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Product Description

The IC697MDL940 is a rugged 16-point output relay module  from the GE Fanuc 90-70  Series that scores highly on both versatility and ease of use. It operates between low and medium power loads such as lamps, contactors, and relays. The module has a rating of 2 Amps per point at a voltage of 120/240 VAC or 24 VDC. It has a current of 0.2 Amps per point for a voltage of 125VDC. The IC697MDL940 module supplies power to energize the relay coils. Each output is fused individually and suppressed with an RC snubber. Be sure to locate the LED indicators at the top of the module. Their role is to indicate the ON-OFF status of each point on the PLC module. For accurate placement with a similar PLC module, the module is mechanically keyed. Its configuration is done using MS-DOS or Windows programming software riding on a platform such as Windows 95 or Windows NT. This is usually done via over the ethernet connection using the TCP/IP protocol. The programming device can range from a personal PC, IBM XT, AT to a PS/2.

For protection, each output is fitted with a 3 Amp fuse which can be replaced with either a fast acting 3AG – 3.0 Amp with a 250 V rating. A 3 Amp 250-volt Metric 5x20mm is also perfectly suitable. The purpose of suppressing each output is to minimize the high frequency noise on the board. Moreover, suppression of the switched load is advised for improved system reliability, lengthening contact life and minimize noise at the control wiring. Each module comes with a mechanical arm for fool proof fitting. This prevents unintentional substitution or swapping of one type of module with another. The field wiring detachable board accepts wire sizes ranging from AWG#22 (0.36mm2) to AWG #14 (2.1mm2). Two wires can be terminated on a single bundle, provided they are of the same size. For this module, there’s plenty of room for routing a bundle of forty #14 wired through the board cavity. The bundle is secured onto the terminal board by a cable tie found at the terminal board’s lower corner.

For best practices during field wiring, ensure you first turn off the power before removal or installation of terminal boards. The jackscrew that secures the terminal board can be accessed upon opening the hinged door. To remove the terminal board from the module, turn the jackscrew in a counter clockwise direction until is it detached. Afterwards, grab the top of the terminal board and thereafter, swing it outwards. The terminal board can accommodate wire sizes ranging from AWG #22 (0.36mm) to AWG #14 (2.10 mm). It’s crucial to note that a maximum insulation diameter of .135 inch should not be exceeded when using AWG #14 (2.10mm) wires. For a perfect connection, two wires can be terminated on any one terminal provided they are of the same size. The design of the terminal board is such that it can only accommodate a maximum of 40 AWG #14 (2.10mm2) wires. To provide ample space for the hinged door to close, they should be placed not less than 8 inches from the end of the termination.

After all connections are completed, the wire bundles are firmly secured by cable ties. A door label is inserted to include wiring information on each module. The terminal board is designed to accept wire sizes from AWG #22 (0.36 mm) through AWG #14 (2.10 mm). It is important that when using AWG #14 (2.10 mm2) wire for wiring all points, that a maximum insulation diameter of .135 inch (3.43mm) not be exceeded. To ensure proper connection, two wires may be terminated on any one terminal only if both wires are the same size. 4. The terminal board is designed to accept a maximum of (40) AWG #14 (2.10 mm2) wires. If AWG #14 (2.10 mm2) wires are to be used, then wire markers should be placed at least 8 inches (203 mm) from termination end to provide sufficient space for the hinged door to close. 6-inch clearance above and below the rack grill is recommended to allow air-flow.

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage: 120/240 VAC or 5/24/125 VDC
Number of Outputs:  16 (8 - Form C and 8 Form A)
Max Load Current: 16 amps per module, 4 amps per group(Form A)
Current Required: 750 mA
Freq:  47-63 Hz (AC only)
DC Power: Yes


Technical Information



Relay Type:

Fixed coil, moving armature

Outputs per Module:



8 points - Form C (each point isolated)

8 points - Form A (2 groups with 4 points per group)


1500 volts - any output to backplane

500 volts between Form C circuits or Form A groups

Maximum Load Current(Resistive) Per Module

Per Group (Form A)


16 amps

4 amps

Output Switching Characteristics


Nominal Voltage Rating

120/240 VAC or 5/24/125 VDC

Maximum Power

480 VA (AC loads) or 60 watts (DC loads)

Maximum Load Current (resistive)

2.0 amps from 5 to 265 VAC (maximum), 47-63 Hz


2.0 amps from 5 to 30 VDC (maximum)


0.2 amps from 31 to 125 VDC (maximum)


0.2 amps from 31 to 150 VDC (maximum, Form A only)

Minimum Load Current

10 mA

Maximum Output leakage

1 mA at 120 VAC

Response Time-On:

10 msec (maximum)

Response Time-Off:

10 msec (maximum)

Switching Frequency

20 cycles/minute (inductive load)

Contact Type

Silver alloy

Contact Resistance

0.2 ohm (maximum)

Contact Life

Mechanical: 20 x 106 operations


Electrical: 105 operations  at rated resistive load

Protection (each output)

3 amp fuse


Snubber (R = 47 ohms, C = 0.015 fd)

Current Required from 5 V Bus:

750 mA


System designed to support the VME standard C.1


Troubleshooting IC697MDL940

Troubleshooting information is available on IC697MDL940's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

Repair your IC697MDL940

PDF Supply can repair your IC697MDL940 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC697MDL940?  Answer:  IC697MDL940 is a 16-Point, Relay Output module from the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series. This module is very versatile and will switch a variety of low to medium power loads such as relays, contactors, and lamps. 
  • Question:  What are some of the features that IC697MDL753 provides?  Answer:
    • 16 points- (8 isolated Form C) & (2 groups of 4 Form A)
    • 2 amp per point switching capacity
    • RC snubber and fuse protection per point
    • No user power required
    • Removable field wiring terminal
  • Question:  What is the resistive rating of IC697MDL940?  Answer:  It is 2 amps per point at 120/240 VAC or 24 VDC and 0.2 amps per point for 125 VDC.
  • Question:  How is the power to energize the relay coils supplied?  Answer:  It is provided by the module and each output is individually fused and suppressed with a RC snubber.
  • Question:  The LED indicators (located at the top of the module) do what?  Answer:  They let you know the on/off status of each point on the logic (PLC) side of the circuit. 
  • Question:  What is special about the I/O references?  Answer:  They are configurable without the use of jumpers or DIP switches on the module. 
  • Question:  Configuration of IC697MDL940 is done through what?  Answer:  Configuration of IC697MDL940 is completed using the configuration function of MS-DOS, through Windows programming software on Windows 95, through Windows NT over Ethernet TCP/IP, or through the SNP port. 
  • Question:  What should I do in the event my IC697MDL940 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your IC697MDL940 may be in need of repair

For more information on the IC697MDL940 16-Point, Relay Output Module of the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual. 


PDFsupply Tech

The IC697MDL940 is a 16 point relay output module that is easy to use. It has significantly less points than the IC697MDL350 which has a total of 32 points.

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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