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Common misspellings:
  • 1C693DSM302
  • IC693DSM3o2
  • IC693DSM302

Product Description

The GE Fanuc IC693DSM302 is a Motion Mate DSM302. Also known as a motion controller, this two-axis module is a high-performance unit designed to work in tandem with the Series 90-30 PLC. It is geared to deal with complex logic solving and communication functions within the system.  The DSM302 is able to control digital servos and, since firmware version 1.40, servos with an analog command input. An example of such is the GE Fanuc SL Series Servos. On-board is a Digital Signal Processor, which provides vector control of any GE Fanuc AC servos. This machine also enhances tracking accuracy through its Velocity Feed Forward function and Position Error Integrator.

The IC693DSM302 motion controller has an impressive block processing time of under 5 milliseconds. It can automatically transfer data between PLC tables and DSM302 without any user programming and allows for easy I/O connection through factory cables and terminal blocks. Furthermore, the IC693DSM302 has a serial port to allow the user to connect programming devices. This serial port provides another function – enabling the user to perform”soft“upgrades to the firmware. This is stored in the Flash memory.

Technical Information


  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control of GE Servos
  • Block Processing time under 5 milliseconds
  • Velocity Feed forward and Position Error Integrator to enhance tracking accuracy
  • High resolution of programming units
    • - Position:  –8,388,608...+8,388,607 User Units
    • -  Velocity:   1 ... 8,388,607 User Units/sec
    • -  Acceleration:  1 .. 134,217,727 User Units/sec/sec
  •  Simple and powerful Motion Program instruction set
  • Simple 1- or 2-axis motion programs with synchronized block start
  • Program support for a short motion program, called Program 0, which can be created in the configuration software
  • Non-volatile storage for 10 programs and 40 subroutines, created with the APM Motion Programming software.
  • User scaling of programming units (User Units)
  • DSM firmware, stored in Flash memory, is updated via its front panel COMM port.
  • Generic programming using command parameters as operands for Acceleration, Velocity, Move, and Dwell Commands
  • Automatic Data Transfer between PLC tables and DSM302 without user programming
  • Ease of I/O connection with factory cables and terminal blocks as well as a serial port for connecting programming devices. The serial port also allows ”soft“ upgrades to firmware, which is stored in Flash memory.
  • Control of GE Digital servos, analog SL Series Servos, or third party analog servos.
  • Home and overtravel switch inputs for each Servo Axis
  • Two Position Capture Strobe Inputs for each Position Feedback Input
  • 5v , 24v and analog I/O for use by PLC
  • A Quad B Encoder input for Follower Master axis
  • 13 bit Analog Output can be controlled by PLC or used as Servo Tuning monitor



IC693DSM302 Documentation

  •          GFK-1464, Motion Mate DSM302 for Series 90-30PLCs User’s Manual.
  •          GFK-0664, Series 90-30 PLC APM Programmer’s Manual

Related servo manuals:

  •          GFK-1581, SL Series Servo User’s Manual




Troubleshooting IC693DSM302

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693DSM302's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram. 


Repair your IC693DSM302

PDF Supply can repair your IC693DSM302 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


Using QuickPanel or PC Control with The IC694APU300/301/302,IC693DSM302 & IC693ALG442 Modules


The QuickPanel Control and PC Control products support connection to 90-30 I/O using specialized hardware and the 90/30 control I/O driver.

The driver implements access to certain 90/30 modules, including the IC694APU300/301/302, IC693DSM302 & IC693ALG442, using a data transfer mechanism called communication requests or COMMREQs. COMMREQs comprise a block of information, command & control data etc. that is passed to the module.

The implementation of COMMREQs in QuickPanel or PC Control mirrors COMMREQs used in GE IP PLCs. See GFK-0467 (90-30) or GFK-2222 (PACs) for more information on COMMREQs used in the PLCs.


