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  • IC693PTM101

Product Description

IC693PTM101 is a Power Transducer Module, which includes the Processing module, interfacing board and 1-meter interface cable, manufactured by GE Fanuc Automation. It facilitates the interface of the PTM with input transformers. The interfacing is achieved via the 1-meter cable connection between module and interface board. One of the PTM’s component is a Series 90-30 PLC module; the PLC can use the data gathered by the PTM for data reporting, fault monitoring, general control, or demand charge reduction/load shedding applications. 

With a mature life-cycle status, IC693PTM101 operates with an input voltage ranging from 10Volts to 120Volts AC. The range for the input current is from 0Amps to 7.5Amps RMS. The frequency is within a range of 35Hz up to 70Hz, with zero outputs.

The IC693PTM101 processes data at impressive rates. It generates data calculations at a rate of of 20ms when operating at 50Hz, and 16.67ms at the rate of 60Hz. The module’s latency for data rates are 15ms when operating at 50Hz and 16.67ms when operating at 60Hz. Data is also analysed for energy and power based on the reactive and active power noted for each phase and the sum in Watts and Volt-Amperes-Reactive (VAR) in addition to the total reactive and active energy consumed in Watt-Seconds. Volt-Amperes-Reactive-Seconds (revised every second), re-adjustable manually, the sum of power factor, aggregate reactive and real power consumed (15 mins window revised every second) are also analysed by the IC693PTM101 module.

The IC693PTM101 diagnostics and status support features make troubleshooting manageable and hasten the entire process. These include the indicators such as Module Heartbeat (indicating the health module), voltage present in a utility phase, valid phase polarity reading, valid Voltage measurements, and valid Current measurements. The power which is being used internally by the IC693PTM101 is 400mA at 5 Volts DC.

Technical Information



ProcessingModule Power Requirements

Backplane Power Consumption

Total Power Dissipation:

5V @ 400mA max. (from 90-30 backplane)

4W max.

Isolation from Backplane


Measurement Specifications



1 x 3-phase voltage (PT):



>200k ohms


10 -- 150 VAC RMS (120VAC nominal)


35-70 Hz

1 x 3-phase current (CT) and neutral







0 – 7.5A RMS (5A nominal)


35-70 Hz



1 x 3-phase voltage + 1 x 1-phase


voltage (generator + grid)



>200k ohms


10 -- 150 VAC RMS (120VAC nominal)


35-70 Hz

Phase: +/-


1 x 3-phase current + 1 neutral







0 – 7.5A RMS (5A nominal)


35-70 Hz



Troubleshooting IC693PTM101

Troubleshooting information is available on IC693PTM101's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.  


Repair your IC693PTM101

PDF Supply can repair your IC693PTM101 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC693PTM101?  Answer:  The IC693PTM101 is a Power Transducer module. This module is an intelligent system for measuring electrical power consumption or for monitoring voltages between an electrical generator and the electrical power grid. This module is not made to provide a protective relay function or to be used for energy billing purposes. 
  • Question:  Of how many parts does IC693PTM101 consist?  Answer:  The IC693PTM101 is made up of 3 parts (all of these are included in 1 catalog number).
  • Question:  What are those parts?  Answer:
    • Processing module- This is a module that sits in a Series 90-30 rack.
    • Interface board- This is a panel mounted circuit board. This board syncs between the Processing module and the input transformers (current and potential).
    • Interface cable- These cables connect the Processing module to the Interface board.
  • Question:  What are some of the features IC693PTM101 offers?  Answer:  It uses standard, user supplied current and potential transformers as its input devices. It accurately measures RMS voltages and currents, power, power factors, frequency, energy, and total 3-phase 15 minute power demands. It has data reporting applications. It has fault monitoring applications. And so much more!
  • Question:  What is the difference between IC693PTM100 and IC693PTM101?  Answer:  The IC693PTM101 comes with a longer interface cable. IC693PTM100 comes with a 19" (0.5" meter) cable, while the IC693PTM101 comes with a 39" (1 meter) cable. 
  • Question:  What should I do if my IC693PTM101 is not working correctly?  Answer:  Your product may need repair, which we do here at PDF Supply.

For more information on the IC693PTM101 Power Transducer Module of the GE 90-30 Series, please see the Datasheet Manual.


ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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