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Common misspellings:
  • 1C697CPX782
  • IC697CPX7b2
  • IC697CPX782

Technical Specifications for IC697CPX782

ManufacturerGE Fanuc
SeriesSeries 90-70
Part NumberIC697CPX782
Product TypeCPU
Serial Ports3
Flash Memory256 KB
Microprocessor32-bit 80486DX at 96 MHz
Input Voltage5 Volts DC
Input Current3.1 Amps

Product Description

CPU model IC697CPX782 is manufactured by GE Automation and Controls.
This CPU has a single slot with three independent, onboard serial ports and includes 1 MB of battery-backed CMOS RAM (inside the same slot) and 256 K non-volatile user flash memory for user data. It can calculate floating point and contains an 80486DX4 microprocessor. IC697CPX782 uses MS-DOS or Windows-based programming software to control machines, processes, and systems.

IC697CPX782 has a Scan Rate of 0.4 milliseconds for one Boolean function. Operation of this module has a three-position operating mode switch. It has software passwords which are used to lock data of the program and configuration. In addition, data locking can be initiated manually by using the memory protect key switch. Seven green LEDs show CPU status on the front face of the module.

IC697CPX782 requires 100 W AC/DC power supply and 90W DC power supply. A lithium battery with a five-year shelf life controls the calendar clock. Battery memory retention is six months nominal with no applied power. Day clock accuracy time is maximum 3.5 seconds for one day. Its elapsed time clock accuracy value is maximum 0.01 percent. To connect the programmer via Ethernet TCP/IP network requires an installed Ethernet Interface module. This can be either the Ethernet Controller IC697CMM741 or Ethernet Interface (Type 2) IC697CMM742. Before connecting the programmer and PLC to the Ethernet TCP/IP network, the IP address must be set. Then connect the PLC and the programmer running Windows software to the Ethernet Interface.

Technical Specifications

Module Type: Central Processing Unit
Number of Slots: 1 (Single slot)
Current Required: 3.1 Amps
Number of Points:    12K inputs and outputs (any mix)
Serial Ports: Three (RS-232 and RS-485)
Supports: IC660/IC661 I/O and IC697 I/O




The GE Fanuc IC697CPX782 module is a GE Series 90-70 PLC CPU module. It is a CPU module which requires a single slot in the PLC chassis and it comes with 3 serial ports. It is designed to carry out the real-time control of application processes, machines and material handling systems. The integrated memory capacity on the CPU is 1 MB. Additionally, the CPU module contains 256 KB of flash (non-volatile) memory. Floating point math support is available on the IC697CPX782 module. The total number I/O of any kind supported by the CPU module is 12 K and the total analog I/O supported by the module is 8 K. The IC697CPX782 module is based on a 32-bit 80486DX microprocessor which is clocked at 96 Megahertz. The programming of the CPU can be done from a PC which is connected to the CPU over Ethernet or through the SNP port.

The shelf life of the battery on the IC697CPX782 CPU module is 5 years at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery can handle 6 months of memory retention without applied power. The IC697CPX782 module requires 3.1 Amps of current from the 5 Volts DC bus. The rated accuracy of the time-of-day clock is a maximum of 3.5 seconds per day. The accuracy of the elapsed time clock is a maximum of 0.01%. Serial Port 1 on the IC697CPX782 module supports RS-232. Serial Port 2 on the CPU supports the RS-485 protocol and it is optocoupler isolated. Serial Port 3 on the IC697CPX782 module supports the RS-485 protocol and it is not isolated. All serial ports on the CPU can be used for programmer attachments or for communication with other serial devices. The working temperature range for the CPU is from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical Information



Battery: Shelf life

Battery:  Memory retention

5 years at 20o C  (68o F)

6 months nominal without applied power.

Current required from 5V bus

3.1  Amps nominal

Operating Temperature

0 to 60oC (32oF to 140oF)

Time of Day Clock accuracy

Elapsed Time Clock (internal timing) accuracy

"    3.5 seconds per day maximum

"    .01% maximum

Serial Ports

Port 1:   RS-232 compatible

Port 2: RS-485 compatible (optocoupler isolated) Port 3:  RS-485 compatible (not isolated)

Programmer Serial Attachment, or other serial devices

Protocols supported: SNP Slave only

VME Compatibility

System designed to support the VME standard C.1


Troubleshooting IC697CPX782

Troubleshooting information is available on IC697CPX782's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.


