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IC693PWR324 IC697MEM735 In Stock! Memory RAM, 512K Bytes, CMOS, 32 Bit IC697M IC697ME IC697MEM PDFsupply also re IC697MEM735 In Stock! Memory RAM, 512K Bytes, CMOS, 32 Bit IC697M IC697ME IC697MEM PDFsupply also re IC697MEM735

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Product Description

IC697MEM735 is a 32-bit CMOS Expansion Memory manufactured by GE Fanuc.
IC697MEM735 is available in 128 KB, 256 KB w/256 KB non-volatile flash memory, 256 KB, and 512 KB. It is useful for the expansion of data and logic memory for CPU modules 780/781/782/788/789. Expansion Memory IC697MEM735 is installed as a daughter board and shares the same slot as the module it serves.

Baseboard uses expansion memory for CPU operation since RAM is not available. The battery available on the CPU board helps retain memory in case of power loss. IC697MEM735 retains flash memory when there is power loss even if battery connection is not present. PLC CPU uses checksum method for continuous error checking of program memory to report errors of memory parity. Error checking and parity generation takes place for every byte for SRAM memory.

For installation of IC697MEM735, the user must align connectors of CPU and the board with proper fitting of the screws and the standoffs on board. Before installation of the CPU can begin, the power to the rack must be OFF. After CPU placement in the rack, the user can turn the power ON. The user can clear the memory using programming software such as Windows system or MS-DOS.


In the absence of power to the memory, the lithium battery IC697ACC701 supplies power to keep the memory intact. IC697ACC701 also handles the operation of the calendar clock available on the CPU. The user must install the new battery before removal of the old one. 


Technical Information


Shelflife                                           10 years at 20 deg C (68 deg F)

Memory retention                           6 months nominal without applied power

Current require from 5V Bus        2.25 amps  (includes expansion memory board and CPU module)


VME                                                  System designed to support the VME standard C.1



Troubleshooting IC697MEM735

Troubleshooting information is available on IC697MEM735's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

Repair your IC697MEM735

PDF Supply can repair your IC697MEM735 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 2 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC697MEM735?  Answer:  The IC697MEM735 is a 512 Kbytes, 32-Bit CMOS Expansion Memory in the GE Fanuc Series 90-70. This memory must be used to provide logic and data memory in the PLC CPU 780, 781, 782, 788, and 789 Central Processor Unit modules. 
  • Question:  As what is IC697MEM735 installed and where is it located?  Answer:  It is installed as a daughter board and it is located in the same slot as the module it serves. 
  • Question:  Is this board required for operation of the CPUs?  Answer:  Yes, it is required for proper operation of these CPUs since the base board contains no RAM memory.
  • Question:  How is memory saved in the event of a power loss?  Answer:  It is saved by the battery on the base board housing. 
  • Question:  Do I need the battery connected to retain flash memory in the event of a power loss?  Answer:  While you can have it connected, you do not NEED it connected. Flash memory is saved in the event of a power loss with or without the battery connected. 
  • Question:  Is the logic program memory error-checked?  Answer:  Yes, it is error-checked by the PLC CPU as a background task. 
  • Question:  What are some of the features of IC697MEM735?  Answer:
    • It is available in 128 Kbytes, 256 Kbytes with 256 Kbytes of non-volatile flash memory, 256 Kbytes, and 512 Kbytes.
    • It is used for the expansion of CPU 780, 781, 782, 788, and 789.
    • Memory is saved by the battery on the CPU.
    • It doesn't require an additional slot.
    • It is configurable for data and program storage.
    • You only need a #1 Phillips screwdriver for installation.
    • And more!
  • Question:  What should I do in the event my IC697MEM735 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your IC697MEM735 may need repair

For more information on the IC697MEM735 512 Kbytes, 32-Bit CMOS Expansion Memory of the GE Fanuc 90-70 Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual. 


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