is stored in Flash memory and loaded through the Port 1 connector in the same manner.   

The IC693CPU364 is equipped with 8 baseplates, which consist of a single CPU baseplate and 7 baseplates that can either serve as expansion or remote baseplates.  It uses an 80386EX processor running at 25 MHz and requires a load of 1.51 amps from +5 VDC power supply.  It also has a slow acting, replaceable Ethernet fuse of size 2.69 x 2.69 x 6.1 mm, with a voltage of 125V and a current of 1 A.  The module operates with an ambient temperature ranging from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (or 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit). It has a typical scan rate of 0.22 milliseconds per 1K of logic or Boolean contacts. 

The IC693CPU364 has up to 240K bytes of program memory available for the user. Please note: the actual size of available user program memory depends on the amounts configured for %R, %AI, and %AQ configurable word memory types as outlined below. Its register memory (%R) is configurable in increments of 128 words, from 128 to 16,384 words with Logicmaster and from 128 to 32,640 words with Control version 2.2.  It comes installed with a discrete global memory (%G) of 1280 bits, internal coils (%M) of 4096 bits, output (temporary) coils (%T) of 256 bits, and system status references (%S) of 128 bits (with %S, %SA, %SB, %SC having 32 bits each).  Analog inputs (%AI) and outputs (%AQ) are both configurable in increments of 128 words, from 128 to 16,384 words with Logicmaster and from 128 to 32,640 words with Control version 2.2.  Discrete input (%I) and output (%Q) outputs are 2,048 each.  It has 28 words (%SR) system registers which are used for reference table viewing only and cannot be referenced in user logic program.  It supports RAM and flash memory types and has a firmware based floating point math support.

It has shift registers, override, battery-backed clock, with interrupts that support the periodic subroutine feature, and over 2000 timers/counters.  It only has one built-in serial port which uses a connector on the PLC power supply.  The port supports SNP/SNP-X slave protocols.  The module has PCM/CCM compatibility; however, in order to support SNP/SNP-x master, CCM, or RTU slave support, it requires a CMM module.  It also requires a PCM module to support RTU master.  It has an internal AAUI or 10BASE-T Ethernet (the AAUI requires external transceiver while the 10BASE-T is direct).  It also has an additional external Ethernet that supports Ethernet option modules.  The installed Local Area Network (LAN) requires option modules for Genius, Profibus, and FIP.  Earlier modules may have the LED labeled “SNP” instead of “PS PORT.”  Otherwise, these modules are identical.

Technical Specifications

Processor Speed: 25 MHz
I/O Points: 2048
Register Memory: 240 KBytes Total
Floating Point Math:    Yes, Firmware Based
Processor  80386EX
Load Required 1.1 Amp from +5VDC Supply


The IC693CPU364 module is a CPU module manufactured by GE Fanuc Automation as part of the Series 90-30 line. This unit is well matched with the GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC products and it features an integrated Ethernet interface. It has an Ethernet fuse (slow-acting) and dimensions of about 2.69 x 2.69 x 6.1 millimeters; it is a replaceable module and it has ratings of 1 Amp of current and 125 Volts nominal voltage. The IC693CPU364 module supports the 10BaseT (direct receiver) or AAUI (external transceiver) interfaces. A twisted-pair cable measuring up to 100 meters between the node and a repeater or hub is used with the 10BaseT interface. The Ethernet interface comes with features such as the ability to connect the PLC to Ethernet networks, fast operation, the ability to transfer data between PLCs and communicate concurrently with different devices, and efficient periodic transfer of data between PLCs through the use of Ethernet Global Data exchanges.

The GE Fanuc IC693CPU364 CPU module has support for Ethernet modules as well as Profibus modules. In addition to the Ethernet communication, the GE Fanuc IC693CPU364 CPU module comes with another serial port that utilizes the PLC power supply connector. The IC693CPU364 module requires a PLC current power supply load of 1.51 Amps at 5 Volts DC. This unit has 25-Megahertz of processor speed, and an ambient temperature ranging between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius. It has 240 KB of user memory, and it can be installed in the modular CPU baseplate in Slot 1, which is a unique type of slot that is best for use with the CPU modules. The modular CPU baseplate allows for expansion baseplates as well as remote baseplates to be connected to it.

Technical Information


CPU364 Catalog Number IC693CPU364


CPU Type

Single slot CPU module with embedded Ethernet Interface



Total Baseplates per System

8 (CPU baseplate + 7 expansion and/or remote)



Load Required from Power Supply

1.51 Amps from +5 VDC supply



Processor Speed

25 MegaHertz



Processor Type




Ethernet fuse, replaceable

2.69x2.69x6.1 mm, 125V, 1A, slow acting




Operating temperature

0 to 60 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F) ambient



Typical Scan Rate

0.22 milliseconds per 1K of logic (boolean contacts)



User Memory (total)

240K Bytes. Note: Actual size of available user program memory depends on the amounts configured for %R, %AI, and %AQ configurable word memory types (see below).





