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Product Description

The IC693PCM311 is a Programmable Coprocessor Module of the GE Fanuc series 90-30 PLCs. Its total memory is 640K, and the available MegaBasic program memory is 190K. The module does not work with boards that have an embedded CPU series 311, 313, or 323. It supports MegaBasic and C languages. It can also be used as an RTU Master with GE Fanuc Software. Do not use slot 1 (the main CPU slot) when installing the CPU module. Remote and Expansion Baseplates do not have extra CPU slots, so they cannot support the IC693PCM311 Programmable Coprocessor Module. The module operates in two modes, program and run mode. Pushing the restart button will change between modes. The module has three indication LEDs and two ports. The first LED, which stays on, determines that the module is working. The two remaining LEDs show the status of the two ports by default, but they can be customized by the user.

The GE Fanuc IC693PCM311 Programmable Coprocessor Module has a lithium battery to maintain a program in RAM memory. The part number of the battery is IC693ACC301 and attaches on the module’s faceplate using a battery mounting clip. The user must plug it into the module for first use and unplug it if the module is going to be stored for a long period.  To use the PCM ports on the front of the Module, IC693CBL305 cables must be connected to the ports. The GE Fanuc IC693PCM311 Programmable Coprocessor ships with one cable, which splits the two port connections from a single connector. A cable to program the PCM connects on the baseplate to make programming possible.  IC690CBCL701/702/705 cables connect the PCM to serial ports of Programmers with RS-232 ports or RS-232 converters.

Technical Specifications

PCM: Programmable Coprocessor Module
Supports: Modbus RTU and GE Fanuc CCM
Memory Backup: Lithium Battery provided
Replacement Battery:   IC693ACC301 (pkg of 2)
Battery Backed RAM: 640 K
Internal Power: 400 mA @ 5 VDC


GE Intelligent Platforms / GE Fanuc GE Series 90-30

SKU 2176021  UPC 0458636489834

Part Number: IC693PCM311 / ic693pcm311
Mfr/Brand Name: GE Automation
Mfr Number: IC693PCM311 / ic693pcm311
Type: A Programmable Co-processor Module. Modbus RTU and GE Fanuc C

Technical Specifications

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    Troubleshooting and Product Information for IC693PCM311

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    Troubleshooting IC693PCM311

    Troubleshooting information is available on IC693PCM311's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.  


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    PLC90/30 Debugging a PCM Task Using TERMF Software


    Debugging a PCM Task using TERMF Software


    PCM Support Software (TERMF), revision 1.00 or later, is required for terminal emulation and file transfer between the PC and PCM. (Series 90-30 PCM model IC693PCM300, IC693PCM301, IC693PCM311)

    PCM firmware version 3.00 does not include a runtime debugger. The best debug method currently available is to use printf statements to trace program execution and display program data. Applications which use both PCM serial ports for communication can log execution trace data to a PCM file or named memory module.

    Series 90-70 PCM applications can log trace data to a reserved memory block in VME dual port memory. A second PCM can be used to read the data in VME master mode. When an application task locks up, the PCM task state dump facility can be used to diagnose the cause. For more information on this topic, see "Dumping PCM task state information" in GFK-0771A chapter 7, Multitasking.

    Some developers of PCM C applications use hardware debuggers. See "Debugging Multiple Tasks" in chapter 7, Multitasking, for more information on hardware debuggers.


    PLC90-30 Running a PCM Task Using TERMF Software

    PCM Support Software (TERMF), revision 1.00 or later, is required for terminal emulation and file transfer between the PC and PCM. (Series 90-30 PCM model IC693PCM300, IC693PCM301, IC693PCM311)

    The PCM R (Run) command is used to execute an .EXE file as a PCM task.

    At the PCM prompt, type: R HELLO.EXE.

    The file extension ".EXE" is required by the PCM command interpreter. When the program is executed, TERMF will display its output:

    Hello, world!

    Running as task of hex under VTOS version 3.00.

    The Run command can also be used to load PCM programs from your PC. If the specified .EXE file has not been stored to the PCM, the command interpreter will ask TERMF to look in the current PC directory. If the file is found there, it will be loaded and then run.


    Customer Questions and Answers

    • Question:  What is an IC693PCM311?  Answer:  The IC693PCM311 is a Programmable Coprocessor module from the GE Fanuc Series 90-30. This module is a high performance microcomputer designed to perform coprocessor functions in a Series 90 PLC system. It combines the function of the Communications Module (CCM) and the ASCII/BASIC Module (ABM) (both used on the Series Six PLC) into a single module with significantly greater capacity and performance than that of the ASCII/BASIC module. 
    • Question:  The configuration of this module can be to function as what?  Answer:  The configuration of IC693PCM311 can be to function as the following: one or two independent CCM ports, one CCM port and one MegaBasic application using one serial port, or one MegaBasic application using one or both serial ports.
    • Question:  Dual tasking does what in the IC693PCM311?  Answer:  It allows the PCM to run a MegaBasic program and support a CCM communications channel at the same time. 
    • Question:  All of the IC693PCM311's memory is supported by what?  Answer:  It is supported by a long-life lithium battery, located on the module.
    • Question:  How many slots does the IC693PCM311 occupy?  Answer:  Each IC693PCM311 occupies a single slot in a Series 90 rack. 
    • Question:  What should I do if my IC693PCM311 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your product may need repair, which we do here at PDF Supply. 

    For more information on the IC693PCM311 Programmable Coprocessor Module of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.







    • Disabling Time Of Day Clock Synchronization
    • Masking Serial Port Errors
    • Backplane Message Timeout
    • VTOS Time Slice Task Rotation may Stop






    • CE Mark approval







    • User Manual removed from shipping container







    • UL Class I Div 2 and C-UL approval








    • PLC Reference Table Access by CCM
    • CCM Target ID Check Incompatible with Previous Versions
    • CCM COMMREQ Fails with %AI or %AQ Status Word
    • CCM Slave May Begin to EOT All Incoming Headers







    • Critical Section Functions of the VTOS Operating System
    • MegaBasic SYSLINK Error with Default String Dimensions Disabled






    • Programmable Receiver-Enable Delay Added to CCM Protocol
    • Controlling PCM LEDs from MegaBasic
    • sCCM Q/N Enquiry
    • Multidrop Enquiry


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