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Product Description

The IC693NIU004 is a GE Fanuc 90-30 series Ethernet Network Interface Unit.  This operates as an Ethernet Global Data station (EGD), exchanging input and output data, status and control data over the network. The unit comes with 8 LEDs, an ethernet restart push button, 3 port connectors, and a shield ground connection tab. The Mac Address label can be located on the outside of the module. The IC693NIU004 ENUI comes with 8 LEDs.  The EOK, LAN, STAT and PS port indicate the status of the module. The other four LEDs are linked to the two RJ-45 ports. The power supply LED is not related to the ethernet ports but only indicates the presence of traffic through the serial ports of the module’s power supply. The EOK, LAN and STAT LEDs can be On/OFF Blinking slow or Blinking fast. These indicate the status of the Ethernet interfaces, traffic at the Ethernet ports (LAN LED) and that an exception event has occurred. Every RJ-45 ports comes with 2 LEDs just as you would find on a PC’s RJ-45 port. The one labelled LINK/ACT comes on when the link is physically present and blinks when traffic is detected on that port. The other indicator labeled 100Mbps comes on to indicate that the connection is 100Mbps

The ethernet restart push button has 2 functions: performing the LED test and restart. Pressing the Ethernet restart push button will have the effect of disrupting ethernet communications, this includes any communication to other devices attached to the embedded switch. When the Ethernet restart pushbutton is pressed, the 7 LEDs come on simultaneously. One should ensure that the LEDs go OFF and ON. The interface then performs a restart. Power diagnostics run and interface’s software is restarted to operational state.

The RS-232, 6-pin, RJ-11 port is for connecting a terminal or terminal emulator to access the station manager software on the ethernet interface. The Station Manager feature is used for testing and troubleshooting Ethernet communications. Its use is, however, optional. A IC693CBL316A cable is used for connecting the terminal, emulator or software loader to the ethernet. The user can find 2 RJ-45 Ethernet ports on the NIU. One or both may be attached to other ethernet devices. Each port automatically senses data rate (10Mbps or 100Mbps), half or full duplex and cabling arrangement: either straight through or crossover. Cables used to connect to the ENUI can be either shielded or unshielded, direct or crossover. It should be noted that the two ethernet ports should not be connected to the same device as this will lead to duplication of packets. Before the Ethernet NIU is used on the network, it must be configured using the CIMPLICITY Machine Edition Logic Developer software. This is used for:

  • Assigning an IP address to the ENUI
  • Defining subnet mask, default gateway and name server address
  • Setting up Ethernet Global Data Exchange messaging between the ENIU and controller(s)

Installing the Ethernet NIU in the CPU Baseplate

  • Ensure that the baseplate power is turned OFF.
  • Align the module with slot 1 and the connector. Tilt the module up so the top rear hook of the module engages the slot on baseplate.
  • Swing the module down until the connectors mate and the locking lever on the bottom of the module snaps into place, engaging the baseplate notch.
  • Do Check the module to be sure that it is properly seated.
  • Connect one or both Ethernet ports on the Ethernet Interface to the network.
  • Restore power to the baseplate.

Technical Specifications

Module Type:  Ethernet Remote I/O Interface
Number of Slots: 1 (single slot)
Backplane Support:   CPU Slot
Protocol Support: CIMPLICITY Machine Edition
Ethernet Ports:    2 RJ-45
Internal Power: N/A


GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Series 90-30

SKU 2171004  UPC 0770072590654

Part Number: IC693NIU004 / ic693niu004
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC693NIU004 / ic693niu004
Type: Ethernet Network Interface Unit

Technical Specifications

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      NIU Specifications


      Type of Memory Storage

      RAM and Flash

      User Memory (total)


      Discrete Input Points - %I

      2,048 (fixed)

      Discrete Output Points - %Q

      2,048 (fixed)

      Discrete Global Memory - %G


      Internal Coils - %M

      4096 (fixed). Reserved for system use.

      Output (Temporary) Coils - %T

      256 bits (fixed). Reserved for system use.