Discrete Input Points - %I






Discrete Output Points - %Q


Discrete Global Memory - %G

1,280 bits



Internal Coils - %M

4,096 bits



Output (Temporary) Coils - %T

256 bits



System Status References - %S

128 bits (%S, %SA, %SB, %SC - 32 bits each)



Register Memory - %R

Configurable in 128 word increments from 128 to 16,384 words with Logicmaster and from 128 to 32,640 words with Control version 2.2.



Analog Inputs - %AI

Configurable in 128 word increments from 128 to 16,384 words with Logicmaster and from 128 to 32,640 words with Control version 2.2.



Analog Outputs - %AQ

Configurable in 128 word increments from 128 to 16,384 words with Logicmaster and from 128 to 32,640 words with Control version 2.2.



System Registers (for reference table viewing only; cannot be referenced in logic program)

28 words (%SR)







Shift Registers




Built-in Serial Ports

1 (uses connector on PLC Power Supply). Supports SNP/SNPX slave. Requires CMM module for SNP/SNP-X master, RTU slave, or CCM; PCM module for RTU master support.




Ethernet (internal) - AAUI or 10BASE-T. AAUI requires external transceiver.  10BASE-T is direct.

Ethernet (additional) - Supports Ethernet option modules.

LAN-Requires option modules for Genius, Profibus, FIP.







Battery Backed Clock




Interrupt Support

Supports the periodic subroutine feature.



Type of Memory Storage

RAM and Flash



PCM/CCM Compatibility




Floating Point Math Support

Yes, firmware-based.





Troubleshooting IC693CPU364

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693CPU364's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.


Repair your IC693CPU364

PDF Supply can repair your IC693CPU364 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


Port 1 on the IC693CPU364 is for Station Manager Use Only


Port 1 (RJ-11) on the front faceplate of the CPU364 is usually labeled RS-232. This port, however, cannot be used for programming, or for data acquisition.


Its only functionality is to use the Station Manager to configure or troubleshoot the Ethernet daughterboard.
The only serial port available for the CPU364 is the 15 pin RS-422/485 port on the power supply.


Troubleshooting Ethernet Communications with Station Manager Software Tool


Station Manager software, which resides in the firmware of the PLC Ethernet Interface products listed below

  • Series 90-30 PLC Ethernet Interface (IC693CMM321), both types.
  • Series 90-30 PLC CPU364 with embedded Ethernet Interface (IC693CPU364)
  • Series 90-30 PLC CPU374 with embedded Ethernet Interface (IC693CPU374)
  • Series 90-70 PLC Ethernet Interface (Type 2) (IC697CMM742)


The Ethernet Interface enables Series 90 PLCs to communicate with other Series 90 PLCs, with GE programming software, and with computer applications developed using GE Ethernet protocols, such as CIMPLICITY- HMI. Refer to GFK-1541, TCP/IP Ethernet Communications for the Series 90 PLC User's Manual for information on installing and programming the Ethernet Interface.

  • Station Manager is a part of the communications software built into the Ethernet Interface.
  • Station Manager executes as a background function to provide interactive supervisory access to the Ethernet Interface.
  • Station Manager is available when the Ethernet Interface is in the Operational or Maintenance state. It is not available when running Power-Up Diagnostics or the Software Loader.

Station Manager Styles

This manual will refer to two different styles of Station Managers. The two styles have a similar interface, but details of the commands and output are different between the two styles.

Station Manager Styles    Style Products Supported

Style A                              IC693CMM321, IC693CPU364, IC697CMM742

Style B                              IC693CPU374

Station Manager Services

The Station Manager provides the following services

  • An interactive set of commands for an operator to interrogate and control the Ethernet Interface.
  • Access to observe and modify internal statistics, an exception log, and advanced user parameters.
  • Password security for commands that change the Ethernet Interface parameters or states.
  • The Station Manager allows you to monitor the operation of the local station (node) and the network. If a problem occurs at the local station or on the network, the Station Manager may be used to pinpoint the source of the problem through the various commands.

Serial Cable (IC693CBL316A) to be used to Connect Personal Computer to Station Manager Port.