From the Proficy Machine Edition 90/30 I/O driver Help on COMMREQs:


Data Description

Data Values

Data Type



16#E201(APU300 and ALG442)
16#E501(APU301, APU302 and DSM302)




The module status word returned from the module is the COMMREQ status word



Max Communication Time

Max time (ms) permitted for COMMREQ before time out error occurs



Data Length

Defined by the module (length of the data array to be transmitted or received)



COMMREQ data word

Contains the data sent to the module


For the IC694APU300/301/302AC,IC693DSM302 & IC693ALG442 modules, the first double word of information in the COMMREQ is an encoded command to the module.

A detail not included in the PME help is that Command is made of two parts : the upper word is the command itself while the lower word is used to either enable or disable the COMMREQ.

i.e. The value 16#E2 is used for the APU300 and ALG442, while the value 1 (one) tells the driver to send the COMREQ to the module. A value of 0 (zero) in the lower word would prevent the driver from transmitting the COMMREQ to the module.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC693DSM302?  Answer:  The IC693DSM302 is a high-performance, 2-axis Motion Control module.This module is highly integrated with the logic solving and communications functions of the Series 90-30 PLC.  In digital mode, this module controls the GE Fanuc digital servos.
  • Question:  What does IC693DSM302 do in digital mode?  Answer:  In digital mode, IC693DSM302 controls GE Fanuc digital servos.
  • Question:  What does IC693DSM302 do in analog mode?  Answer:  IC693DSM302 can control servos with an analog command input (like the GE Fanuc SL Series Servos OR a 3rd party analog servos).
  • Question:  What are some of IC693DSM302's features?  Answer:
    • It has Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control of GE Fanuc Servos.
    • It can block processing time to under 5 milliseconds. 
    • It has Velocity Feed forward and Position Error Integrator in order to enhance tracking accuracy.
    • It has a simple and powerful Motion Program instruction set. 
    • And SO much more!
  • Question:  With what software can the configuration of IC693DSM302 be done?  Answer:  Basic configuration can be done with version 8.02 or higher of the MS-DOS Programming Software. But, FULL configuration of this module requires version 9.00 or higher of MS-DOS Programming Software. Or it can be configured with any version of the Windows-based programming/configuration products. 
  • Question:  What CPU firmware is required?  Answer:  Use of IC693DSM302 firmware version 1.41 requires that the associated IC693 CPU be equipped with version 6.50 or higher of the CPU firmware.
  • Question:  What terminal boards are available for use with IC693DSM302?  Answer:  2 terminal boards for user I/O connections are available for use with this module. They are IC693ACC335 (Servo Axis terminal board) or IC693ACC336 (Auxiliary terminal board).
  • Question:  What should I do if my IC693DSM302 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your product may need repair.

For more information on the IC693DSM302 Motion Control Module of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.






New Features*

Problems Resolved*






  • Drive disable delay timeout parameter functions incorrectly when configured to values less than 8ms





  • DSM Analog Mode
  • Enhanced Follower Accuracy
  • EN3/EN4 LEDs Flash when Performing Slow Jog Function





  • Enhanced %AI and %I Processing
  • Enhanced Follower Axis Ramp Control
  • AQ Command 30h Causes Module to "Crash"
  • Turn off "CONFIG LED" when Flashing Error Code
  • Jog Vel-User Units-Counts Configuration Value Causes Module to Crash
  • Follower Deceleration Ramp Reentry after Drive off/on





  • Expanded Follower A/B Ratio
  • Enhanced Position Loop Resolution
  • Input IN4_C Does Not Function As Described
  • Firmware Reports D6 Error Sporadically during Normal Operation
  • Documentation Issues in GFK-1464, DSM302 for IC693 PLCs User's Manual, Resolved by Revision A (May 1998) Release





  • HV Motors
  • Set Aux Axis 3 Position Command Enhancement
  • Encoder 3 Home Position
  • Module Sometimes Hangs Responding to COMMREQ Commands








ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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