      System Status References - %S

      128 bits (%S, %SA, %SB, %SC - 32 bits each) (fixed)

      Register Memory - %R

      9999. Reserved for system use.

      Analog Inputs - %AI


      Analog Outputs - %AQ


      System Registers - %SR




      Battery Backed Clock

      Use of a battery is recommended, if a battery is not present the ENIU will report a low battery fault. It can be used to maintain the clock, or to save a configuration stored in RAM, The clock is used to initialize the EGD timestamp clock of the Ethernet interface.

      Battery Back Up (Number of months with no power)

      1.2 months for internal battery (installed in the power supply)

      15 months with external battery (IC693ACC302)

      Load Required from Power Supply

      7.4 watts of 5VDC. High Capacity power supplies required.

      EZ Program Store Device


      Total Baseplates per System

      8 (CPU baseplate + 7 expansion and/or remote)

      Programming Support

      CIMPLICITY Machine Edition Logic Developer 4.0, service pack 3, with Special 4 or later.

      Built-in Serial Ports

      None. Supports RS-485 port on power supply.

      Protocol Support

      SNP and SNPX on power supply RS-485 port

      Built-in Ethernet Communications

      Ethernet (built-in) – 10/100 base-T/TX Ethernet Switch

      Number of Ethernet Ports

      Two, both are 10/100baseT/TX ports with auto sensing. RJ-45 connection.

      Number of IP Addresses



      SRTP Server and Ethernet Global Data (EGD)

      Operating Temperature

      0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) ambient

      Storage Temperature

      -40°C to +85°C

      Agency Approvals

      UL508, C-UL (Class I, DIV II, A, B, C, D), CE Mark

      Low Temperature (LT) Testing

      Yes. The NIU is available for -40° to 60°C operation.


      Troubleshooting IC693NIU004

      Troubleshooting information is available on IC693NIU004's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.  


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      90-30 ENIU Loses its Configuration


      90-30 ENIU IC693NIU004, when a store is done, everything is stored, user has no choices, and everything is stored to Flash.

      In addition the configuration is set to have the ENIU power up in "RUN" from Flash

      When a Configuration is Stored to a 90-30 ENIU, IC693NIU004, and the keyswitch is in the B position, the FLASH portion of the Store fails. This information can be seen in the Feedback Zone of CIMPLICITY Machine Edition as follows.


      Starting a write to Flash/EEPROM of Hardware,Logic,Initial Values
      Error 8544: Flash operation failed [ PLC Error: PLC Error - Insufficient privilege level [0x02][0xFE] ]
      The Flash/EEPROM operation could not be completed.

      If the config is not Flashed and power is cycled to the ENIU, the config is lost. To maintain the config, Store to the ENIU with the keyswitch is the A position, that way the config is Stored in nonvolatile memory and will be maintained through a power cycle.


      Customer Questions and Answers

      • Question:  What is an IC693NIU004?  Answer:  The IC693NIU004 is an Ethernet Network Interface module. This module makes it possible to use Series 90-30 I/O remotely on an Ethernet network. 
      • Question:  What happens after configuration of IC693NIU004?  Answer:  After configuration, data exchange is completely automatic. System control can be provided by any GE Fanuc master device capable of exchanging Ethernet Global Data. 
      • Question:  What can the IC693NIU004 do with each exchange of data?  Answer:   The IC693NIU004 can automatically provide the controller with status information in each exchange.
      • Question:  What can the application program logic in the controller do with this status information?  Answer:  It can monitor the status data and issue appropriate commands to IC693NIU004.
      • Question:  What does each IC693NIU004 have?  Answer:  It has 8 LEDs, an Ethernet Restart pushbutton, three port connectors, and a shield ground connection tab. 
      • Question:  Is the key switch on the front of the module used?  Answer:  No, it is not.
      • Question:  Where is the station address (MAC address) label located?  Answer:   It is located on the outside of IC693NIU004.
      • Question:  What should I do if my IC693NIU004 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your product may need repair

      For more information on the IC693NIU004 Ethernet Network Interface Module of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.




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