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question: What is an IC693CPU364? Answer: The IC693CPU364 is a single-slot Central Processing Unit (from the GE Fanuc Series 90-30) with an embedded Ethernet cord and 1 built-in serial port.This unit is the "brains" of the PLC and is where most of the calculations take place.
  • Question: What's the first thing you should do when testing your IC693CPU364? Answer: When you attach the IC693CPU364 to a 5 or 10 slot rack and power it up, you should be checking for an OK light.
  • Question: What if I do not have an OK light after I have powered it up? Answer: If you don't have an OK light, then you won't be able to follow through with the test. The lack of an OK light indicates, right from the start, there is something wrong with your IC693CPU364.
  • Question: What is this initial test showing? Answer: You're basically turning on the configuration and logic in this processor in order to set it to run mode. You want to see that this is a good working processor.
  • Question: With what software should I test my IC693CPU364? Answer: You can test your IC693CPU364 with Proficy Machine Edition.
  • Question: What will I need to test my IC693CPU364? Answer: All you will need is your IC693CPU364, a 5 or 10 slot rack, and a power supply.
  • Question: If I think there is a problem with my processor, what should I do? Answer: You should, first, make sure that when you turn on the memory on/off protection switch, the RUN light comes on and then let the processor run overnight (or even 2-3 days). This is to check that it's able to sustain itself in run mode. (You want to make sure it doesn't fail or fall out of run mode for any reason.) If it does fail or fall out of run mode, then you can try reading the faults or errors through the Proficy Machine Edition software. It may give you enough information to help you fix the problem.
  • Question: If I can't figure out how to fix my IC693CPU364, what is my next step? Answer: PDF Supply can repair your IC693CPU364 for you.


Rel. Ver. Date IPI Upgrade Kit New Features Problems Resolved
FM 10.75 Feb-11 GFK-1490U 82A1060-MS10-000-A2 NA IPI Document Change
FM 10.75 Oct-09 GFK-1490T


NA See GFK-1490T
FL 10.73 May-06 GFK-1490S 44A747767-G08 See GFK-1490S See GFK-1490S
FK 10.73KIT Jan-06 GFK-1490R 44A747767-G08 See GFK-1490R

MOVE_REAL operation

Config Not Equal with DSM324

PID Function Block

FK 10.71 Jan-06 GFK-1490P N/A ATEX qualification

Hardware update to daughterboard

EK 10.71 Sep-04 GFK-1490P N/A  

Hardware update to daughterboard

DK 10.71 Apr-04 GFK-1490n 82A1060-MS10-000-A1.zip - Compatible with -DK or later hardware. Upgrade kit is only available on the Web.

Supports full duplex 10baseT

CJ 10.60




Load of EGD configuration from PLC to VersaPro 2.02

CPU won't handle 11K byte smart module init file

Ethernet Interface may not immediately receive multicast EGD that needs to cross a router

Load of large (>32K) DSM zip files fails

EGD stops for 1 sec during ARP-cache refresh if ARP response is lost.

CH 10.52 Jun-01 GFK-1490k 44A747767-G06  

CPU locks up with large hardware configuration store

CG 10.51 May-01 GFK-1490j 44A747767-G05  

STOP/FAULTs and lock-ups using a CPU364

CF 10.50 Feb-01 GFK-1490g N/A

Hardware update only; does not effect features, functionality, or compatibility

BF 10.50 Sep-00 GFK-1490f 44A747767-G04  

Rotate Right and Rotate Left functions do not handle error condition correctly

Time of Day Clock at power up may not operate

Error when run-mode storing, loading, or verifying exactly 50 blocks in run mode

Fatal Fault retry does not work correctly for some faults

BD 10.00 Mar-00 GFK-1490e N/A

Hardware Update to Enhance EMC Performance

AD 10.00 Dec-99 GFK-1490d 44A747767-G03

IC693DSM314 support added

Local Logic Programs with VersaPro 1.10

Reboot after Fatal Fault

Addition of Serial I/O Protocol

Drum Sequencer function

User Flash Write and Erase Failure

Inconsistent Behavior on Load After Clear all with a CPU364

IC693 PLC can Automatically go to run mode

Retentive Contact Previous Values Table not Being Cleared

AC 9.10 Jul-99 GFK-1490c 44A747767-G02

Ethernet Global Data and Name Resolution

AI & AQ Above Default Values

Load File of Size 1528 Bytes

C Program with Code Area Greater Than 64K Bytes

Ethernet Status Bits

Handling of heavy network loading conditions

SRTP channel management

Large PING

Time of day clock

%S32 & %S20 in Periodic Subroutine

Update Mode

AB 9.01 Jan-99 GFK-1490a 44A747767-G01

Break-free SNP

Online Changes to Reference Tables

Read from Flash

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