Repair your IC697CPX782

PDF Supply can repair your IC697CPX782 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.



Series 9070 Bulk Memory


The Bulk Memory Area (BMA) is a contiguous block of memory (up to 4MB) that can be used by logic programs and external devices. BMA is available in the CPX processors, IC697CPX772, IC697CPX782, IC697CPX928 and IC697CPX935 (release 7.80 and later). Before BMA can be used, its size must be set to a value greater than zero in the Settings tab for the CPX processor configuration.


Use SVCREQ function 36 to read from the BMA to a local buffer area in the PLC, write from the local buffer area to the BMA, and retrieve the address of the BMA in the PLC. The only check done by the PLC is verifying that the specified local buffer does not fall outside the minimum and maximum available addresses for the application. The application must provide a valid local buffer area. Otherwise, unexpected results can occur.

Parameter Block Setup

This service request uses an input parameter block that consists of 11 words. The parameter block format determines how the local buffer is specified and is selected by the MSB in the Operation word. The format can be Segment/Offset (MSB cleared) or Address (MSB set).

Service Request Execution

If a requested operation in Service Request 36 fails, the function block will not pass power flow. If the BMA is not configured or if the parameter block contains invalid parameters, a read or write operation will fail. Only invalid input parameters will cause the Get BMA Size operation to fail, in which case the function block will not pass power flow. If a read or write operation is requested and the BMA is unconfigured (that is, has a size of 0 in the PLC), the PLC will log an informational fault.

Read Bulk Memory
Command Block


1 ) Command

1 = read from
2 = write to
3 = get BMA size

2 ) PLC Memory Type

8 = R
0 = L
2 = P

3 & 4 ) PLC Mem offset

DP word PLC memory offset
0 based byte

5 ) Unused


6 ) Bulk memory type

196 = BMA (always 196)

7 & 8 ) BMA offset

DP word BMA memory offset

9 ) Unused


10 & 11 ) Length

byte length of read or write


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC697CPX782?  Answer:  The IC697CPX782 is a 96 MHz, 32-Bit, Floating Point, 1 Mbyte Memory Central Processing Unit from the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series. The IC697CPX782 is a single slot PLC CPU. 
  • Question:  Through what is configuration and programming done on IC697CPX782?  Answer:  Configuration and programming for this unit is done through MS-DOS or Windows based programming software. 
  • Question:  When testing IC697CPX782, what should I do?  Answer:  You want to, first, plug it in. Then, make sure it is connected and communicating. 
  • Question:  If it is connected and communicating, what should I do next?  Answer:  You should place the processor into run mode and clear ONLY I/O faults and processor faults. After, click download and run.
  • Question:  If all 3 LEDs are on, what does that mean?  Answer:  It means the processor is, in fact, in run mode.
  • Question:  What do the LEDs stand for?  Answer:  The first LED is the processor, the middle LED is the run mode, and the bottom LED is the I/O enabled.
  • Question:  What do I do with the toggle switch (that is below the LEDs)?  Answer:  This toggle switch can shut off the I/O or put it back into run mode and you should test it to make sure it works.
  • Question:  What does the key at the top of the processor do?  Answer:  This key is for memory protection. When you turn it on, a LED should light up to let you know your memory protection setting works. 
  • Question:  Are there any other tests I should perform?  Answer:  You should test all the ports to make sure they work. A LED should come on to let you know it is communicating/working. 
  • Question:  If I think there is a problem with my IC697CPX782- What should I do?  Answer:  If you think there is a problem, you should leave it running over night or over a weekend and make sure it stays in run mode. 
  • Question:  If my IC697CPX782 won't stay in run mode- What is my next step?  Answer:  Your IC697CPX782 might need repair

For more information on the IC697CPX782 96MHz, 32-Bit, Floating Point, 1 Mbyte Memory Central Processing Unit of the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual. 


ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.
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